Sounds like one of us…

February 19th, 2006

I’m a biologist, an Apple/Unix geek, an audiophile, an avid reader and film buff, and an amateur (in both the inept and unpaid senses) photographer. I lived and worked in Oxford (the one in the UK, for any US readers) for 13 years, which was quite an experience. You can see some of the photographs I’ve taken around Oxford on my photoblog, Wings Open Wide. I’ve just moved to the heart of EnglandBirmingham, Land of the Brummieand I will no doubt be comparing and contrasting the two cities.

I apparently do not have the gene for interest in make-up, clothes or celebrities. Believe me, I’ve tried to be interested. I’ve even bought so-called “Women’s magazines”, convinced that I can’t be so psychologically different from the rest of female-kind. But eventually I realized that I just do not have any interest in them, and now I just head straight for the computer/hi-fi magazines aisle. This makes time spent in the hairdressers very dull. […]

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