3 Note Oddity And Uk Telephone Error Beeps

December 14th, 2006

Someone with very good ears writes:


Just thought I would write in on the off-chance that no-one has noticed this, though I’m sure someone must have done already.

I was thinking that the normal 3 note tone when you misdial a number or leave the ‘phone off the hook sounded, to my ear, identical to how the “Three Note Oddity” ( tcp_d1_12_three_note_odditiy_irdial.mp3 ) would sound if it was upped by an octave and played at double the speed.

I decided to stick the two into a wave editor, with the Irdial 3 note oddity in the left channel, and the telephone message in the right, and it turns out that the 3 notes are exactly the same.

I have no idea what it means, but it just seemed like a cool co-incidence. :-)

I’ve attached an mp3 (with the ‘phone notes slowed down by 50% and shifted down an octave to match the Irdial)
The ‘phone error in this is from the Telewest system, been a while since I’ve heard BT’s but from memory I think the tones are the same.


The never-ending strangeness of Numbers Stations; a constant source of pleasure.

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