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August 15th, 2006

The Transatlantic Airplane Bomb Plot Armageddon – DON’T TALK ABOUT IT !

So the Guradian reports “Media must stay silent on suspects

In a joint statement, The Home Secretary John Reid (and PM in waiting – Our Saviour and our Strength) and Attorney General Lord Goldsmith have called for the media to show “considerable restraint” to avoid prejudicing any future trials.

This presumably relates to the fact that no flight tickets had been bought by the cold blooded (but evidently not well prepared killers) and indeed some of the suspect suicide bombers had not got round to getting a passport (well a real one , maybe they had dud ID)…or that most of the suspects were known to the SIS / Police before 7/7 and had been under surveillance with phone taps, photography – even to the comical level that “suspects stepped up their Internet searches for possible U.S.-bound flights, etc.,” .. master planners at work, evidently REALLY WELL PREPARED AFTER 12 MONTHS OF PLOTTIN’ AND A PLANNIN’. Make the Miami 7 look like professionals.

It is evident that this whole crock of shit is now falling apart – See the Miami 7 , see the “Ricin ” gang, see Forest Gate a raid of 250 cops based on “solid intelligence”, see the rapid release of so many “arrested” under the Terrorism Act.

The truth is that there is not the slightest shred of evidence produced anywhere to put any of these people on trial for attempting to bomb anything, anywhere.

They are just a bunch of infiltrated wannabes who have been exposed for that, to further the career of John Reid at the expense of the travel industry , BAA, and passengers. All these people were known about for over 12 months. The “exposure” discussed and planned on both sides of the Atlantic was aimed to ;

1. Introduce even more draconian measures for controlling the population.
2. To increase the element of fear and justify notching up the new “Critical” threat level.
3. To boost John Reid’s grab for the Premiership (revealed here over 4 weeks ago) and fuckover Gordon Brown’s chances of the top job slot.

The Wise men say (Under dire threat of The Contempt of Court Act 1981 ) “We must avoid the publication of materials which may impede or prejudice the complex and ongoing investigations by the police and avoid the risk of prejudicing potential future legal proceedings or prejudging their outcome.”

It was of course the persistence of Bridget Dunne and many others in demonstrating the absurdity of the published Timeline for the 7/7 bombers – ie that they had jumped on a train at Luton that did not exist which led one of the wise men,The Home Secretary John Reid (and PM in waiting – Our Saviour and our Strength) to tell the Police to correct the record. The Met’s response (AKA Dumb Ox Clarke, Heard of Terrism at the Yard ) was, to say it was the Home Office who stated the time of the train the “suicide bombers” caught from Luton … hmm… the Police are actually part of the Home Office .. do they ever talk to each other in there ? Evidently not. Not Fit for Purpose and yet they pull this stroke.

Far from the chance to “impede or prejudice the complex and ongoing investigations “ it will be entirely helpful if there is the widest public discussion of this whole farrago and charade of incompetence.

The Daily Torygraph report that John Reid (PM in waiting – Our Saviour and our Strength) himself has “prejudged the trials for some of the members (of the plot).” according to David Davies the Tory spokesman, who is quoted from a remark he made on Sky TV. Reid is also embroiled in an argument with Gordon Brown and the Treasury about the publication of the names of suspects (required when their assets are frozen) under UN inspired legislation – which simply underlines his grab at the Prime Minsitership , and his ill concelaed contempt for the fellow Scot from the Lang Toon.


The Sunday Times has a leader on the usual lines, abour disaffected muddle class Muslims and youth etc etc.,it also claims ….

When an undercover reporter from The Sunday Times visited Beeston in Nottinghamshire, where three of the July 7 bombers came from, he found either a denial that they had been involved or, perhaps more alarmingly, respect for them as Muslim martyrs.

Please note Mr Murdoch , there is a Beeston in Nottinghamshire , but the Beeston that the three Muslims carrying the bombs on 7/7 came from is in West Yorkshire.100 miles away.

PS. Of course it would be a Godsend if the trial could not be held as if it had been prejudiced, by say the publication by the Bank of England of their names, addresses etc., … wouldn’t it? […]

When critical mass is reached, there will be no turning back. there will be no outrage that can be performed, no staged attack, no real attack, that will persuade the British public to eat any more bullshit.

In fact, if a new attack DOES happen, it might just provide the catalasys needed to start off the chain reaction that will blow the whole system to smithereens. The bigger the outrage the more likely people will say ‘enough is enough’. This will only happen however, once the critical mass of refusal is reached in advance. Everyone needs to be primed. If it happens before the mass is prepared, we may still have enough deployed sheeple to absorb the neutrons of change.

Yes, sheeple are like carbon rods in a nuclear reactor; remove them and their dampening effect and a runaway reaction of freedom explodes and contaminates everything.

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  1. Alun Says:,,1851078,00.html

    John Jeffreys is unsure whether he trusts the government’s line. “It’s difficult to know. A lot of these terror alerts seem to coincide with an announcement about ID cards for instance. This time there obviously was some sort of plot but we don’t know how significant it was. I don’t trust the government at all. There’s no doubt that Blair lied about the weapons of mass destruction before Iraq.”

    “It’s propaganda, isn’t it?” chips in his mate, Mick Perrone, 31.[…]

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