Urgent Financial Appeal From The Abomination that is ‘StopWar’

August 5th, 2006

We need to raise £10,000 to fund the emergency demonstration on Saturday 5 August and to help us build the campaign to stop the Bush/Blair wars. Please send us donations large and small. We must raise our voices. To remain silent would be criminal. […]


In a shameful repeat (albeing on a smaller scale) of the anti-Iraq marches and demonstrations, StopWar have once again helped fuel war, mass murder, death and destruction in the world.

Now they have the absolute audacity to ask for money to fund a demonstration!

Not only is this an insult, but it is totally and utterly insane.

But there is more.

They are asking people to:

Bring children’s shoes to the national demonstration on Saturday 5 August. We will leave them at The Cenotaph, on Tony Blair’s doorstep, to express our horror at his complicity in war crimes, which have lead to the slaughter of so many children in Lebanon, Gaza, Iraq and Afghanistan.

If this is the best these people can come up with, you would be forgiven for joining the forces of evil; no one this stupid deserves to live, let alone have their voices heard and obeyed. There are children all over the world without shoes…I mean REALLY do I have to spell it out?

I wonder too how many people drank a coffee from Starbucks during this demonstration. I noticed on Al Jazeera that in the upmarket part of Beirut there is a Starbucks. You do the math/thinking for yourself.
StopWar is a terrible energy sink, that sucks up the resources, time and money of decent people who are desperate to exert some sort of influence over the horrors being done in their name. They betray these people every time they put on a march on a Saturday, every time they march without a goal. I have been talking about this for a long time now, and frankly, I am beyond fed up with these imbeciles.
Even in the face of mass murder of children, all these people can think of is to march, knowing that it will do nothing to save a single life. This is the same Tony Bliar that ignored their last march; how delusional can they be to think that this SMALLER march will have any different result?!

If you want to do something, go and block the airport where the arms are being transferred. If you want to do something, promote the boycott against the war machine. Whatever it is you do, follow the 20AC guidelines and make sure that what you are doing will ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING.

Or STFU you scum!

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