Portillo’s Profiterole Predictions

August 21st, 2006

I had a ‘heads up’ to watch a re-run of a 2003 episode of ‘Dinner with Portillo‘. This is a discussion programme where Tory Michael Portillo chats around a dinner table with the great and the good and the thick, discussing current events. The episode is entitled ‘Ameria’.

Last nights episode featured Benazir Bhutto, former Prime Minister of Pakistan, George Galloway MP, and Rosemary Righter, chief leader writer The Times.


All of the idiotic blinkered jackasses, cheifly Rosemary Righter, were ridiculed in the light of the Iraq debacle by their own narrow minded, inexperienced foam mouthed blatherings, all of which proved to be wrong. Georgeous George was TOTALLY VINDICATED, as he predicted absolutely and perfectly, the situation that Iraq is in right now.

Portillo came off looking silly. The Guardian writer displayed that anemic innefective posture that they are so good at. The american displayed every trait that caused the programme to have to be made in the first place. Once again, most revolting and disturbing was Rosemary Righter; venemous, unrepentant, lie barking, slandering monster, the type of which is responsible for all of our troubles and of whom there seem to be an unlimited supply.
When the history of all this is written by an honest person, George Galloway will finally be revealed as the only honest person who understood the whole problem and told the trugh throughout.

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