BBQ Bias and Bastardy

October 26th, 2006

The anonymous cowards are at it again at BBQ, this time with a completely biased, PR pumped piece promoting Biometrics.

This ‘guide’ says everything that is not important about Biometrics in the present context and leaves out everything that is important, i.e. the databases that will be used to abuse you should you be fool enough to ‘enroll’.

Lets take it apart piece by piece:

Biometric technology uses computerised methods to identify a person by their unique physical or behavioural characteristics.

Developments and uses have increased with demand to match concerns over international, business and personal security.

Biometrics is more personal than a passport photo or Pin, using traits such as fingerprints, face or eye “maps” as key identifying features.

Uses range from building access and laptop security to identity cards and passports.

However, there are concerns about the storing of biometric data and its possible misuse.

There are concerns are there? Do tell. There are no sidebars for related links on this evil piece of propaganda; that is because it is a piece of propaganda, and not a news item. They don’t want you to think about the implications of being fingerprinted and then stored in a database that every jobsworth in this land will be able to query.

Note how they left out the uses of Police identification, and the history of fingerprinting as being for criminals. which is exactly the sentiment that they are trying to overcome.

Each one of the leafs in this vile document has a pathetic disclaimer attached to the bottom. These are not there to provide the much vaunted BBQ ‘balance’ but exist merely so that when (if) anyone bothers to complain to BBQ about this brazen piece of paid for PR, they can point to these weak, near meaningless lines as proof that they are giving ‘both sides of the story’ . Its pure tosh of course, and these vermin, the unnamed animals that authored this are fully aware of what they are doing – pushing a single point of view on behalf of HMG and the vendors that want to fleece the entire population.

A brief glance at the face is enough for most people to identify one another. Face recognition technology can be just as swift.

2D face recognition involves making a unique template from measurements between key points on the face.

This can be done from a live image or from a clear photograph – a method being used with the issue of new biometric passports in the UK.

Face recognition is being used by some authorities to scan crowds to identify suspects whose faces have been logged on a database.

However, some of the technology may be easy to fool through ageing or face coverings and there are privacy concerns over surveillance uses.

You see? Seven words as a disclaimer. Not on any level is that ‘balance’ not even numerically. But we all know that the BBQ is biased, and actually, I don’t have a problem with it being so; what I detest is that they force you to pay for them to lie to you, and then they claim that they are not biased at all. That is beyond evil.

There are some great Flash explainers in there. Pity no one there had the guts to make one of them describing how once you are in there, you cannot get out, and how every time these systems are put in place, they are always abused by governments, and that these systems are indeed, the hallmark of a totalitarian state.

Iris scanning measures patterns on the coloured part of the eye – the iris.

The tissue has a unique pattern of markings which does not change and is different for each eye.

Iris scanners read from the outer edge towards the pupil, detecting and plotting the markings.

Data is saved and stored within a chip, on a passport or ID card for example, which will be verified when the eye is scanned in future.

While iris scanning is fast and accurate, its accuracy can be affected by objects obscuring the eye and may not be suitable for people with cataracts.

Not even a moral objection, just a technical one. Pathetic.

Using fingerprints is the oldest method of identification.

In the digital world, the fingerprint is electronically read by a sensor plate.

The corrugated ridges of the skin are non-continuous and form a pattern that has distinguishing features, or minutiae.

The minutiae can be plotted and joined up to form a template that can be stored and compared against fingerprints in the future.

Some readings may be affected by fingerprints that have been damaged through injury and some sensors may not be able to read fingers that are too wet or too dry.

Yet again, another technical objection. Nothing about humiliation, degradation, violation, databases, fallibility, an the fact that this whole scheme will not solve a single one of the problems fraudulently touted by that subhuman adulterer Blunkett and his Elephant eared swine of a colleague. That is who you are in service to, BBQ anonymous intellectual cripples; those are your masters, and you will burn in HELL for serving them.

Finally we end with a pitiful glossary:

Identification/One-to-many: Sample is compared to all biometric data saved in a system. It seeks to find an identity, rather than verify a claimed one.

Verification/One-to-one: Comparison of sample with previously enrolled template to determine if from same person.

Slaps: Fingerprints taken by simultaneously pressing four fingers of one hand onto a scanner.

False Acceptance Rate: Probability that a system will incorrectly identify an individual or fail to reject an impostor.

False Rejection Rate: Probability that a system will fail to identify a registered user.

Enrolment: Process of collecting a biometric, converting it into a biometric reference and storing it for later comparison.

Liveness detection: Ensures only characteristics from a living person can be stored, read or used.

Multimodal Biometric System: A system that uses two or more biometric characteristics or sensor types.



Missing from this list are some of the words I used above, but most the important, glaring, obvious omission is a definition for the word…


How could this POSSIBLY have been left out? You know how. This is PROPAGANDA, in full caps.

Shame shame shame on who ever produced this, and I think that they feel this shame, since they are too ashamed to put their names on it as the authors. Vile, nasty, dirty, cowardly, underhanded garbage.

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  1. irdial Says:

    The purge also aims to use the Internet and other media to target young audiences with state approved indoctrination PR spin on how the war on terror is really not about imperial hegemony and crushing liberties at home.

    Propaganda Matrix

    You can certainly file this BBQ piece of crap under this initiative.

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