Slashdot Is Dying: Experimental Proof

March 1st, 2006

Slashdot is dying, and this is another example of why.

I just posted ATs amazing link to the BBQ Newsblight admission that filesharing is not theft, a great link, no doubt about it.

I posted it on Digg; 1 hour, 36 minutes later, its on the front page, blasting BBQ with a Diggstorm of traffic. I submitted the same story to Slashdot:

It’s Official: “File sharing is not theft.”
Wed March 01, 04:24 PM Rejected

And there you have it.

Why should anyone bother to submit stories to Slashdot, when they are going to be rejected, no matter how hot they are? And now with Digg’s new and superb commenting system coming online soon, there will be no reason to visit slashdot ever again. All the teenage trolls will dissapear from view, you can get cool stories on the frontpage guaranteed – as long as they really are cool – and be guaranteed that no one else’s cool stories are being rejected and kept from your view.

UPDATE: here is a torrent of the Newsblight item.

6 Responses to “Slashdot Is Dying: Experimental Proof”

  1. alex_tea Says:

    A torrent of an article on BitTorrent. Meta. I’d never heard of encrypting BitTorrent traffic before reading that BBC article. Have you tried it?

  2. irdial Says:

    No I have not, and the only clients that seem to have it implimented are for winblows. I just downloaded and tried out one of the clients listed at wikipedia (Bits on Wheels for OSX) , but its shitty compared to the official Bittorrent releas from Bram and Co. I note that I really need to get a better connection; i am on 256 up and 2meg down, which is sub optimal…..

    Back to that item, its is breathtaking in its evil and ignorance. Encrypted traffic has flown over the net since SSL; NSA cant get into that, so how is that a problem, and indeed, the piece didnt touch on the beneficial uses of end to end encryption like making money etc. Pathetic, fearmongering scare journalism of the worst and most criminal kind. In fact, its almost a deceptive practice, or fraud against the public. I wonder how the tone of the piece would have spun had the presenter pointed out that eveyone watching the programme and gasping in horror used the same technology every time they bought their shopping from Opodo. Hmmmmm would have taken the edge off of the fear factor woulnd it?

    The presenter is nothing more than a monster with a mouth; I wonder what the FUCK these people do with their comuters if they even have them. And why arent the researchers behind the cameras instead of these dunderheads? Surely we would get better programmes if, for example, the producer of that piece was the writer and presenter, at least then we would have had someone with half a brain cell and some decent text, instad of that prick who presented it in his breathless shock tones.

    I despair at the idiocy of TV and BBQ; they have the ultimate troll Bill Thompson as the technology writer, when CLEARLY there are people at BBQ who are more qualified there who NEED to be writing in his place. Look at the comments at the dug article; they are all in praise of it, and surprised by its accuracy. There is not a single reason why Bill thompson should not be relegated to making tea and the writer of that apology put in his place to write informed (as opposed to totally clueless) articles on everything internet.

    The greatest insult about it is that the British are forced to pay for the priveledge of being consitently lied to. Sky news can regurgitate Murderoch’s lies 24/7/365, and that’s OK, because joe public doesnt pay for it, but BBQ is a differnt story entirely.

  3. chriszanf Says:

    Azureus does FC4 encryption and it’s java based so platform independent.

  4. chriszanf Says:

    Strange. I just posted a comment about Azureus being a java based multi-platform Bit Torrent client and the post didnt show up.

    Are all comments moderated?

    Anyway, the link again:

  5. irdial Says:

    They are moderated the first time you post, and then you can post at will. I dont like Java apps, they are slow and a pain in the ass to run in Linux. The JVM keeps being updtated, everything is broken all the time, and I just dont have the patience for it. No Java app that i have ever run has been worth the effort of setting it up, and that includes J-Edit, wihc is almost a useful editor.

  6. Bitcoin as troll killer | Buy Bitcoins With Paypal Says:

    […] Slashdot Is Dying: Experimental Proof Slashdot is dying, and also it’s another example of why…. […]

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