Can you dig it suckers?

August 24th, 2007

A list of the names of the gangs of London,  updated August 4th 2010, with new ‘Thugs of Stone Bridge’ video!.

1. Brent
Church Road Thugs
Cricklewood (SLK)
Thugs of Stone Bridge
Acorn Man Dem
NW Untouchable
Church Road Man Dem
St Ralph’s Soldiers
Greenhill Yout Dem
Out to Terrorise (OTT)
Harsh-Don Man Dem
9 Mill Kids (9MK)
Shakespeare Youts
Westside/Red Crew
Stonebridge Man Dem
Ministry of Darkness
Willesden Green Boys
Araly Yardies (elders)
Lock City
The Copeland Boys
Mus Luv
GP Crew (Grahame Park)

2. West London
Westbourne Park Man Dem
South Acton Boys
Queen Caroline Estate
Ladbroke Grove Man Dem
Latimer Road Man Dem
Kensal Town Man Dem
Queens Park Man Dem
Edwardes Wood Boys
Bush Man Dem
Becklow Man Dem
West Kensington Estate
Cromer Street Boys
Holy Smokes
Tooti Nungs
MDP (Murder Dem Pussies)
DGD (Deadly Gash Dem)

3. Camden
Born Sick Gang
Centric Gang
Cromer Street Massive
Denton Boys
Drumond Street Posse
NW1 Boyz (Combo Gang)
Peckwater Gang
WC1 Gang

4. Enfield
N9 Chopstiks Gang
Red Brick Gang
Shanksville (aka Tanners End Lane Gang)
Little Devils
NorthSide Chuggy Chix
Chosen Soldiers
South Man Syndicate
Boydems Most Wanted
EMD Enfield Boys
TFA Tottanham Boys
Tiverton Boys

5. Newham
Beckton Man Dem
JC Boys
Blackwater Man Dem
Forest Gate Man Dem
Paki Panthers
Tamil Tigers
African Devilz
Plaistow Man Dem
Ama Tugz
Stratford Man Dem
East Ham Boys

6. Waltham Forest
Beaumont Crew
Chingford Hall Man Dem
Boundary Boys
Hatch Man Dem
Chingford Hall Boys
Beaumont Man Dem
Piff City Bangers (Bang Bang Smash)
Leytonstone Man Dem
Oliver Close Crew
Priory Court Boys
Get Money Daily
Barrier Youts
Cathall Boys
Walnut Road Crew
Senyahs Walthamstow
Walthamstow Boys

7. Hackney
E9 Bang Bang (They have lots of Google)
Haggerston Fields Combined
Holly Street Boys
Hoxton Boys
London Fields
Pembury Estate
Love of Money Crew
Hackney Posse
Springfield Crew
Manor House Crew
August Town Crew
Legends of Stokie (LOS)
Sea & Mother Square Boys
Tap Dem Crew
Well Street Boys
Yardie Bunch Crew
DNA Boys
Grim Beats Crew
Brick Lane Massive
Cannon Street Rd Posse
Shadwell Massive
Stepney Posse
Bengal Tigers
Bethnal Green Somalians
Devon Road Kruisers
E3 Massive
Elton Man Dem
Bartlett Park
Limehouse Massive
Wilehouse Man Dem
Remand Crew

8. Westminster
Queens Crescent
Abbey Road Man Dem (SLK)
Lisson Man Dem

9. Haringey
Tugs from Around
Tottenham Man Dem (map)
N dot22
Wood Green Mob

10. Lewisham
Brockley Man Dem
Young Brockley Manz
Catford Wildcat
Ghetto Boyz
Blues (Bromley)
Greens (Lewisham)

11. Merton/Wandsworth
Prime Time Soliders
Battersea Marsh Boys
All Over Everywhere
Surrey Lane Man Dem
Terror Zone
Winstanrey Boys
Digging Deep Graves
South Man Syndicate (SMS)
Pink Ladies/Chicks
Wandsworth Man Dem
Menacing Kids
Wandsworth terror Zone
Raynes Park Crew
Spray Can Army
No Remorse Shown
Stick em Up Kidz
Young Stick em Up Kidz
Tooting Gang
UGS (United Griffin Squad)
Y-UGS (Young United Griffin Squad)
Muslim Boys
Croydon/Jaffna Boys

12. Lambeth
Young Thugs for life
Tulse Hill Man Dem
Peel Dem Crew
Clapham Park Dread
Dipset Muslim
Brixton Yard Manz
Brixton Hill Blood Gang (BHB)
S Unit
Cartel Crew
G Street
Murder Zone
Alligator Crew
Myatts Field Posse
Rema Crew
Stockwell Man Dem
Hanna Town
Streatham Man Dem
Muslim Boys
South Man Syndicate
Bloodset Muslims
Superstar Gang
SMN Heathset
Mash Force
Herne Hill Man Dem
Junction Boys

13. Harrow
SHE (South Harrow Elite)
Cheez Gang
The t Side
Harrow Boys
Arylali Gang
Pinner Massive
Game Over
MOD (Ministry of Darkness)
Bad Boys
No Tolerance

14. Southwark
Peckam Boys – Camden Estate
Peckham Boys – North Peckham Estate
Mash Force
Circle Boys & Dulwich Boys
Kennel Hill
Gloucester Grove Estate
Gold Smith Estate
Bermondsey Boys
Firehouse Crew
Wolly Road Manz & OTB

15. Hillingdon
NN (Nasty Niggers)
Risky Boys (Northolt)
AK47 Gang
Bombing Unit1
DTU (Don’t Touch Us)
Section 18 Crew
DK (Destroy Kids)
WDM (West Drayton Boys)
AK (Academemic Kids)
Hillingdon Hard Core

16. Croydon
Dem Twisted Soldiers
Terror Zone
Till Death Youths
Thornton Heath Man Dem
Pange Man Dem
Norwood Youts
Dark Side Ninjas / Younger DSN

17. Bromley
On Top of the Rest
Albaboys Fatal
The Bloody Alboz
Greens (Lewisham)
Greazy Kamp
Blues (Bromley)
Penge Massive
Block Kids
Kidz da Hood

18 Greenwich/Bexley
Younger Woolwich Boyz
Woolwich Boys
Younger RA
Ferrier Youts
KSB (Kis Spray Bro)
Cherry Youts
Plumstead Manz
Woolwich Manz
RA Gang

From a double page spread in The Evening Standard.

Those of you with good reading habits will remember Judge Dredd in 2000AD and the ‘Block Mania’ stories. It looks like more of Brian Bolland’s madness is leaking into reality.

There is an exhibition on populations in cities at the Tate Modern; this year, 50% of all people on the earth will be living in cities. As this trend continues and people from different places coalesce into self contained cesspools in Megacities, you are going to see more ‘Block Mania’ outbreaks as people turn to gangs for identity, protection and a way to make a living.

And in case you didn’t know, ‘Man Dem’ means:

“Man Dem is the term used for a group of friends or homies. This term originated from the carribean but found its way to the streets of the uk where it is widely used.

I’m going to link man dem.”

Urban Dictionary

So we can say, “Big up BLOGDIAL Man Dem!”

Oh, and they forgot the hideous, perfidious and insidious gang ‘The Knights of 30 St Mary Axe’.

As you can see, some of these gangs and gang members have Bebo, Myspace and YouTube spots where they boast their hardness. Some of those links are priceless.

Here is a neat video compiling footage of many gangs.

Thanks to all the reporting on handgun crime, shootings, knife crime and gangland stabbings in London, the traffic for this post has gone through the ceiling. It seems also, that people are searching for specific gang names and ending up here.

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  1. chriszanf Says:

    [i]”Can you count, suckers? I say the future is ours…If you can count. Now look, what we have here before us. We’ve got the Sorisons(?) sitting next to the Jones St Boys. We’ve got the moon runners, right next to the courtland rangers.

    Nobody is wasting nobody. That is a miracle. And the way things ougth to be. You’re standing right now with 9 delegates from 100 gangs. And there’s a hundred more. That’s 20 thousand hard core members! 40,000 counting affiliates, and 20,000 more not organized, but ready to fight. 60,000 soldiers. Now there ain’t but 20,000 police in the whole town. Can you dig it? Can you dig it? CAAAANNN YOUUUU DIG ITTT! (Roar)

    Now here’s the sum total. One gang could run this city. One gang. nothing would move, without us allowing it to happen. Tax the crime syndicates, the police, because we’ve got the street, suckers!CAAAANNN YOUUUU DIG ITTT! (Roar)

    The problem in the past, has been the man turning us against one another! We have been unable to say the truth, because we have been fighting for 10 square feet of ground. Our turf. Our little piece of turf. That’s crap brothers! The turf is ours by right, because it’s our terms. All we have to do is keep up the general truce. We take over one borough at a time. Secure our territoty. Secure our turf. Because it’s allllll… ourrrrr… turf.”[/i]

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