Cut your losses and cut and run?

February 2nd, 2007

Why not try and change the nation you’re living in?

* There are many reasons for this – every member has a slightly different motive. Many of us think our current governments are completely inadequate to support true liberty and nothing short of a revolution would change them.


Free Nation Foundation

For years I have thought that the best way of creating a new nation, short of going to another planet entirely, is to make a virtual nation inside another nation. This became crystal clear to me when I took the citizenship of Elgaland Vargaland.

Any physical nation in a nation, like Christiania is doomed to failure because it will simply be surrounded by the existing nation, and pressured until it ceases to exist.

A virtual nation inside a nation on the other hand, behaves more like a ‘Baudrillard Mass‘, with all its features and advantages:

The whole chaotic constellation of the social revolves around that spongy reference, that opaque but equally translucent reality, that nothingness: the masses. A statistical crystal ball, the masses are ’swirling with currents and flows,’ in the image of matter and the natural elements. So, at least, they are represented to us. […]

[…] this phenomenon made revolutionary explosion impossible, says Baudrillard.

The mass absorbs all the social energy, but no longer refracts it. It absorbs every sign and every meaning, but no longer reflects them… it never participates. It is a good conductor of information, but of any information. It is without truth and without reason. It is without conscience and without unconscious. Everybody questions it, but never as silence, always to make it speak. This silence is unbearable. It is the simulation chamber of the social.

As a mere shadow cast by power, the silent majority and its hyper-real conformity have no meaning and nothing to say to us. To that, terrorism responds by an equally hyper-real act equally caught up from the onset in concentric waves of media and of fascination.

It aims at the mass silence, the masses in their silence. It aims at the white magic of simulation, deterrence, of anonymous and random control […]

This is not a revolutionary explosion, which is now impossible, but a revolutionary implosion, where the mass disappears whilst in plain sight. Escape without motion. Traveling without moving. A new nation as black hole, impenetrable, irresistible, sucking all the energies and resources into it, from where they are unaccountable, unreachable and utterly liberated.

Here is how you do it.

You issue passports to a seed population of decent people for the new nation. This seed population is responsible for conveying the information (the mass is a good conductor of information) about what the new nation is. They then have the power to grant citizenship to anyone who they also feel is a decent person. You are issued with a paper passport.

By taking on the citizenship of this new nation, you bind yourself to its rules and regulations, and cease to have any obligations to any other nation, including especially the one where you live. You do not have to move house, or change anything about your activities, save that you no longer obey the laws of the state where you live, and choose to obey the laws of your new ‘motherland’.

The effect of such a maneuver is clear; in a country where such a thing took place on a large scale, the power of the state would crumble from inside, like a peach turning moldy in a time lapse film. The state would be eaten away as the new nation supplanted the old one. There would be no chaotic explosion, because this would be an actual implosion, a rapid inward erosion of power caused by the abandoning of the old state, by the mass, who were the source of power for the old state.

When criticality is reached you will have created your new country without anything more than the sound of a printing press making passports.

Moving to an island puts physical limits on the size of the nation that you create. By doing it in this way, you create a state of in situ expatriates, that can exist anywhere on the globe. There is no reason why this state could not spread to all western countries, freeing them all through this process of implosion.

That is a more interesting proposition than moving to a remote location, and paying to do so.

This brings us to the issue of buying an island to escape to. The Free Nation Foundation comes from a community that understands the power of people getting together in large numbers to facilitate a task with a single protocol as the base tool, in this case, Bittorrent used for swapping large files. The idea above is P2P like, swarm like, efficient (no one has to travel or relocate)…it is 21st century.

In the above scenario, the passport and citizenship are the protocol, and the spread of them creates the large file (or rank and file) of new, free citizenry that supplants the existing structure.

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