Widespread ignorance of HE, and its ugly face

March 30th, 2007

There is an absolutely brilliant post here, where the anti-home school nonsense of an anthropology professor named ‘Greg Laden’ who by his own admission, knows nothing about home schooling, how they do it and the people who do it:

What I have discovered about home schoolers, not just in the conversation related to the post you cite but the totality of several different conversations on my web site is that home schoolers are much more diverse in their interests (why they home school) and approaches than I had previously thought (having not thought about it too much previously, to be frank). […]

but who thinks that he is right to advocate its elimination, because in his mind, “Home schooling is a way of cheating the system.”

Home schooling and private schools both have this characteristic. There is a small subset of families that can afford the money it takes to send their kids to private schools. When this happens, an important part of society withdraws from the public, collective endeavor to educate our children.

The post demolishing this amazing drivel is perfect, and I quoth:

“Our” children? So who do they belong to, precisely? As I’ve said elsewhere, this sort of language is very interesting; it seems to say that children belong to everybody, which tends to mean nobody is responsible for them. (More on this particular wording later.) […]

Indeed! And please do go to this post and read it. It is an example of the sort of thinking and writing that we need to have published to refute the propaganda being maliciously spread by the likes of Madeleine Brettingham.

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