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July 31st, 2006

Qana heats up ceasefire diplomacy

Since 12th July, excluding Qana, almost 400 people have been killed in Lebanon. That’s more than a 20-a-day habit.

Then Qana, 60 in one place.

Before Qana, Blair saw no need for an immediate ceasefire.

After Qana, and suddenly…

What’s the threshold? Why is 400 spread over a couple of weeks and a wide area OK, but 60 huddled together not OK?

I guesss Bliar et al have some special morality calculator that gives them the vital info: input deaths over time, subtract public opinion, divide by racial bias, factor for kiddies, add air miles, account for special relationship and BINGO!

2 Israeli captives: morality level HIMMLER

20 Lebanese deaths/day: morality level JUDY GARLAND

60 Lebanese deaths; 50% ‘kiddies’ + huddle factor: morality level: BERLUSCONI

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  1. meaumeau Says:

    Lebanon barred Rice from visiting so she couldn’t ‘engage in diplomacy’ so the next best option on the ‘doing something’ scale is to rap Israel over the knuckles (with a tightly rolled wad of dollars from ‘equipment’ sales). Instant ‘impartiality’ for western news channels to report.

    The Times story about this has a humurous, if somewhat unrelated, sentence;

    Mr Blair

  2. irdial Says:

    and The Bohemian Grove

    This weekend, I watched some Sky News, and almost puked when they talked about ‘what the Arab TV stations are showing’, Naturally we asked ourselvs, ‘”why the fuck are’nt YOU showing it? It is YOU that is letting the arms shipments pass through the UK, it is being done with your approval, why can you not stomach what everyone in the ‘Middle East’ can stomach?”

    If you watch Al Jazeera, you can see ALL of what they are talking about, and really it is unimaginably horrible.

    Once again, Al Jazeera and that mob, I say again, drop the ball completely. All it takes is one monkey with a typewirter to translate their channel on the fly, so why dont they hire that monkey so that we can understand what they are saying? Al Jazeera is only a few clicks away from Sky News, CNN and Euronews, people are gagging for uncensored news, so why dont they PROVIDE IT? They have sattelite access to ALL THE HOMES OF EUROPE and DONT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT.

    I mean REALLY, how STUPID can you be?

    On the same subject, you really should be checking out MEMRI every day, they have some great translations and footage on there, the most recent featuring a punding saying that, “if all humanity was destroyed, an arab child would climb from the rubble to throw a stone at Condoskeezers head”.

    Jaw dropping, eye opening stuff.

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