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September 8th, 2006
  • Stop JonBenet Overload; Remember the REAL News
  • Irdial/ What your Senator said about Rumsfeld
  • What did we accomplish, anyway?
  • Irdial/ Here’s what your Rep. had to say on Iraq
  • Follow the money
  • VICTORY … If we can keep it. Act Now.
  • Stop Fake News
  • IRAQ FOR SALE/ The War Profiteers Screening
  • TODAY/ Stand Up to Rumsfeld
  • Federal Budget PRIORITIES Campaign is Rocking
  • Enough JonBenet!
  • Success on Fake News – Now on to the Budget
  • On Hiroshima day, send an e-card that will stop the madness
  • Keep the Internet Free
  • Israel, Lebanon and America/ Tell Rep. Nadler to get involved
  • LAST DAY/ Keep this Show on the Road
  • Last Chance — IRAQ FOR SALE/ The War Profiteers Screening
  • It’s not too early for a good idea

That is a list of the recent subjects sent out to all ‘TrueMajority’ subscribers. Lets go through some of them.

Stop Fake News
Information is the life blood of democracy. If we lose trust in the news, how can citizens possibly make informed decisions at the polls?

Some TV stations air “news segments” that look like everyday journalism but that are actually produced by the federal government or large corporations and are designed to promote a political position or product.

The Federal Communications Commission must enforce rules stating that TV stations “must clearly disclose” when they air news segments produced by the government or other entities.

To send a message (text below) to FCC Chairman Kevin J. Martin urging him to ban fake news, click here.

Instead of whining, why don’t you START YOUR OWN NEWS CHANNEL like Alex Jones has? He has reached millions of people with his films and websites with a small team, and had a global influence.

What did we accomplish, anyway?
[…]Tax Breaks for Millionaires. The polls are clear, and the citizens let Congress have it: diverting billions to those who don’t need it by raising the deficit and further reducing spending on human needs is bad policy. The House did pass a giveaway to millionaires, but the Senate won’t touch it because now they don’t have the votes to pass it. So far so good.[…]

[…]America’s Occupation of Iraq. American troops are still dying in Iraq. But thanks to ongoing pressure from citizens like you, Congress is finally starting to discuss our course in that country, and many who originally supported the invasion have come out in opposition to the war. TrueMajority launched an online innovation to let you know what your congressmember said during a heated daylong debate about Iraq. Thousands of you contacted your lawmakers to thank them for standing up or to tell them to get it right. We even heard back from some congressmembers themselves who weren’t happy that we exposed their usually hidden pronouncements to public scrutiny. We got a lot of feedback from you on this. Here’s one example:[…]

[…]Save Public Broadcasting. PBS and NPR are again under attack by those who would silence public broadcasting’s alternative to commercial media. The House Appropriations Committee voted to slash funding for NPR and PBS by $115 million, but TrueMajority members joined tens of thousands of others who objected. The Senate subcommittee in charge of that money just voted to restore funding…we citizens may have turned this one around.[…]

Firstly, Sour grapes bullshit doesnt stop wars or reform society. YOU, you fucking morons, ARE THE BILLIONAIRES, with your MASSED DOLLARS. As a group, you are more powerful and wealthy than any single man. This jealously driven garbage is so twentieth century, so childish, irrelevant and pathetic I can scarcely believe people still talk like this.

Secondly, Nothing you say will change what is going on in Iraq. The embassy they YOU are building in Iraq, the biggest one on earth, indicates that you are going to be there for a very very long time. Wake up you idiots.

Thirdly, and once again, Start your own TV station if you want free TV. Don’t rely on Uncle Sham to finance it and support it, and if you want your money to be spent on that, well, spend it on that and not war you imbeciles which neatly leads us to…

the final inslut (yes, ‘inslut’):

Follow the money
Already presidential hopefuls for the 2008 elections are trooping thru Iowa and New Hampshire. And TrueMajority organizers are on the ground working to make sure that this time they are forced to take a stand on how the federal budget pie gets sliced up. We want more money for education, healthcare and energy independence, without raising taxes or increasing the deficit. And we can get it with your help. We’re off to a great start – the plan, with the backing of congressmembers, big-time business executives and even retired generals and admirals, is beginning to make headlines.

The idea is simple: America fritters away billions of taxpayer dollars every year on maintaining 10,000 nuclear bombs and other obsolete Cold-War weapons. According to President Reagan’s Assistant Secretary of Defense1, we could save $60 billion (out of the $460 billion Pentagon budget) by getting rid of those dinosaurs. Polls show a big majority of our fellow citizens already agree with the idea – all we have to do is start the discussion.

And we’re doing it in a way which is fun, entertaining, and engages regular people.

What these people need to do is something we have been saying for ages, others have been saying for longer and some have just said. They need to ‘follow the money’ right back into their own pockets, where these insane wars, Orwellian police state, barbarism, international adventurism, Hegemonic contamination and bullshit starts.

I have said it before; begging will get you nowhere. Petition writing, mass telephoning, letter writing…all of these are meaningless gestures at best, and at worse, tools to deflate and disempower the masses; redirecting and even sapping their energy as the war machine trundles on, gaining momentum every day that it is fed. These people are as bad as the enemy; they, through their actions, do nothing to stop the war machine, do nothing to educate their members and as they do this, in no way hider the monsters plotting our total enslavement to war.

StopWar are of the exact same type of course.

There can be no Iraq ‘war profiteering’ if there are no dollars to buy weapons. There is actually nothing wrong with selling arms; what is criminal is that all these nincompoops blithely pay for these arms instead of paying for infrastructure, like their beloved PBS.

If they had a single brain cell between them, and followed the course of total permanent success, then there would be no begging, no pleading…there would be a quiet, and startling sunrise on a new democracy, a fine grained democracy where warmongering is impossible, there is an abundance of funding for everything imaginable that is purely beneficial, and multi generational peace and prosperity that will be the envy of the world. It would mean the end of the fear that is soaking into the bones of all americans. It would mean a return to the real America. Those missing buildings in NYC would symbolize the birth of this new era of peace, and not the point at which everything turned bad.

Nothing less than this will do. Nothing less than the cutting off of the blood supply to the vampires will solve this problem. It needs to be done now. No more pointless elections. No more faith in politicians. No more begging and whining. A return to true democracy, where choices are local and the effects are global, where the constitution is not ‘just a piece of paper’ but the foundation of a true and beneficial way of life.


You can continue whining, writing to congress, emailing your many members, making flash animations explaining that ‘we are paying WAY too much to the military’.

And nothing will change, and your sons will be drafted for war, and your rights will melt away and evaporate like ice dropped on an Arizona street in the middle of summer. You will be treated like cattle to be milked and sheep to be fleeced, and you will deserve it, because you are behaving like domesticated animals instead of human beings.

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  1. irdial Says:

    US authorities have blacklisted Iran’s Bank Saderat, cutting it off completely from the US financial system and claiming it is involved in the transfer of funds to so-called terrorist organisations, reported TradeArabia. The bank, although it wasn’t allowed to deal directly in the US, has been able to carry out transactions via banks in other countries. Experts say the bank has been instrumental in connecting Iranian businesses with the wider world. […]

    You see? These people have the brains. They know how to cripple a country; first you unilaterally cut off their banks and then….

    What the weak on both sides of all these issues (both the TrueMajority, StopWar and the ‘Middle East’ people) dont understand is that the money is the true power. If every muslim in the world, decided to drop the dollar, it would be worse than any attack that one millon copies of the ficticious OBL could orchestrate. Even if all the TrueMajority, MoveOn and everyone who ‘hates bush’ took what amounts to a strike action it would be a world changing event.

    The enemy understands what the real tools are, and they use them; that is why they have blacklisted this bank. It constitues a major blow to Iran, simply becaue these people have no alternative system to revert to. They are in big trouble, yes, ‘big trouble’.

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