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China Gets it

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

[…] In the industrialized West, there evolved the prevailing Pseudo-religious dogma that human beings are at the centre of ‘G-d’s creation in the universe’. This dogma is the ideological motivation behind the on-going de-legitimization of the verfiable contact that people have had with Extraterrestrials (ETs). This apparent dogma has become the modern equivalent of the corresponding dogma, that “the world is flat”, which Church and other elites centuries ago used to champion. In contrast, free of Western pseudo-religious based dogma, the Buddhist milieu of China, has freed their scientific community, with the support of government, and ofcommunity participation, to seek to explore UFO incidences and evidence of human contact with Extraterrestrials.

What is dogma?

‘Dogma’ is a system of obfuscations, propaganda and related ideology, which elites present as “truth”, with the aim to maintain social control, and toexpand their own hold on power. Other examples of current operating dogma include schemes of socialization that aim to convince people that “capitalism promotes freedom and democracy”, that “privatization is a good thing”, and that “economic protectionism is a bad thing”.

A notable example of dogma, in the context of the so-called ‘War on Terrorism’, is that “the U.S. and its coalition partners are waging war in Iraq and Afghanistan not subtantively for oil, but to promote human rights;” meanwhile well-documented human destruction, suffering and oppression worsen. […]


The Chinese get it, but will they be the first to marked with reverse engineered products? They have done it before.

UFO research is an appreciated and duly recognized science in China

Izvestia reports that China has a record number of UFO scientific and community-based organizations. There are many who even attempt to establish some sort of a contact with extraterrestrials. Their actions are protected by the National Society of the Extraterrestrial Studies, which was founded 25 years ago. This National Society is financed by the government.

Only professional scientists and engineers are allowed members in the Society. A person also required to have Ph.D. in science and have several published works about UFOs. About a third of all members of the society are also members of the Government of China.

The study and civic appreciation of Extraterrestrials are NOT systematically marginalized as the case in the industralized West, which tries to use dogma to ridicule community and academic UFO research initiatives, and also the work of ‘Exopolitics’ groups.

And finally:

Western science and pseudo-religions share corresponding systems of dogma, which seek to deny human contact with Extraterrestrials

In order to appreciate the systematized denial of human extraterrestrial contact and influences on Human civilization, which prevails in the West, one needs to appreciate that “official science” and “institutionalized religion” in the West are two different “heads” of the same body politic. Yes, “official science” in the West talks of “evolution”, and Western institutionalized religion talks of “Creation”. However, both groups have reached an apparent consensus to disregard clear evidence of verifiable contact and influences by Extraterrestrials on Human civilization. This joint denial is based upon a shared oppressive ideology, which seeks to repress critical human knowledge of cosmic associations and interactions with Off-world Human and other ET civilizations.

The very same apparent dogma shared between the Western scientific and institutionalized pseudo-religious Establishment, converges in their “community of interest” associated with their joint pursuit of venality and greed. Examples of the sell-out of integrity, and associated buying into ideology and compromises to elite-induced peer pressure, is well documented in the Western scientific community, that operates in a crass materialistic societal milieu, which ignores basic principles of human rights and democracy. This very same shared dogma between Western scientific and institutionalized pseudo-religious Establishments, is also responsible for the path of oppression, genocide, wars, racisms, and environmental destruction which scientific “techologicalocrats” and self-professed “Christian” pseudo-religious missionaries and other apologists have furthered and have supported.

Jesus who supposedly inspired Western “Christian” religion, which is based on corroborations in the Bible, sought to support the need for wisdom, accompanied by peace and lovingkindness. However, the actual historical practice of institutionalized Christianity, in contrast, has been to maniupate the masses into accepting bigoted views that are designed to complement the materialistic-centred objectives of an “organized power” elite.

Saying that “the Earth is round.. and revolved around the Sun” used to be an indictable offence with the prospective sentence of capital punishment, in Western “Christian” Society which regarded such talk to be the mutterings of seditious lunatics. “Official Science” and “institutionalized religion” in the West is not substantively inspired by the free-spirited pursuit of wisdom. Rather, these Establishment milieus in the West are guided by “elite ideologues” who in contrast with China, and for their own dogma-driven agenda, seek to delude the public on Extraterrestrial awareness, and other areas. […]

As human civilization is being destroyed under the hyprocisy which guides the Western Scientific and pseudo-religious Establishment, the timely needed enlightenment of human populations on a reported Extraterrestrial presence, could very well be led by China. The government of China notwithstanding accounts of human rights abuses, appears to have constructively prepared members of that society, on the kind of potentially vital awareness context, which Western governments continue to deny its own societal members. […]

I like it.

You Don’t Like School? You are a PsYcHo!

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

The day before Christmas, the German newspaper, Erlanger Nachrichten published a picture of the eight-member Busekros family standing happily together around an advent wreath. The title of the accompanying article was Only families open the way for new perspectives. On the first of February this year, the Busekros oldest daughter was torn from her family by force, thanks to a judges ruling : Compulsory admittance to the Klinikum Nuremberg-Nord, a psychiatric clinic for children and young people and loss of parental custody.In summer 2005, 15 year old Melissa was told that she would have to repeat the 7th grade at the Christian Ernst Hig Gymnasium (a high school where one can obtain the Abitur, the highest German high school diploma) due to her bad grades in math and latin. The situation in the class played no small part in creating this state of affairs – the high noise levels and cancelled classes prevented her from receiving the educational assistance she needed during school hours. As Melissa had good grades in all the other subjects, repeating the whole year would be mostly a waste of her time, as well as the fact that she would now be in a class even more problematic than the previous years. Thus, it was decided by Melissa and her parents that she would be tutored individually at home to meet her specific needs. At her own wish, Melissa only took part in Music and sang in her school choir. The school and the local school authorities were not satisfied with this solution, and consequently expelled Melissa from the school, allocating her to the local Hauptschule (the lowest in the German three-tier high school system.The Busekros continued educating their daughter at home, with their other school-age children still attending school. At the end of the school year 2005/2006, Melissa was no longer subject to full-time compulsory schooling. In spite of this the Youth Welfare Office (Jugendamt) in Erlangen appealed to the local Family Court, which ordered Melissa and her parents to appear at a hearing, which was consequently attended solely by her father. Melissa was overseas at that point. However, the authorities didnt relent and wanted to know in detail where Melissa was, resulting in an unannounced visit to the family by the Judge of the Family Court.

The Busekros family is known and much loved by all their neighbours. Their willingness to be photographed for an article in the local newspaper demonstrates that they have nothing to hide. That was not good enough for the officials. On Tuesday 30th January just after 7am, Mrs Busekros and her children Mr Busekros had already left for work were startled by the appearance of social workers and police officials who demanded that Melissa be handed over to them immediately. They had as authorisation a decision by the Erlangen Court (case no. 006 F 01004/06) of the 29th of January. It stated The relevant Youth Welfare Office is hereby instructed and authorised to bring the child, if necessary by force, to a hearing and may obtain police support for this purpose.

Melissa was brought into the Child Psychiatry Unit of the Nuremberg clinic and was subjected to an interrogation in the presence of the specialist Dr. Schanda. After this interrogation, about three and a half hours after she was coerced into the clinic, Melissa was returned home. Her relieved parents and her five younger siblings, who didnt know when they would ever see Melissa again, as well as Melissa herself didnt know that the worst was still to come.

On the afternoon of the 1st of February, the judge of the Family Court, representatives of the Youth Welfare Office, along with fifteen police officers, marched up to the Busekros home, to haul Melissa off to the Child Psychiatry Unit of the Nuremberg clinic. The judicial decision authorising this also removed Melissa from her parents custody, according to her father, Hubert Busekros.This treatment was justified by the psychiatrists finding, two days previously, that she was supposedly developmentally delayed by one year and that she suffered from school phobia. […]

Home schoolers get a really hard time in Germany. It is ILLEGAL to school your children at home, because, as the European Human Rights Court confirmed:

…that society has a significant interest in preventing the development of dissent through “separate philosophical convictions.” WND

The law against home schooling was introduced by the Nazis it is incredible that this law has not been removed from the statutes, and its even more amazing that the EU says its all ‘OK’.

Do I really have to spell out your right to educate your children in whatever way you want?

Hmmmm I wonder if these laws apply to Koran schools, or Catholic schools, or any other religious schools? Surely these institutions foster “separate philosophical convictions”.

And separate philosophical convictions to what exactly? Where are these convictions written down for you to follow?! Its all nonsense on sticks obviously.

Someone smells coffee

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

AP Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A revolt against a national driver’s license, begun in Maine last month, is quickly spreading to other states.

The Maine Legislature on Jan. 26 overwhelmingly passed a resolution objecting to the Real ID Act of 2005. The federal law sets a national standard for driver’s licenses and requires states to link their record-keeping systems to national databases.

Within a week of Maine’s action, lawmakers in Georgia, Wyoming, Montana, New Mexico, Vermont and Washington state also balked at Real ID. They are expected soon to pass laws or adopt resolutions declining to participate in the federal identification network.

“It’s the whole privacy thing,” said Matt Sundeen, a transportation analyst for the National Conference of State Legislatures. “A lot of legislators are concerned about privacy issues and the cost. It’s an estimated $11 billion implementation cost.”

The law’s supporters say it is needed to prevent terrorists and illegal immigrants from getting fake identification cards.

States will have to comply by May 2008. If they do not, driver’s licenses that fall short of Real ID’s standards cannot be used to board an airplane or enter a federal building or open some bank accounts.

About a dozen states have active legislation against Real ID, including Arizona, Georgia, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Utah and Wyoming.

Missouri state Rep. James Guest, a Republican, formed a coalition of lawmakers from 34 states to file bills that oppose or protest Real ID.

“This is almost a frontal assault on the freedoms of America when they require us to carry a national ID to monitor where we are,” Guest said in an interview Saturday. “That’s going too far.”

Guest proposed a resolution last week opposing Real ID and said he expects it quickly to pass the Legislature. “This does nothing to stop terrorism,” he said. “Don’t burden the American people with this requirement to carry this ID.” […]

Kansas City

There’s no place like home!

And of course, within hours of this AP piece, the idiot glove puppets go on the attack:

REAL ID Offers Real Protections to Personal and National Security

Bureaucratic Foot-Dragging Must Not be Allowed to Delay Implementation, Cautions FAIR

WASHINGTON, Feb. 7 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Fifteen months before the REAL ID Act is scheduled to be fully implemented, a handful of state DMVs, together with fringe groups on the far left and far right, are mounting an all-out offensive to repeal the measure. The REAL ID Act requires that driver’s licenses and other government issued identity documents meet certain security standards to ensure that they are not abused by terrorists and other criminals.

The REAL ID Act was passed by Congress in 2005 in response to the significant risk that terrorists could obtain driver’s licenses and other official identity documents. Several of the 9/11 terrorists were able to obtain valid driver’s licenses in spite of the fact that their visas had expired. The 9/11 Commission cited easy access to driver’s licenses and other identity documents as a critical component to the terrorists’ plot against the United States.

“The threat that we face in 2007 is every bit as real and ominous as it was when the REAL ID Act was passed,” said Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform. “The need to determine with a high degree of certainty to whom we are issuing government identity documents, and the ability to verify the authenticity of those documents, is vital to our national security. Homeland security must not be held captive by a handful of DMV administrators who can’t get their act together, or by a few alarmists at either end of the political spectrum.”

In addition to addressing homeland security concerns, full implementation of REAL ID is critical for other domestic priorities, including combating mass illegal immigration and identity theft. As the de facto identity document used in this country, illegal aliens covet driver’s licenses as a way of making themselves invisible to immigration authorities.

“By lopsided majorities, the American public believes that their vital identity documents must be made more secure. About the only people who would be harmed by the REAL ID Act are terrorists, identity thieves, people who are in the country illegally, and a small number of bureaucrats who run state motor vehicle departments,” Stein observed.

“If we cannot substantiate the identities of the people who are receiving or using government-issued IDs, then what is the point of having them?” Stein asked. “Nothing in the law requires Americans to surrender more private information to the government. REAL ID merely requires that people prove that they are who they say they are, and that they have a right to be here in the first place, which is precisely what the law intended,” Stein concluded.

SOURCE Federation for American Immigration Reform […]

Once again, this type of action cannot work. There are too many people who understand the truth about this. The mass has been inoculated.

This poison is in the sack and we laugh at it.

Suburban Relapse

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

LONDON, England (CNN) — A woman was injured Wednesday when a suspected parcel bomb exploded at government agency in western Britain, the third such incident in as many days, police said.

The bomb detonated at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency in Swansea, south Wales. (See Map)

“One female has been taken to hospital with injuries, which are not believed to be life-threatening,” a police statement said.

“A cordon has been put in place and nearby residents are being evacuated as a precautionary measure.” The DVLA said the injured woman dealt with the company’s mail.

On Tuesday, two people were injured when a similar device exploded at a business center in Wokingham, southwest of London, police.

The bomb targeted Vantis, a company involved in processing speeding fines.

On Monday, a padded envelope exploded at an office belonging to Capita Group, which administers the $16 daily fee meant to cut down on traffic in central London.

Police have yet to say whether the explosions were linked, but Britain’s Home Secretary, John Reid, has expressed concern.

“Naturally, these incidents are worrying. It is important that we allow police to get on with their investigation without undue speculation,” he said.

Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper quoted police saying the bombs could be the work of a “militant motorist.

An anti-speed camera campaigner identified as “Captain Gatso” said his Motorists Against Detection organization was not responsible for the bombs, the Daily Mail said.



First the Congestion Charging offices, then Vantis who make speed cameras and now the DVLA.

Up and down the country, from John O Groats to Lands End people are saying….

Well, what do you expect?

Using The Google:

UK: Captain Gatso Declares War on Speed Cameras
Motorists Against Destruction declare a zero-tolerance policy for speed cameras in the UK.

Captain Gatso The mysterious leader of Motorists Against Detection (MAD), an anti-speed camera group, has declared a “zero-tolerance” policy for photo enforcement in light of statistics that show the devices have caused an increase in accidents. Captain Gatso, a Tony Blair mask-wearing family man in his 40s asserted his group would begin stepping up attacks.

“This will be civil disobedience on a grand scale,” he told the Sunday Express newspaper. “We are planning to target any and all cameras until the government sees sense and re-thinks its road safety policy. Before we had speed cameras we had the safest roads in Europe. Since their introduction this is no longer true.”

The group, which claims two hundred members, has been responsible for the destruction of between 600 and 1000 speed cameras since 2000. Newly developed technologies allow for camera destruction within a matter of seconds.

“Most of the organizing group are just ordinary blokes with families who are sick of us heading towards a police state,” Captain Gatso said. “There will be a zero tolerance policy towards all cameras. We need to focus attention on what the cameras are about.”

In Liverpool, an eighteen year old was arrested around midnight on June 14 for using a hammer to smash a speed camera on New Chester Road in Birkenhead.

Source: Gatso gang return (Sunday Express (UK), 6/18/2006)

This is just the beginning. If they DARE to try and introduce ID cards, there will be civil disobedience on a huge scale. Enough is enough!

Militant motorists are well on target for achieving their initial aim of wiping out 1,000 speed cameras. Their current score is 700+ and rising daily. Cameras costing 24,000 to replace have been battered down, blown up and shot to bits from southern England to the highlands of Scotland and from Norfolk to west Wales.

Chief constables all over Britain have raised public anger levels to unprecedented heights through their policy of raising cash with speed cameras while ignoring the types of crime which have the biggest impact on people’s lives, such as burglary.

Perhaps burgled citizens need to take the same sort of affirmative action adopted by the motorists. Insisting on a personal apology from the chief constable for every unsolved home invasion would be a good start, and having their noses rubbed in their own mess might help some senior coppers to focus their minds on their failure to do the job that the customers want done.

At last.

Like I said in another post, the Congestion Charge system has to be next. It would be best (as always) to be clever about it and take them out with microwave weapons. Failing that, imagine paying the feral youths of London to climb up the poles and tape plastic bags over the cameras. There are so many ways to disrupt that system…but the most important one is a simple refusal to pay. Millions of people refusing to cooperate will destroy it utterly. The knocking out of the cameras with plastic bags could be the catalyst to wake up the motorists out of their compliant slumber.

And finally, this is why mass-like action is preferable, not only because no one gets hurt, but because there are new tools that are being used to disrupt any civil disobedience:

[…] “They just seemed to come from nowhere and they didn’t know anyone. They had rigs [lorries] but they were very clean and they didn’t look as if they’d been used.”

The new recruits spent a lot of time arguing against taking any action and spreading doubts about the need for it. “They were saying things like: ‘Think of the hospitals, what happens if it goes like 2000?'” says Gatso.

GATSO suspects someone has been in his house. “My computer disks in my study at home have been gone through. They are in a different order from the way I left them,” he says. “My paperwork is in the same drawers but not in the same order. One of the locks feels like it has been interfered with.”

Members of the group have complained that they are being followed by the same cars for long periods. Gatso says he was stopped by two men in an Audi on the A1 near Hatfield. They told him they knew what he was up to.

If these claims are true, the work is likely to have been done by local Special Branches and a secretive, Scotland Yard-based police taskforce called the National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU). Few have heard of it, but its role in controlling dissent is central.

Established by the Blair Government in 1998 to monitor “politically motivated disorder”, in the words of the Inspectorate of Constabulary, the NPOIU, says the Home Office, “provides critical support to forces across the UK in maintaining a strategic overview of public order issues”.

MI5’s website describes the unit as dealing with “Right and Leftwing extremists, animal rights extremists and other militant single-issue protesters”. In its seven-year history, according to the Metropolitan Police Authority accounts, its budget has steadily grown. […]

Find Articles

My emphasis.

Well. You know for sure that NO2ID Phil and all his crew are on that list.

Something tells me that this shadowy group is not powerful enough to poison the internets. The mass cannot be poisoned, it eats poison, and then collects it in a gland, where it is pointed at and laughed at. You have seen the posts everywhere, the ones by anonymous glove puppets that say “Nothing to hide, nothing to fear” in any forum discussing ID cards (there are LOTS of those on BBQ btw).

They have learned nothing from the Soviet era. It doesn’t matter how many secrete disruption groups you set up, the fact of the matter is, once the momentum is there, it is unstoppable, and today, with the internets, the build up of momentum is very fast.

This is why it is dead

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

From, “What right does the fact that you are a popular and successful pop-star give you to comment on political and local matters?” Tony Wilson

To, “what is your favorite colour”. Edith Bowman


Reid my lips: no new ideas!

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

This is absolutely hilarious!

Makes you think that the hip, young advisors at the Home Office are suggesting these things to Dr Reid just to make him look like the idiotic, out of touch dinosaur we all know and abhor.

The BBQ ‘expert’ speaks…

He said the government’s move was a step in the right direction and the industry would co-operate – but opportunities would arise for organisations to market “premium” – allegedly untraceable – e-mail accounts.

If everyone had a single internet identity for life, like a National Insurance number, this would make it far easier to track people, he said.”Mwah hahahahahahaha!!! PMSL.


Tuesday, February 6th, 2007


Damned if you bomb and damned if you don’t bomb!

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007


BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — A man sentenced to death in Kuwait for the 1983 bombings of the U.S. and French embassies now sits in Iraq’s parliament as a member of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s ruling coalition, according to U.S. military intelligence.

Jamal Jafaar Mohammed’s seat in parliament gives him immunity from prosecution. Washington says he supports Shiite insurgents and acts as an Iranian agent in Iraq.

U.S. military intelligence in Iraq has approached al-Maliki’s government with the allegations against Jamal Jafaar Mohammed, whom it says assists Iranian special forces in Iraq as “a conduit for weapons and political influence.”

Repeated efforts by CNN to reach Jamal Jafaar Mohammed for comment through the parliament, through the ruling Shiite Muslim coalition and the Badr Organization — the Iranian-backed paramilitary organization he once led — have been unsuccessful. (Watch how a convicted terrorist became an Iraqi lawmaker Video)

A Kuwaiti court sentenced Jamal Jafaar Mohammed to death in 1984 in the car bombings of the U.S. and French embassies the previous December. Five people died in the attacks and 86 were wounded.

He had fled the country before the trial.

Western intelligence agencies also accuse Jamal Jafaar Mohammed of involvement in the hijacking of a Kuwaiti airliner in 1984 and the attempted assassination of a Kuwaiti prince.

Jamal Jafaar Mohammed won a seat in Iraq’s Council of Representatives in the U.S.-backed elections of December 2005. He represents Babil province, south of Baghdad, in parliament.

A U.S. Embassy spokesman said officials are actively pursuing Jamal Jafaar Mohammed’s case with Iraqi officials. Al-Maliki has urged American intelligence officials to share their information with Iraqi lawmakers, who could strip Jamal Jafaar Mohammed of his parliamentary immunity.

“We don’t want parliament to be a shelter for outlaws and wanted people,” al-Maliki told CNN. “This is the government’s view, but the parliament is responsible. I don’t think parliament will accept having people like [him] or others currently in the parliament.”

Al-Maliki’s political party, Dawa, claimed responsibility for the Kuwait bombings at the time but now disavows them. The Iranian-backed Shiite Muslim party was forced into exile under former dictator Saddam Hussein, who was executed in December.

The prime minister says the situation is embarrassing — not only to his government but to a U.S. administration that holds up Iraq’s government as a democratic model for the region. […]


So. A ‘Terrorist’ turned law-maker…just like George Washington.

This man has turned from ‘Terrorism’ to democracy. What more can you want? If all the ‘terrorists’ turned from blowing up stuff to sitting in parliament, would that be a bad thing?

Some people just will not be satisfied!

Blue Ink

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

The Conservative party has officially come out against ID Cards, and to cancel the scheme on coming into office. And not before time. This could and should have been done prior to the last election, or at least at any time before now instead of pussy footing around allowing Neu Labour to waste extortionate amounts of money on ‘consultation exercises’ and priming the media with ID card propaganda.

Of course the fate of the National Identity Database is unclear – will the Conservative party pledge to unravel that as well? The NHS data spine? Will they ensure CCTV cameras are licensed and their numbers reduced? Will they scrap ANPR monitoring? Reinstate Data Protection principles in government departments?

We are waiting.

UFO sighting over Islington

Saturday, February 3rd, 2007

02 February 2007

The mysterious lights in the sky over Archway

DOZENS of mysterious lights were spotted hovering in the sky above Archway – spreading panic among residents below.

Unidentified flying orange objects stopped traffic and left residents staring skyward in disbelief at around 5.30pm on Thursday.

Islington police received four calls within a matter of minutes.

Witness Alix McAlister, 34, a market stall trader from Bredgar Road, Archway, said: “I just picked up my son from nursery in Bredgar Road. I had just come out of the door when I noticed what was going on in the sky.

“There were a group of them – 10 to 15 of them moving together. My first impression was that they reminded me of a squadron of aeroplanes in formation. But they didn’t have a proper formation and they were all moving at the same speed.

“I thought for a while that something was happening in the centre of London. Bombs and planes crossed my mind. But I realised very quickly that they didn’t look like any aircraft I’d seen before.

“They were coming from the north and moving south. And then they kind of stopped and they were hovering. There was no sound. They seemed to fade away and I saw more coming and then they stopped. It lasted about 10 minutes.”

Islington police informed Contact International UFO Research about the sightings. Soon after another witness contacted the Oxford-based organisation, which is devoted to solving the mystery of UFOs, and described what he saw.

A spokesman for Contact International said: “He told me he was picking his daughter up from school and he saw many people looking up in the air. Traffic had stopped and people were staring.

“He said he saw between 12 and 15 orange lights travelling across the sky. Then they would stop and then they went upwards.


Islington Gazette


don’t go out without your binocs and cameras for the next few months chaps and chapettes!

Cut your losses and cut and run?

Friday, February 2nd, 2007

Why not try and change the nation youre living in?

* There are many reasons for this every member has a slightly different motive. Many of us think our current governments are completely inadequate to support true liberty and nothing short of a revolution would change them.


Free Nation Foundation

For years I have thought that the best way of creating a new nation, short of going to another planet entirely, is to make a virtual nation inside another nation. This became crystal clear to me when I took the citizenship of Elgaland Vargaland.

Any physical nation in a nation, like Christiania is doomed to failure because it will simply be surrounded by the existing nation, and pressured until it ceases to exist.

A virtual nation inside a nation on the other hand, behaves more like a ‘Baudrillard Mass‘, with all its features and advantages:

The whole chaotic constellation of the social revolves around that spongy reference, that opaque but equally translucent reality, that nothingness: the masses. A statistical crystal ball, the masses are swirling with currents and flows, in the image of matter and the natural elements. So, at least, they are represented to us. […]

[…] this phenomenon made revolutionary explosion impossible, says Baudrillard.

The mass absorbs all the social energy, but no longer refracts it. It absorbs every sign and every meaning, but no longer reflects them it never participates. It is a good conductor of information, but of any information. It is without truth and without reason. It is without conscience and without unconscious. Everybody questions it, but never as silence, always to make it speak. This silence is unbearable. It is the simulation chamber of the social.

As a mere shadow cast by power, the silent majority and its hyper-real conformity have no meaning and nothing to say to us. To that, terrorism responds by an equally hyper-real act equally caught up from the onset in concentric waves of media and of fascination.

It aims at the mass silence, the masses in their silence. It aims at the white magic of simulation, deterrence, of anonymous and random control […]

This is not a revolutionary explosion, which is now impossible, but a revolutionary implosion, where the mass disappears whilst in plain sight. Escape without motion. Traveling without moving. A new nation as black hole, impenetrable, irresistible, sucking all the energies and resources into it, from where they are unaccountable, unreachable and utterly liberated.

Here is how you do it.

You issue passports to a seed population of decent people for the new nation. This seed population is responsible for conveying the information (the mass is a good conductor of information) about what the new nation is. They then have the power to grant citizenship to anyone who they also feel is a decent person. You are issued with a paper passport.

By taking on the citizenship of this new nation, you bind yourself to its rules and regulations, and cease to have any obligations to any other nation, including especially the one where you live. You do not have to move house, or change anything about your activities, save that you no longer obey the laws of the state where you live, and choose to obey the laws of your new ‘motherland’.

The effect of such a maneuver is clear; in a country where such a thing took place on a large scale, the power of the state would crumble from inside, like a peach turning moldy in a time lapse film. The state would be eaten away as the new nation supplanted the old one. There would be no chaotic explosion, because this would be an actual implosion, a rapid inward erosion of power caused by the abandoning of the old state, by the mass, who were the source of power for the old state.

When criticality is reached you will have created your new country without anything more than the sound of a printing press making passports.

Moving to an island puts physical limits on the size of the nation that you create. By doing it in this way, you create a state of in situ expatriates, that can exist anywhere on the globe. There is no reason why this state could not spread to all western countries, freeing them all through this process of implosion.

That is a more interesting proposition than moving to a remote location, and paying to do so.

This brings us to the issue of buying an island to escape to. The Free Nation Foundation comes from a community that understands the power of people getting together in large numbers to facilitate a task with a single protocol as the base tool, in this case, Bittorrent used for swapping large files. The idea above is P2P like, swarm like, efficient (no one has to travel or relocate)…it is 21st century.

In the above scenario, the passport and citizenship are the protocol, and the spread of them creates the large file (or rank and file) of new, free citizenry that supplants the existing structure.

BBQ is failing it!

Thursday, February 1st, 2007

The BBC Trust is carrying out its first Public Value Test (PVT) a new procedure that must be applied when the Trust considers applications from BBC management for the approval of new BBC services. Here are the answers that yours truly gave:

Question 1
Do you agree with the BBC Trust’s proposal to approve the new BBC on-demand services, subject to the modifications outlined in the Trust’s report of its provisional conclusions?

Yes, as long as it caters for everyone equally.

Question 2
In a market in which most broadcasters are expected to be offering on-demand services, would you agree that it is a priority for the BBC to be investing in this area?

Absolutely, and the BBC should be at the forefront of the move to digital services. Since these services are driven by software, and the cost of distributing this software is near zero, the BBC should, as it has done in the past, collected the best engineers (in this case, software engineers) in the UK to work on projects that benefit the world, just as it did in the days of the Wold Service on Shortwave.

Question 3
The BBC Trust has proposed setting a limit of 30 days as the amount of time that programmes can be stored on a computer before being viewed. As this is a nascent market, there is currently no clear standard on the length of the storage window. On balance, the Trust thinks 30 days is the right length of time. How long do you think consumers should be able to store BBC programmes on their computers before viewing them?

They should be able to store them indefinitely. They pay for them since they are license payers, and in any case, they have the right in law to record shows on video tape for personal use, which can be kept forever. There is no reason why an artificial limit should be placed on how long a show can be kept. It must be said also that if the BBC refuses to provide what everyone wants, everyone will simply take what they want, and Auntie will be left out of the loop. The people who proposed these limits are obviously computer illiterates. People are swapping and storing everything they want already, which is protected by the law, so this 30 day limit is simply foolish, ill considered and actually wrong. Just because you can design a system in this way doesnt mean that you should.

Question 4
The BBC Trust concluded that public value would be created by allowing series stacking. This would allow viewers to catch-up with all episodes of a series for the duration of its run. The Trust recognised that although it would provide increased opportunities to view BBC programmes, it could also deter people from buying DVDs or using commercial video-on-demand services. Do you consider series stacking to be a useful feature? What kind of series would you expect to be included? Should there be any limitation on the number of episodes of a series made available for catch-up or the length of time for which they can be viewed?

No there should not. I can now get whatever I want from The Internets. If Auntie allows me to get it from her, in pristine quality, then I will do that. If not, I will go to Mininova. All the programmes of the BBC should be made available in this way. There is no technical reason why this should not be the case. If I can get whatever I want from the BBC, you can get accurate statistics on what is and is not popular. Should you fail to provide what I want, you will be in the dark as to what is really going on. These stats are every valuable.

Question 5
How important is it that the proposed seven-day catch-up service over the internet is available to consumers who are not using Microsoft software?

There is absolutely no reason why BBC content should not be available to every computer user. If you were to consult with the software developers who work at the BBC, you would have been told this. YouTube, Google Video and every other video service, like the cross platform ‘Democracy’ player are examples of how this is done. That you are even asking this question shows that you are computer illiterate, and have not asked the right people about this subject. The BBC should be running its own software development departments, and the results should all be open source. The BBC player would become the defacto standard for the next generation of television delivery. BBC engineering used to be world class and a symbol of innovation and greatness. It should be so again in the digital age. What has to happen to achieve this is that the software engineers need to be put in charge of this, and the computer illiterate removed from the decision making process.

Question 6
Should the BBC be allowed to offer book readings from its radio services as audio downloads over the internet?

Yes, and they should pay a per download royalty to authors.

Question 7
The BBC Trust concluded there was fine balance between public value and market impact in deciding whether to allow the BBC to offer audio downloads of classical music. While such downloads could help introduce new listeners to classical music, they could also deter purchases of commercial recordings. What is your view on whether – and to what extent – the BBC should be allowed to offer radio broadcasts of classical music as audio downloads over the internet?

People can already get whatever classical music they like from the internts. There is no reaso why the BBC should not allow people to download recordings that already belong to them (the license payers) since downloading is no different to streaming. There are already tools for every operating system (the software that manages your computers hardware) that allow you to save streamed content for playback later; offering downloads of programmes simply saves the license payer having to edit the streams manually. You all need to understand the true nature of digital content, and stop trying to manufacture dry water. Water is wet by nature, and digital media is by its nature copyable. Your job is to help the license payer, not hinder her. It is up to commercial operators to adapt to the new reality, rather than holding back the new age; rather like buggy whip manufacturers preventing the combustion engine. The profits of special interest groups should not come before the benefit of the public.

Question 8
How important is it to you that the BBC provides some means for parents to control which of its programmes are accessible on-demand to children? Is such a facility necessary or is it more a matter for parents to exercise controls over how children use the internet?

This is important, and trivial to impliment. Speak to your software developers about how this can be done. They already have the knowledge you seek.

Question 9
What are your views on whether the BBC should offer content from non-BBC providers on the on-demand service on its website?

If the BBC can make money from delivering the content of other companies, then that is a good thing. Those companies should pay for the service of being hosted and distributed by the BBCs new digital distribution service. The money earned could be used to ease the burden of the license payer.

Question 10
What are your views on whether and how the BBC should make available on-demand content on services run by other providers – such as multi-channel services or internet-based audio and video downloading services?

Same answer as 9.

Question 11
Do the revisions proposed to BBC Service Licenses to allow the new services to go ahead seem appropriate?

I have not read them.

Question 12
Are there any other issues you would like the BBC Trust to consider in relation to the proposed services?

You should consider seriously and impliment the points I have made about Open Source software, the pre-eminence of BBC engineering and the ubiquity of service issues. There is absolutely no excuse for getting this wrong. You have the expertise in house, and on tap in the public. Whatever decision you make, we will take what we want from the BBC, and use it in ways that we see fit, whatever decision you make. Your choice now is wether you want to be at the centre of the action or on the periphery.

Now it’s your turn.