Those who remember will never surrender

July 27th, 2006

Anarchist Communist Editions (ACE) Pamphlet No. 4

Anarchist Communist Federation

(now Anarchist Federation

First published in March 1990 under the Tories

(following ‘The Poll Tax and How to Fight It’ October 1988)

Now published online March 2006 and dedicated to New Labour and the Left

Our past experience should teach us to expect nothing else of them.

As a socialist, I have no time for tax-dodgers
Eric Milligan, head of Lothian region Labour councils Finance Department (April 1989)

Such is the scale of the non-payment movement in our region that we may have to write-off large sums of outsanding poll tax
Eric Milligan (December 1989)


  • Beating the Poll Tax
  • How not to fight
  • What lies behind the Poll Tax
  • The Left and the Poll Tax
  • Appendix: What is the Poll Tax?

Burning poll tax registration forms in London

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