The cultural war continues

August 22nd, 2007

“When a crow flies over Kandahar, he only flaps one wing.
With the other wing, he covers his tail”.

This is a quote from a presentation at Magnum In Motion of portraits collected in Afganistan by Thomas Dworzak, and published in a book.

Did you know that (so the internets say) one of the reasons why Mullah Omar started Taleban was to put an end to homosexual practices?

I was interested in this book as a document of a beautiful portraiture phenomenon until I saw the links at the side, one of which sends you to the CFR.

Is this book ‘just an interesting book’ or is it part of the ‘Cultural Cold War‘ as Frances Stonor Saunders describes?

Its a great pity that works like this cannot be delivered neutrally and separated from World Insanity™ because the photographs are very beautiful…but then, when they are put in a context, that is precisely what they need to be to make you despise Taliban, and you need to be made to despise them so that you continue to passively support troops being sent there.

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