On the Kids

April 4th, 2007

The Scouts are prepared to help the Identity and Passport Service design a model procedure for checking people’s identities against the ID database.


CCTV cameras will bark orders at people who misbehave in the streets of eight major British cities as part of a government scheme to cajole people into respecting authority.
Using recordings of children’s voices will make it harder for those in opposition to the surveillance society to be defiant of the talking cameras. Moonies and rude gestures will most definitely be a no-no.


Two more examples of the State brainwashing children into supporting their repressive schemes. Frankly the Scouts should know better, how they got from empowering children and teaching survival skills to herding sheep is anyone’s guess.

We also know of Irdial’s foolproof system for the IPS using extant technology (of course this doesn’t require an ID database in the first place).

To say using children’s voices neuters opposition to the talking cameras is untrue, there are the issues of child exploitation and to think that anyone believes a young child is actually going to be berating them at midnight is nonsense.

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