Stop collaborating: LISTEN. Aye he’s back with a brand new deception.

August 17th, 2006

A system for the “positive profiling” of European airline passengers is to be urgently explored in response to last week’s alleged airline terror plot, European interior ministers meeting in London agreed yesterday.

The home secretary, John Reid, insisted that the new system, which would affect all domestic and international flights in and out of Europe, would not involve screening by religion or ethnic background but would be carried out well in advance of flights based on biometric checks – electronic eye or facial scans.



This would not address anything – you can no more identify a potential terrorist through ‘biometric information’ than you can by what brand of breakfast cereal they eat. This sort of data rape serves only one purpose and that is for the (EU) State(s) to aggregate information on individuals in any/every manner possible. It would be a sickening and wicked deception that would have nothing to do with amending the UK’s foreign policy (nor the interim measure of improving targeted investigations against suspected terrorists) and would simply be an outrageous use of tax payers money that subsidises the Government favourite lobbying companies.

We have been through the arguments so many times that they practically never leave the front page.

For this sort of thing to stop the people of the UK must STOP.

(So where is the rebuttal of Reid’s tripe in the Guardian story? And I’m not talking about the easy option of reporting ‘potential’ racial discrimination)

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  1. irdial Says:

    Should the free people of the west give in to this nonsese, we will have to wait until the time when the STASI effects begin to show themselvs on a wide scale basis; then system will be torn down.

    We have already seen how innocent people have been branded criminals. All it will take is a cause celebre to explode it. But I say, dont wait for it to get bad. Fix it before it breaks.

    That blubbery scumbag Cameron will be no different, judging by his recent pronouncements.

    Its going to be a rougn ride!

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