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July 25th, 2006

thxmoo summary

thxmoo is a virtual world based on the story of THX-1138 by George
Lucas. As in the story, characters in thxmoo are born and raised in
a post world war III subterranean shelter. Players can control their
emotional and psychological states by use of state prescribed pills,
sensual stimuli and deity worship. Players may make it their goal to
attempt to escape to the surface where mystery and the unknown dwell.
This requires achieving a chemical balance by experimenting with
various pill prescriptions and other activities. Other players may
choose to become integral parts of the subterranean world.

character role playing

Guests are generated when a player connects as ‘thxmoo’. Regular
players may run ‘thxmoo’ at the SDF shell to generate or load a
character. The MOO then uses sperm and egg from an existing couple to
generate a new player. The player name (AAA-NNNN), sex and race are
generated by the system. Players will start the game as a child, be
trained by mentors and live in the nursery. After a period of regular
game play, a player is then coupled at which sperm and egg will be
extracted to propogate the species. If you can find the REPRODUCTION
CENTER it is possible to deduce your biological parents, if you care.

character development and space

Character features and dwellings are up to players. This is really
the only liberty you have. However, if you deviate you risk arrest.
Matured characters dwellings are in the QUARTERS dormatory and can
be arranged to your taste. Food medication and stimulation are all
provided in your dwelling. The most interesting aspect of all
dwellings is the MEDICINE CHEST. When you open your chest, the system
will ask you ‘Whats wrong?’. You then describe how you are feeling and
the chest will dispense medication. Each player has a designated
chemical balance/inbalance which can be sustained or counter acted
by drug use, misuse and/or abstinence.

Just… WOW.

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