A Right Honorable Member

March 1st, 2006

Call for applications for the
MP- Scientist Pairing Scheme 2006

Are you a scientist with an interest in politics?  The Royal Society is currently inviting applications from scientists to take part in the 2006 round of its successful MP-Scientist pairing scheme.

The scheme helps build bridges between parliamentarians and scientists in theUK. MP and scientist pairs spend time together in the laboratory and the constituency followed by an opportunity for scientists to go behind the scenes at Westminster gaining first hand experience of how science policy is formed.

We are looking to recruit post-doctoral scientists either with a research fellowship or working at a Research Council institute and a proven interest in science communication and matters relating to science policy.


I would apply, only I have no interest in politics….

Do I?

3 Responses to “A Right Honorable Member”

  1. irdial Says:

    The first thing I thought as I read this was ‘what is a scientist’. Later down, they specify what they define that to be; some one who has been vetted by The Cult™ and who will for certain feed pure cult dogma into the ears of ‘our’ elected officials.

    So, let us translate, “We are looking to recruit cult members to help in the propaganda war. We need to innoculate the legislators so that THE ONE TRUE WAY can be written into law. Only if you have licked the knife and know the ultimate handshake may you apply”.

  2. Alun Says:

    Does that mean you think I should send my CV?!

  3. irdial Says:

    No, it means you are exqualified. Obviously.

    ‘Exqualified’ being a mixture of disqualified and excluded, nothing to do with qualifications, which , of course, the UN-INITIATED would not understand.

    This is the language we use to obscure our TRUE meaning so that only the ADHERENTS and the INITIATES can understand our SACRED DISCOURSES.

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