Law-abiding majority ‘is a myth’

June 25th, 2007

The offences admitted to would be subject to various penalties
More than six out of 10 people regularly commit crimes against the government, their employers or businesses, research suggests.

Keele University researchers said it showed petty crime was rife among the middle classes and exposed the “law-abiding majority” to be a myth.

Their poll of 1,807 people in England and Wales found 61% had committed one of a series of offences.

They included paying “cash in hand” to avoid VAT and stealing items from work.

The study found that around one-third of those questioned (34%) paid “cash in hand” to avoid taxation and about one in five (18%) had taken something, such as stationery, from work.

Other findings included:

  • One in 11 had wrongly used identification for their own gain
  • 7% of those questioned had padded out an insurance claim to get more money
  • One in 10 (11%) avoided paying their television licence
  • A total of 8% did not disclose faulty goods in second-hand sales
  • And 6% asked a friend in a bureaucratic job to bend the rules

Of those who admitted to an offence, nearly two-thirds (62%) had broken the law on up to three occasions and 10% admitted to nine or more offences.

The study’s author, Professor Suzanna Karstedt, said: “Contempt for the law is as widespread in the centre of society as it is assumed to be rampant at the margins and among specific marginal groups.

“Anti-social behaviour by the few is mirrored by anti-civil behaviour by the many.

“Neither greed nor need can explain why respectable citizens cheat on insurance claims or in second-hand sales, and do not hesitate to discuss their exploits with friends in pubs.”

The study, of people aged 25 to 65, was published by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies at King’s College, London.


So says BBQ

The truth of the matter is that people in the UK understand that they are being screwed. If everything was fair, no one would bother paying cash just to save VAT, but they do so, wherever and whenever they can because they feel in the marrow of their bones that they are being cheated at every turn.

Those that can, escape. Those that cannot, take every opportunity to get back at the system that treats them like property.

And if you think it’s bad now, just you wait.

The straightjacket that is the Quantized Human Pleb Grid will so incense and outrage the souls of the British that the stored rage pent up for decades will eventually explode into rioting and mass destruction, of a type never before seen in this fair land.

The British are not stupid. They know what is being done to them. They also know that patience is a virtue, and that they ultimately have the power to change everything should they see fit to do so.

This report explicitly states what everyone has known privately for ages; the law is totally discredited, and it is ignored where and when the public sees fit to ignore it, and the majority of people only obey the laws that they think are reasonable. Everything else is simply shrugged off or actively broken, like the hunters, who have carried on doing what they have done for generations.

The question is, will this country reach a tipping point, where everything bad is ignored. Will everyone simply stop responding to traffic camera bills for example? What could anyone possibly do if everyone just stopped paying attention to that grossly unfair money making scam of a system? The answer is that the only thing they could do is dismantle it. This would not be a reaction caused by any submission to the will of the electorate (as they would no doubt spin it) but it would be instead, an act of staving off, of preventing a rapid spread of general disorder.

I had a chat with a seventy seven year old Englishman, who during our talk rattled off every single righteous complaint about Bliar and Murder inc., incandescent with rage as he spelled it out perfectly. This man was not in any way radicalized, or ‘up on his internets’ or in any way one of the usual suspects. He is pensioner, and a gentle soul, and he represents the sort of mild mannered, tolerant, reasonable Englishman who has had enough. When he spontaneously started to lay into Bliar and the Murder Cabal, and I felt is seething rage, I immediately had the impression that it was possible for everything to change.

This conversation was triggered by the EU Constitution and its shoehorning by the venal anti-democratic and brazen leaders, who, not having gained the consent of the population, are simply going to do it anyway, via a treaty.

That they believe they can get away with this, and that they have done this at all shows that they are not fit people, and that they and their experiment really has no legitimacy. The Italians have much to teach us about how to live in a stifling bureaucracy, and it seems the British are moving into that framework. It is much better however to live without having to lie and hate all the time. It degrades your spirit, and makes people less human.

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