Stranger Mag 13 is out

March 28th, 2007

Stranger Magazine is out, and it has an article about Numbers Stations in it…

What a beautiful magazine, and what a beautiful way to preview it!

And I have just been informed by Der Kopf that ‘Strich’ is back on the air, after a ten year absence. This makes us ask several questions:

  • Who has ordered this station back on to the air?
  • Who is this station transmitting to?
  • Are the messages going to the same people that used to receive Stritch messages?
  • What have these people been doing for ten years?
  • Why are they using Strich instead of some new structure?
  • Has Stritch been taken over by western agencies?
  • What are these Stritch agents up to right now that necessitates the use of Numbers Stations?
  • Is this why we cannot get a first hand account? (i.e. all the staffers are still on duty and not retired after the ‘end of the Cold War).

Stranger and stranger Magazine.

Ending on a triplet!!!

2 Responses to “Stranger Mag 13 is out”

  1. alex_tea Says:

    I find digital interfaces that try to mimic real world interaction too closely to be gimmicky and unsatisfying. However, I cannot think of any other paradigm that could convey the sense of flicking through a magazine.

    It does look interesting though, nice illustration. Shame about the typo on the pull quote. If their interested peaked, did it wane after? Or do they mean piqued?

  2. irdial Says:

    ‘Peeaked’…i saw that…still its a beautiful issue. Lets see if the writing is up to scratch. I am still waiting for my sample issue.

    Did you ever see the Carson Surfer magazine, or the utterly great Raygun? ‘The last of the great magazines’. Great writing when you could read it, and when you couldn’t, it didn’t matter.

    Paper is still cool. I went to Magma the other day, and boutght a beautiful hybrid book about paper airplanes and airplanes. A mix of Top Trumps and Janes and a paper airplane manual. Brilliant, and very beautifully printed.

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