Matt Cogger “Neuropolitique”

December 26th, 2014

Matt Cogger “Neuropolitique”

Matt Cogger “Neuropolitique”

I am very sad to hear that Matt Cogger, “Neuropolitique” has passed away.

Matt was a very talented man; the works he produced were very powerful, musical, and his individual signature, qualities and sensibility run through them all. Matt had impeccable taste, was a skiled programmer, and knew exactly what he wanted to hear when he made a recording, and how to achieve it. He could also DJ, and his Monster Music show1 is a fine example of this. He was sensitive to music; it came across in all the work he did, and even the way he spoke about it.

Matt could be left alone to record his work entirely unsupervised, without a producer or an engineer, and it was guaranteed that his work would be exceptional, and the technical recording quality of the higest calibre. That is how all the works he made for Irdial were produced in our Soho Studio; they are all 100% unfiltered Matt Cogger2. Anyone who worked with recording studios and artists knows that this was a “dream artist”. He went in with his machines, and the tape with genius laid down3 came out4.

I met Matt through Fat Cat records; we was one of the “Crawley Contingent”. He let me listen to a demo cassette tape in a street in Soho of some music he had made, and asked me if we would release his music on Irdial. It was “that good”. We pressed several astonishing and superb 12″ records and an LP/CD, upon which there was not a single filler track. Those works are as exiting and interesting now as they were when they were first recorded and released. The longevity of Matt Cogger’s works is a testament to his genius.

“Performance perfect, is perfect performance”.

1/ Monster Music 3 “Cosmat Selection” 1
2/ Neuropolitique “Ad Nauseum” 2
3/ Neuropolitique “Menage a Trois” 3
4/ Neuropolitique “Report”4

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