Jultra Strikes Back

January 30th, 2007

[…] Now the question that immediately comes to mind is which ‘officials’ (aka installed Bolshevik coup faction) within the Home Office ? Is it that radical foaming menagerie of creatures that good people tried for decades to keep away from power, often to the response of ‘conspiracy theorist’ etc.

Hell, well whatever. Sadly that effort just wasn’t enough and when you’re dealing with evil in its purest frorm, dealing with a total hatred of humanity, of society, of the most basic foundations of freedom, accompanied by a desire to topple that society, to destroy it, to create a dire hopeless world of technological, legal and constitutional permanent revolution where everyone is sufficiently plebified into a grey terrified goo, then we can afford to be, and need to be, a lot more aggressive.

You see this kind of story will be treated by its critics as something along the lines of a ‘concerning misunderstanding about relationship between individual and state’, an overreaction to crime and terrorism, but what makes me strongly believe it is not a misunderstanding and overreaction, but truly indicative of a deep-rooted palsied disorder, that manifests as a hatred of freedom and quite serious plot a to otherthrow society altogether is that this latest and most horrific of attacks is hardly in isolation.

Is this a state mistakenly doing all the wrong things, in a well intentioned way to try to keep the public ‘safe’ as some would have you think, or is it a state truly gone wrong ?

We’ve seen recently the bad breathed ever-angry (former-) communist John Reid, trying to inflict the worthless ID cards onto visitors working in the UK, and that unfortunately proves the point. There isn’t a UK anymore, there is no nation, it’s a just container, a cage to practice this crippling socialism protecting the world globalisation/banking hub.

The truth is this. All members of Parliament, all members of the civil service, all donors to political parties, all figureheads in the police, and people in the media who as far as Murdoch and the Sun go…well we’ll come onto that in another time, but anyway all those who are trying to do this are the enemy of the country and are an enemy of all people. There is no other way to say it and they going to have to be dealt with one way or another.

Additionally, I’m sorry to say the bumbling police officer carrying out politically-distorted duties, or the stupid contractror just installing X-ray cameras in lamp posts and elsewhere is inevitably making themselves a legitimate subject of reprisals, just as that pedophile who has been moved into the estate over the road from you is. It’s not enough to be just doing your job anymore, as good people like Craig Murray have said.



Thats the way we like it. The absolute truth said plainly and with some balls.

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