media whore of babylon

January 7th, 2007

Entitled A Weekend in the City, it’s a quasi-concept album detailing Okereke’s thoughts on life in London in the 21st century. ‘East London is a vampire/It sucks the joy right out of me’ – the declamatory climax of the album’s opening track ‘Song For Clay (Disappear Here)’ is but one of the many startling images contained in Okereke’s lyrics.


Oh, please. Teen angst poems and hideously crass, cringeworthy imagery do not make for novel insights into the human condition.

I’ve been searching for the young soul rebels, I can’t find them anywhere, where have you hidden them?
Serves me right for reading the Observer, I suppose. This poor young thing is being feted as the Dylan for the Blair generation, and will have his face crushed into the mud when the stampede for the next, next DFTBG happens.

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