November 28th, 2006

Blair to announce his ‘new tomorrow’ for ‘Slave Grid’

By George Jones, Political Editor (Telegraph)
Last Updated: 1:28am GMT 27/11/2006

Tony Blair will today announce his “new tomorrow” for Britain’s role in the Slave Grid but will stop short of issuing a full contract.

The Prime Minister’s personal recommendation comes as the Government prepares to set out its plans to complete the biometric grid next year as part of Britain’s decision to re-establish slavery.

John Prescott, the Deputy Prime Minister, has been drawing up ideas for the March 25 ceremony including the possibility of a “statement of intent” for Britain’s involvement.

However, the Government has already ruled out a formal strategy despite pressure from some back-benchers and community leaders.

In remarks appearing in the Labour Party newspaper, NewSpeak, Mr Blair says: “It is hard to believe what would once have been a crime against liberty was enacted at this time.

“I believe the biometric database offers us a chance not just to say how profoundly useful the Slave Grid will be — how we will conform utterly under its existence and praise those who fought for its legislation — but also to express our deep sorrow that it may never have happened and rejoice at the better times we live in today.”

Government officials said the remarks were intended to set the tone for events to mark the inauguration, which will be set out in a written ministerial statement to Parliament this week.

Britain will the second big Slave-Gridding nation (after the U.S.A.) to implement the practice in 2007.

In February, the Church of England General Synod voted to pray for the souls of slaves.

Before the official start of the Grid, Britain spent more than £3bn on enrolling slaves a year on air-conditioned planes to the Americas. It legalised the Grid in 2006 as there were still huge profits to be made.

From the beginning of 2008, the Royal Navy will patrol off the coast of East Anglia searching for illicitly trading ferries, boarding them and ‘gridding’ new slaves.

Clearly Blair has no ‘authority’ to express his sorrow at the slave trade when he is simultaneously intent on eroding individual freedoms to a point where the UK is a grim termite mound full of drones existing simply to support and fuel a controlling State bureaucracy.

Slavery is a condition of control over a person against their will, enforced by violence or other forms of coercion. Slavery almost always occurs for the purpose of securing the labor of the person concerned. A specific form, known as chattel slavery, implies the legal ownership of a person or persons.

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