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January 26th, 2007

I notice two notices relating to banking this morning which threw up contrasting sentiments.

The first was a bus shelter advert for a high street bank written entirely in Polish. Quite novel I thought especially as they don’t have them in any other foreign languages around here. Obviously a case of a company seeing a market and responding accordingly.

The other notice was to inform customers of another high street bank informing their ‘customers’ that all withdrawals at the bank would have to be accompanied by two forms of identification (unspecified). Now as a feature of a specific account additional security could be a ‘good thing’, people could chose the level of security they wanted for their money and the bank could charge/adjust interset rates to cover the additional inconvenience .
They could even issue a card with a security code when the account was opened!!! Seriously, they could issue a bank card with an encrypted photo image that shows up when read (and PIN verified) in the bank for a nominal fee – if it were requested by the investor opening the account, I am sure Irdial has been through this before.
Anyhow I had negative feelings not so much for the level of security being ‘offered’ but that I feel that that particular bank is likely not to question the pros and cons of requiring ID cards information to operate a bank account in the future.

(an old article)

Did I mention ID cards?

It seems bizarre that a system that will supposedly reduce ‘illegal immigrant working’ will be ‘policed’ by the very employers that exploit non-official residents for labour.

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  1. irdial Says:

    I saw an article today about the new immigration uniforms being trailled. the article didnt ask why it was being done, how much it cost, what effect it is supposed to have or anything…obviously.

    Britian used to be a very welcoming place, and arriving at the airport not at all stressful or intimidating. Immigration staff wore ordinary clothes, but still carried an air of absolute authority. That authority did not come from attire, but was innate.

    This uniform business is symbolic of how Neu Labor misunderstands everything about life.

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