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May 3rd, 2007

US ‘wants British Pakistanis to have entry visas’

Matt Weaver
Wednesday May 2, 2007
Guardian Unlimited

The American government wants to impose travel restrictions on British citizens of Pakistani origin because of concerns about terrorism, according to a report today.

In talks with the British government, the US homeland security secretary, Michael Chertoff, called for British Pakistanis to apply for a visa before travelling to the US, according to the New York Times.

The newspaper claimed that US officials were concerned about the number of terrorist plots in Britain involving citizens with ties to Pakistan.

But today the Foreign Office made it clear would resist the idea. It said it would oppose any attempt to exclude particular ethnic groups from the US visa waiver scheme that allows citizens from 27 countries, including the UK, to travel to the US without a visa for up to 90 days.

Like they ever care about what you think, you bloody idiots!

A spokesman said: “We are in close touch with the US about entry clearance, and they are aware of our view that changes to the visa waiver programme could cause economic damage to both our countries without materially enhancing the security controls over immigration.”

They are going to do it, wether you like it or not. You are poodles. You will now forever be poodles. It is too late to turn yourself from jellyfish into men.

He added: “The Muslim community in the UK, including those of Pakistani origin, are an important part of our society and we would oppose strongly any proposal to single them out in response to the actions of terrorists. Furthermore, we will oppose any measure based on broad categories of religious, ethnic or other criteria, and will continue to emphasise the importance of the current risk-based approach.”

You will ‘oppose’ it? And WHAT EXACTLY WILL THAT DO?

These are the same people whose cousins and brothers you have MURDERED in the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS. Where were your beeding heart words when everyone told you not to even THHINK about going into Iraq?

And as for measures based on broad categories of ‘religious, ethnic or other criteria’ you have been violating the very people you claim to be wanting to protect yourselves, in your poodleish participation in the bogus ‘war on terror’.

COME ON GUYS, if you are going to lie, you have to do it better than that.

Mohammad Sarwar, the Labour MP for Glasgow Central, described the proposal as “unbelievable and shocking. Every British citizen must have the same rights. I don’t think America has any right to interfere in this way.”

Labour MP finds it ‘shocking’. You cant make shit like this up.

Mr Sarwar, who was born in Pakistan and became Britain’s first Muslim MP in 1997, urged ministers to reject the idea.

Ahmed Versi, the editor of Muslim News, agreed. He said: “They [the Americans] are trying to paint the whole Muslim community with the same brush. It’s racist. There would be a huge outcry from all Muslims whether they are Pakistani or not.”

see below about this.

He pointed out that many British Muslims were already put off from the travelling to the US for fear of the unwelcome reception they would receive.

They should not be traveling there anyway, out of principle, but then again, all of the middle east is in a mess precisely because they are unwilling or incapable of unifying under a single banner, even on the smallest matter that does not take any effort.

The report of America’s concerns follows the conviction earlier this week of five British men for planning a series of attacks across the UK. Four of them were of Pakistani origin. But according to the New York Times, talks on travel restrictions for British Pakistanis have been taking place for some “months”.

Last month, Mr Chertoff held talks with the home secretary, John Reid. It is believed they discussed the visa waiver scheme that allows citizens from 27 countries, including the UK, to travel to the US without a visa for up to 90 days.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph on the eve of the talks, Mr Chertoff said: “We need to build layers of protection, and I don’t think we totally want to rely upon the fact that a foreign government is going to know that one of their citizens is suspicious and is going to be coming here.”

At the time he did not mentioned restrictions on British Pakistani, but he expressed concern that the terrorist such as the July 7 bombers, three of whom were of Pakistani origin, could have used the visa waiver scheme to enter America.



Now, lets do what the Guardian cannot do, and actually think about this.

If you are going to require VISAs for people of Pakistani origin, that means that you must identify them all. You cannot rely on the persons name alone; for example ‘shoebomber’ Richard Reid, has the same surname as the current Home Secretary.

That means that you will need to put the NIR in place, and on it, mark everyones ‘racial profile’ or ‘racial origin’. This will mean that the UK will have a system like South Africa, where people’s race was marked down in their ID card.

This raises some interesting problems; for people who do not have ‘Pakistani names’ they will have to find a way to determine wether or not they are ‘Really British®’. Actually, this is quite a soluble problem for which there are precedents.

In South Africa, they used a pencil.

When the authorities put a pencil through your hair, if it fell out, you were ‘White’. If not, you were ‘Not White’.

I’m not making this up:

A type of test used by authorities during the apartheid era in South Africa to “ascertain” a person’s ‘race’ (see Coloured and Passing (racial identity).) In the absence of any centralized method, this and other subjective tests were used in various places across South Africa as part of the Population Registration Act of 1950. A pencil would be placed in a person’s hair, if it fell through they were classified as “White” (or “Coloured“, depending on other subjective classification considerations); if the pencil did not fall through, they were classified differently (“Coloured” or “Black”, also depending on other subjective classification considerations). Members of the same family who had different hair textures would find themselves in different race groups as a result of this test. This presented serious consequences for many families (see Population Registration Act, Pass Law, Group Areas Act, District Six). [2] [3][4] [5]


Check the Google too.

This is what the americans are asking the UK to do. Micheal Chertov is an Apartheid style racist, and the worst thing about this is that the americans started all this, poodle dog bliar dragged this once great country kicking and screaming into the mess and now those fascist american animals want Britain to lower itself to the level of the Apartheid state to salve their paranoia.

Doing this will create an active Apartheid society, with first class citizens (so called ‘whites’), second class citizens (‘pakistanis’) and third class citizens (illegal immigrants, refugees etc).

There will be all the confusion bitterness and hatred caused by that system, as people are sifted, marked and categorized by the state, and don’t you believe for a single second that the private sector will not use this ‘racial’ information in its daily operations.

It will be an unmitigated DISASTER for this country,

and the only way they can pull it off, is with the NIR

. Just use your brain for a minute; this means that British people ‘of Pakistani origin’ will have to have visibly different passports from everyone else so that they can apply for a VISA under these rules.

Do you understand what that means?

The NIR is now Britain’s Pandora’s box. If it is opened….

Out of this box will come every evil, every excess, every violation you can imagine (if you remember the Apartheid system, even as an observer from afar) and some modern violations that we will soon discover the taste of.

Now there are those who say, “All of this is worth it. If we can stop just one act of violence, its worth these people saying who they are and then applying for screening for the good of society. Their so called ‘freedom’ is not worth anything.”

And I say that people who say that are the bad guys.

Everyone’s freedom is ‘worth something’. I am not a Pakistani, but when a Pakistani born in Britain with a British passport is forced to apply for a VISA, it violates ME as much as it does HIM, because, unlike the people who throw away freedom like empty crisp packets, I understand that we are BOTH HUMAN BEINGS.

The ability to empathize with other human beings, the ability to imagine another person’s pain is absolutely crucial to peace. If you cannot imagine another person as ‘a real thing’, you do not care if their rights are violated; they are an object, a concept, not a real person. That is how Iraq can be destroyed beyond recognition, dozens killed every day and no one cares, but when 50 people are killed in London, it is suddenly the end of the world.

This story about Pakistanis being essentially given yellow stars to wear in Britain should have every decent person puking in their Wheatabix.

It is so contrary to decency, to Britishness that it staggers the imagination that John Reid allowed the words to be said to him without immediately terminating the meeting. But then we know that he is one of the Murder Inc. Criminal Genocide Gang, and this is NOTHING to pigs like him.

Now, having said all that, I am sure that a discrimination lawsuit will very quickly follow any introduction of Apartheid style legislation in Britain. Heavens above, did I actually type that?

There is no way that they will get away with this, and if they DO introduce that legislation, heaven help them.

And furthermore, the american government is putting the onus on the British to segregate and mark out all Pakistanis for VISA treatment, because they are too squeamish to take harsh Apartheid measures themselves on their own soil.

If the British do not comply, that means that the americans are going to either:

1/ require that ALL british people need a VISA to travel to the USA (and anyone who has had to make that application will know what a horrible experience THAT is)

2/ Selectively block ‘Pakistani types’ at the airport using the Apartheid racial identification ruleset. That means many million dollar lawsuits.

Dirty Racist Murdering Bastards.

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