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The last of England

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

Sir Patrick Moore has identified an alien species that threatens to destroy intelligent life the women who have taken over the BBC.

The veteran astronomer celebrated the 50th anniversary of The Sky at Night with a withering attack on the female executives he believes have dumbed down the corporation.

Sir Patricks outburst echoes criticisms raised by Alasdair Milne, a former Director-General, who provoked a furious response when he accused a female-dominated BBC of producing terrible programmes.

Sir Patrick, 84, was asked by the Radio Times if television had got better or worse during a career spanning the mediums life. The answer was worse much worse. He said: The trouble is that the BBC now is run by women and it shows: soap operas, cooking, quizzes, kitchen-sink plays. You wouldnt have had that in the golden days.

They have even destroyed sci-fi, Sir Patricks personal passion. He said: I used to watch Doctor Who and Star Trek, but they went PC making women commanders, that kind of thing. I stopped watching.

And dont sit Sir Patrick in front of a Sophie Raworth bulletin. He said: These jokey women are not for me. Oh, for the good old days.

He recalled: There was one day (in 2005) when BBC News went on strike. Then we had the headlines read by a man, talking the Queens English, reading the news impeccably.

Fortunately, Sir Patrick has a solution. Institute a gender divide and create BBC Bloke.

He said: I would like to see two independent wavelengths one controlled by women, and one for us, controlled by men. I think it may eventually happen.

Soaps could then safely be produced and watched by women. Sir Patrick said: I was in hospital once and I watched a whole episode of EastEnders. I suppose its true to life. But so is diarrhoea and I dont want to see that on television.

Sir Patrick has an ally in Mr Milne, who ran the BBC between 1982 and 1987. He said the domination of television by women was the reason it had so many dumb lifestyle and makeover programmes.

In other countries, they have separate busses for men and women….there might be something to this ‘Sharia’ after all!!!

Climate Change Hoax: rerun of a fraud

Sunday, May 6th, 2007

Mr. Nimmho as an article about the Climate Change Hoax that has everyone without ‘O’ Level physics whipped into a frenzy.

Emissions need to be cut to zero, if only to save us and every other mammal from having to inhale them, and to stop everyone being enslaved to the gas pumps and their owners. That alone is a reason to do something right now, but what is emerging from this Climate Change environmentalism hysteria is a framework within which everything is rationed and I mean EVERYTHING. People will accept it as necessary because they will have swallowed the lie about Climate Change, and will be hysterical with fear, just as they were made to be afraid of OBL. The OBL hoax is now over, and now they have an even better bogey man; one that cannot be so easily put out of mind.

Think about it. If everyone is convinced that every act of consumption has to be rationed, we will all have to be issued with ration books, or their modern equivalent, ID cards linked to centralized databases, where everything you consume is recorded so that you do not exceed your ‘carbon footprint’, ‘plastic footprint’ etc etc.

They are going to substitute the cause of ‘security’ for the environment as the reason why you should give up all of your rights. Street cameras will be there to monitor criminal flytippers of garbage and not terrorists.

David Milibland has brazenly let the cat out of the bag on this one, laying out the plans well in advance, presumably so that they can claim that they have been ‘open’ about this all along.

This brings me to the reason why I am posting this. If you are old enough, you will remember ‘The Energy Crisis’ of the 1970s when hysteria was whipped up about oil. It seems that we are in the middle of a dusting off and replaying of this ‘Energy Crisis’ scenario, revamped for a new generation; one that is not old enough to remember the first, and one which is significantly intellectually and morally inferior to the one that fought off the first attempt.

Read about it yourself.

A good piece is here. Infowars has an old article about this that perhaps even they have forgotten about.

The fact of the matter is this.

Wether or not Climate Change is happening, the answer is not to control people, but to control the very small number of huge businesses that cause all the pollution. For example, the outlawing of the combustion engine as it is now, will begin the process of getting the fumes out of our air, but of course, that means radically altering one of the worlds biggest and most powerful businesses and lobbying groups, and they won’t stand for it.

You never (until very recently) hear calls for the banning of energy sapping technologies, and it is only now, way late in the game that the incandescent light bulb has been put on the chopping block; that extremely beautiful but wasteful thing that every schoolboy knows is a farcically wasteful technology.

Billions are being spent on war, when that money should be spent on refurbishing and replacing the electricity distribution system so that it is more efficient. I could go on, but really its just too obvious. This is really about a pretext for exerting control on the individual down to the level of garbage. Of course, no one says that the companies that package food like this should be forbidden from doing so, thus in a single motion reducing the amount of garbage out there. And how about the utterly loathsome plastic ‘carrier bags’ that plague Britain? Those symbols of poverty should be outlawed immediately. Americans have used paper shopping bags for generations recyclable, don’t suffocate anyone…I mean, really its so obvious.

Like many people, I am not buying into any of this bullshit. I already hate cars and the oil business and all the people associated with it. I hate the fumes, the noise and the brutish culture that surrounds cars, especially in the UK.

I don’t trust any of the people who are delivering this message. They are far too keen to control the population and not the polluters. Their motives are suspect. These are the same narrow minded, imagination-less dorks who claimed that meteors do not come from space, and that man would never land on the moon. And those are the ‘scientists’. I wont even go there on the thick as shit pop-stars and celebrities that are riding along on this roller-coaster of lies. I wonder how many of these morons would go for forced sterilization to protect the environment from overpopulation?

Mr Nimmo ends his post thusly:

No doubt most of us here in America will take climate change seriously after we are crowded into Malthusian sustainable ghettoes resembling something out the dystopian science fiction film Soylent Green.

Have you seen ‘Soylent Green’? You really should look at it. If you have ever been to an overpopulated city in a ‘Third World’ country, you will recognize some of the scenes. It’s not pretty.

What was so great about America was that it produced work like Soylent Green, but also inspired everyone with dreams of escaping earth entirely. It was seen as absolutely inevitable that we would colonize space; we all expected it, and were ready to line up for it.

All these dreams, all the imagination is missing from the words of the people screaming about Climate Change. And that, to me is the saddest thing of all.

The demented philosophy of conquest and the movies

Saturday, May 5th, 2007

Statement on the Iraq War Resolution Before the U.S. House of Representatives February 14, 2007 by Ron Paul:

This grand debate is welcomed but it could be that this is nothing more than a distraction from the dangerous military confrontation approaching with Iran and supported by many in leadership on both sides of the aisle.

This resolution, unfortunately, does not address the disaster in Iraq. Instead, it seeks to appear opposed to the war while at the same time offering no change of the status quo in Iraq. As such, it is not actually a vote against a troop surge. A real vote against a troop surge is a vote against the coming supplemental appropriation that finances it. I hope all of my colleagues who vote against the surge today will vote against the budgetary surge when it really counts: when we vote on the supplemental.

The biggest red herring in this debate is the constant innuendo that those who dont support expanding the war are somehow opposing the troops. Its nothing more than a canard to claim that those of us who struggled to prevent the bloodshed and now want it stopped are somehow less patriotic and less concerned about the welfare of our military personnel.

Osama bin Laden has expressed sadistic pleasure with our invasion of Iraq and was surprised that we served his interests above and beyond his dreams on how we responded after the 9/11 attacks. His pleasure comes from our policy of folly getting ourselves bogged down in the middle of a religious civil war, 7,000 miles from home that is financially bleeding us to death. Total costs now are reasonably estimated to exceed $2 trillion. His recruitment of Islamic extremists has been greatly enhanced by our occupation of Iraq.

Unfortunately, we continue to concentrate on the obvious mismanagement of a war promoted by false information and ignore debating the real issue which is: Why are we determined to follow a foreign policy of empire building and pre-emption which is unbecoming of a constitutional republic?

Those on the right should recall that the traditional conservative position of non-intervention was their position for most of the 20th Century-and they benefited politically from the wars carelessly entered into by the political left. Seven years ago the Right benefited politically by condemning the illegal intervention in Kosovo and Somalia. At the time conservatives were outraged over the failed policy of nation building.

Its important to recall that the left, in 2003, offered little opposition to the pre-emptive war in Iraq, and many are now not willing to stop it by de-funding it or work to prevent an attack on Iran.

The catch-all phrase, War on Terrorism, in all honesty, has no more meaning than if one wants to wage a war against criminal gangsterism. Its deliberately vague and non definable to justify and permit perpetual war anywhere, and under any circumstances. Dont forget: the Iraqis and Saddam Hussein had absolutely nothing to do with any terrorist attack against us including that on 9/11.

Special interests and the demented philosophy of conquest have driven most wars throughout history. Rarely has the cause of liberty, as it was in our own revolution, been the driving force. In recent decades our policies have been driven by neo-conservative empire radicalism, profiteering in the military industrial complex, misplaced do-good internationalism, mercantilistic notions regarding the need to control natural resources, and blind loyalty to various governments in the Middle East.

For all the misinformation given the American people to justify our invasion, such as our need for national security, enforcing UN resolutions, removing a dictator, establishing a democracy, protecting our oil, the argument has been reduced to this: If we leave now Iraq will be left in a mess-implying the implausible that if we stay it wont be a mess.

Since it could go badly when we leave, that blame must be placed on those who took us there, not on those of us who now insist that Americans no longer need be killed or maimed and that Americans no longer need to kill any more Iraqis. Weve had enough of both!

Resorting to a medical analogy, a wrong diagnosis was made at the beginning of the war and the wrong treatment was prescribed. Refusing to reassess our mistakes and insist on just more and more of a failed remedy is destined to kill the patient-in this case the casualties will be our liberties and prosperity here at home and peace abroad.

Theres no logical reason to reject the restraints placed in the Constitution regarding our engaging in foreign conflicts unrelated to our national security. The advice of the founders and our early presidents was sound then and its sound today.

We shouldnt wait until our financial system is completely ruined and we are forced to change our ways. We should do it as quickly as possible and stop the carnage and financial bleeding that will bring us to our knees and force us to stop that which we should have never started.

We all know, in time, the war will be de-funded one way or another and the troops will come home. So why not now? […]

You can watch a part of it on LiveLeak, which is where I found it, whilst trawling around in there.

Yesterday I watched the 20th episode of ‘Heroes’, which is nothing less than a blatant accusation that the mythical ‘911’ was staged in order to transform America into a Fascist police state at the behest of an impostor president who is in fact, not a human being.

As you read earlier, the Movie ‘Sniper’ is a work of sedition.

This and the many other events happening are signs that we might actually see an end to the dark times. There are only a very few people left who do not now accept what is happening. They are people with something to lose, like the journalists who lied to everyone, or the bespectacled villains that infest the newspapers and TV.

If things are going to be put back into place, it needs to be done quickly. They are now saying that the EU and the USA are to be joined in ‘a single market’ where the regulations will be ‘harmonized’.

What this means, inevitably, is that the countries in the EU will be the losers, and it is Britain that will be forced to adopt american standards of law and practice, not the other way around.

This will be a total relinquishing of everything British, to be washed away by a tidal wave of Coca-Cola.

Now you can see why all the countries are pushing for new ID cards to be implemented at around the same deadline. They are going to put everyone into a giant meat-grinder, and in order for this evil machine to work to their monstrous specification, they need everyone to have a single form of ‘harmonized’ ID to interface with their vile system.

But I digress.

It seems like there is an awakening going on, starting from the top and outside, working in. People with big platforms are now weighing in with unambiguous fully charged salvos against the insanity that has caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

When Fox news finally gives up the ghost then you will know that the info war has been won.

If you’re happy and you know it, and you really want to show it, clasp your spork

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

From the Telegraph:

All schoolchildren should have “happiness” lessons up to the age of 18 to combat growing levels of depression, according to a senior Government adviser.

Pupils should study subjects such as how to manage feelings, attitudes to work and money, channelling negative emotions and even how to take a critical view of the media, said Lord Richard Layard, a Labour peer and professor of economics at the London School of Economics.

In a speech last night, he said that Tony Blair’s Respect programme – the crackdown on young offenders and problem families – was “far more repressive than preventative” and may be fuelling levels of depression.

[How very true – mm]

He said all state school pupils should receive tuition in “how to be happy” up to the age of 18 and their progress in the subject should feature in university applications.


The proposal comes only days after the Government said that lessons in manners – including respect for the elderly and how to say “please” and “thank you” – should be taught in secondary schools to combat bad behaviour.

[In SECONDARY schools!!! This is so basic a four year old should already know thsi to be right – mm]

Lord Layard, the director of the wellbeing programme at the LSE’s Centre for Economic Performance, said: “Learning hard things takes an enormous amount of practise. To play the violin well takes 10,000 hours of practise. How can we expect people to learn to be happy without massive amounts of practise and repetition?

[Lest we forget happiness is quite unrelated to spontaneity and wonder – mm]

“I believe it can only be done by the schools. Parents of course are crucial. But if we want to change the culture, the main organised institutions we have under social control are the schools.”

[my emphasis and you know the implications – mm]


Classes should cover managing your feelings; loving and serving others; appreciating beauty; sex, love and parenting; work and money; a critical approach to media; political participation; and philosophy, he said.

[Classes should cover not complaining, obeying orders, surface pleasures, base pleasures, generating tax revenues, distrusting criticism, co-option into the Statist framework and speculation – mm]


However, happiness lessons have been criticised by academics. Frank Furedi, a sociology professor at Kent University and author of Therapy Culture, said: “In pushing emotional literacy, what some teachers are really doing is abandoning teaching. They are giving up and talking about emotions instead, so that children value all this non-discipline-led activity more than maths, English or science. What is amazing about this is that time and time again, research says that it does not work.”

[i.e. the politician has no idea what he is talking about and should keep his ‘happiness classes’ to his own family – mm]

And while we’re on happiness:

“Are you a happy man?
Certainly! Do I look happy, huh?
Because I live the type of life I do.
What type of life is that?
The type that you don’t.”

yvind Fahlstrm: Mao-Hope March

And some Fahlstrm mp3s at ubu

The Racists De-cloak

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

US ‘wants British Pakistanis to have entry visas’

Matt Weaver
Wednesday May 2, 2007
Guardian Unlimited

The American government wants to impose travel restrictions on British citizens of Pakistani origin because of concerns about terrorism, according to a report today.

In talks with the British government, the US homeland security secretary, Michael Chertoff, called for British Pakistanis to apply for a visa before travelling to the US, according to the New York Times.

The newspaper claimed that US officials were concerned about the number of terrorist plots in Britain involving citizens with ties to Pakistan.

But today the Foreign Office made it clear would resist the idea. It said it would oppose any attempt to exclude particular ethnic groups from the US visa waiver scheme that allows citizens from 27 countries, including the UK, to travel to the US without a visa for up to 90 days.

Like they ever care about what you think, you bloody idiots!

A spokesman said: “We are in close touch with the US about entry clearance, and they are aware of our view that changes to the visa waiver programme could cause economic damage to both our countries without materially enhancing the security controls over immigration.”

They are going to do it, wether you like it or not. You are poodles. You will now forever be poodles. It is too late to turn yourself from jellyfish into men.

He added: “The Muslim community in the UK, including those of Pakistani origin, are an important part of our society and we would oppose strongly any proposal to single them out in response to the actions of terrorists. Furthermore, we will oppose any measure based on broad categories of religious, ethnic or other criteria, and will continue to emphasise the importance of the current risk-based approach.”

You will ‘oppose’ it? And WHAT EXACTLY WILL THAT DO?

These are the same people whose cousins and brothers you have MURDERED in the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS. Where were your beeding heart words when everyone told you not to even THHINK about going into Iraq?

And as for measures based on broad categories of ‘religious, ethnic or other criteria’ you have been violating the very people you claim to be wanting to protect yourselves, in your poodleish participation in the bogus ‘war on terror’.

COME ON GUYS, if you are going to lie, you have to do it better than that.

Mohammad Sarwar, the Labour MP for Glasgow Central, described the proposal as “unbelievable and shocking. Every British citizen must have the same rights. I don’t think America has any right to interfere in this way.”

Labour MP finds it ‘shocking’. You cant make shit like this up.

Mr Sarwar, who was born in Pakistan and became Britain’s first Muslim MP in 1997, urged ministers to reject the idea.

Ahmed Versi, the editor of Muslim News, agreed. He said: “They [the Americans] are trying to paint the whole Muslim community with the same brush. It’s racist. There would be a huge outcry from all Muslims whether they are Pakistani or not.”

see below about this.

He pointed out that many British Muslims were already put off from the travelling to the US for fear of the unwelcome reception they would receive.

They should not be traveling there anyway, out of principle, but then again, all of the middle east is in a mess precisely because they are unwilling or incapable of unifying under a single banner, even on the smallest matter that does not take any effort.

The report of America’s concerns follows the conviction earlier this week of five British men for planning a series of attacks across the UK. Four of them were of Pakistani origin. But according to the New York Times, talks on travel restrictions for British Pakistanis have been taking place for some “months”.

Last month, Mr Chertoff held talks with the home secretary, John Reid. It is believed they discussed the visa waiver scheme that allows citizens from 27 countries, including the UK, to travel to the US without a visa for up to 90 days.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph on the eve of the talks, Mr Chertoff said: “We need to build layers of protection, and I don’t think we totally want to rely upon the fact that a foreign government is going to know that one of their citizens is suspicious and is going to be coming here.”

At the time he did not mentioned restrictions on British Pakistani, but he expressed concern that the terrorist such as the July 7 bombers, three of whom were of Pakistani origin, could have used the visa waiver scheme to enter America.



Now, lets do what the Guardian cannot do, and actually think about this.

If you are going to require VISAs for people of Pakistani origin, that means that you must identify them all. You cannot rely on the persons name alone; for example ‘shoebomber’ Richard Reid, has the same surname as the current Home Secretary.

That means that you will need to put the NIR in place, and on it, mark everyones ‘racial profile’ or ‘racial origin’. This will mean that the UK will have a system like South Africa, where people’s race was marked down in their ID card.

This raises some interesting problems; for people who do not have ‘Pakistani names’ they will have to find a way to determine wether or not they are ‘Really British®’. Actually, this is quite a soluble problem for which there are precedents.

In South Africa, they used a pencil.

When the authorities put a pencil through your hair, if it fell out, you were ‘White’. If not, you were ‘Not White’.

I’m not making this up:

A type of test used by authorities during the apartheid era in South Africa to “ascertain” a person’s ‘race’ (see Coloured and Passing (racial identity).) In the absence of any centralized method, this and other subjective tests were used in various places across South Africa as part of the Population Registration Act of 1950. A pencil would be placed in a person’s hair, if it fell through they were classified as “White” (or “Coloured“, depending on other subjective classification considerations); if the pencil did not fall through, they were classified differently (“Coloured” or “Black”, also depending on other subjective classification considerations). Members of the same family who had different hair textures would find themselves in different race groups as a result of this test. This presented serious consequences for many families (see Population Registration Act, Pass Law, Group Areas Act, District Six). [2] [3][4] [5]


Check the Google too.

This is what the americans are asking the UK to do. Micheal Chertov is an Apartheid style racist, and the worst thing about this is that the americans started all this, poodle dog bliar dragged this once great country kicking and screaming into the mess and now those fascist american animals want Britain to lower itself to the level of the Apartheid state to salve their paranoia.

Doing this will create an active Apartheid society, with first class citizens (so called ‘whites’), second class citizens (‘pakistanis’) and third class citizens (illegal immigrants, refugees etc).

There will be all the confusion bitterness and hatred caused by that system, as people are sifted, marked and categorized by the state, and don’t you believe for a single second that the private sector will not use this ‘racial’ information in its daily operations.

It will be an unmitigated DISASTER for this country,

and the only way they can pull it off, is with the NIR

. Just use your brain for a minute; this means that British people ‘of Pakistani origin’ will have to have visibly different passports from everyone else so that they can apply for a VISA under these rules.

Do you understand what that means?

The NIR is now Britain’s Pandora’s box. If it is opened….

Out of this box will come every evil, every excess, every violation you can imagine (if you remember the Apartheid system, even as an observer from afar) and some modern violations that we will soon discover the taste of.

Now there are those who say, “All of this is worth it. If we can stop just one act of violence, its worth these people saying who they are and then applying for screening for the good of society. Their so called ‘freedom’ is not worth anything.”

And I say that people who say that are the bad guys.

Everyone’s freedom is ‘worth something’. I am not a Pakistani, but when a Pakistani born in Britain with a British passport is forced to apply for a VISA, it violates ME as much as it does HIM, because, unlike the people who throw away freedom like empty crisp packets, I understand that we are BOTH HUMAN BEINGS.

The ability to empathize with other human beings, the ability to imagine another person’s pain is absolutely crucial to peace. If you cannot imagine another person as ‘a real thing’, you do not care if their rights are violated; they are an object, a concept, not a real person. That is how Iraq can be destroyed beyond recognition, dozens killed every day and no one cares, but when 50 people are killed in London, it is suddenly the end of the world.

This story about Pakistanis being essentially given yellow stars to wear in Britain should have every decent person puking in their Wheatabix.

It is so contrary to decency, to Britishness that it staggers the imagination that John Reid allowed the words to be said to him without immediately terminating the meeting. But then we know that he is one of the Murder Inc. Criminal Genocide Gang, and this is NOTHING to pigs like him.

Now, having said all that, I am sure that a discrimination lawsuit will very quickly follow any introduction of Apartheid style legislation in Britain. Heavens above, did I actually type that?

There is no way that they will get away with this, and if they DO introduce that legislation, heaven help them.

And furthermore, the american government is putting the onus on the British to segregate and mark out all Pakistanis for VISA treatment, because they are too squeamish to take harsh Apartheid measures themselves on their own soil.

If the British do not comply, that means that the americans are going to either:

1/ require that ALL british people need a VISA to travel to the USA (and anyone who has had to make that application will know what a horrible experience THAT is)

2/ Selectively block ‘Pakistani types’ at the airport using the Apartheid racial identification ruleset. That means many million dollar lawsuits.

Dirty Racist Murdering Bastards.

Advice for parents starting home schooling

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

What is the best advice you ever received about hs or what is the best advice you would give someone starting out?

1. Help your kids learn to love learning.

Before PS or formal HSing, every kid was an inquisitive, question-asking, examiner of bugs, clouds, people, rocks, and all other things. Sometimes, especially if coming out of school, kids need a lot of time and a little bit of help to regain their love of learning. Give former PSers plenty of time to deschool- yes, a month per year of formal school is a pretty good estimate. Encourage all children to learn by allowing them to direct their own interests and learn from them. Reading can be learned just as well (and much more enjoyably) from a treasured comic book as from a dry textbook.

2. Kids learn in different ways and at their own pace.

So figure out their learning style and rejoice in their learning. Stop comparing them to a preconceived notion of having to learn XYZ by a certain grade or age. You are going to be with them a lot and you will know what they know and what they don’t know right away. No need to worry that they will graduate missing something essential.

3. Learning is a lifetime journey that does not end at age 18.

The real challenge is to help your children learn how to teach themselves. What they don’t know, they will take the initiative to teach themselves as the need arises. We naturally have to do this as adults, so let your children do this also.

4. If a child can learn it, so can you.

If a child can learn to read, you can teach them. If a teen can learn algebra, so can you. If you choose not to or are unable to learn together, then you can outsource a subject- hire a tutor, have them take a class, have a sibling teach them, even let them teach themselves.

5. The most important things children ever learn are NOT found in a textbook.

Yes, being a good reader, having basic math skills, and an understanding of the world around us are essential to “graduate” from homeschooling. BUT- just are important are things that are not found in the average textbook: honesty and integrity, a good work ethic, kindness and empathy, a curiosity about their community and world around them, a love of learning.

6. Socialization is knowing how to act appropriately in various situations and is best taught by adults who care about the child.

Socialization is not the same as having a social life. Remember this when you hear the dreaded “S” word from others. Your homeschooled kids will have as many friends and activities as they want and you allow (and likely more time than their PS peers to enjoy them).

They will be socialized by their parents and other caring people who will help them learn appropriate behavior in different situations- at home, in public, in informal and formal activities. They will have many opportunities to learn and practice social skills as they will be interacting with the real world on a regular basis.

7. There is no perfect curriculum.

Once you let go of that notion, you will save a lot of money and have peace of mind knowing that whatever you use, your child will learn from it because you can change and adapt any book, course, or activity to suit your child’s learning style and interests.

:-) Mrs. D.


‘Warehouse Banking’ A Dorian Grey service

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

SEATTLE – A man operated a “warehouse bank” out of his suburban home, taking at least $28 million from people around the country who wanted a discrete bank account, according to court documents.

An IRS investigator said Robert Arant had hundreds of customers, many of whom apparently used his bank, Olympic Business Systems LLC, to conceal assets for the purpose of evading taxes.

On his now-defunct Web site, Arant advertised his services to those “who would rather not deal directly with the banking system,” court records said.

Arant took customers’ money – promising to keep their identities private – and pooled it in six accounts at Bank of America, U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo Bank, IRS agent Susan Killingsworth said in court papers.

Arant would pay the customers’ bills from those commercial bank accounts, charging about $75 a year in fees for the service, plus fees for wire transfers and for initial account set-up, court record said. For $30, customers could buy debit cards to access their money more easily; otherwise, they could access it by check, money order or wire transfer, she said.

Reached by phone at his home Tuesday, Arant said he intended to represent himself in court, but declined to comment further.

“I’m not where I need to be as far as responding to the IRS at this point,” he said.

A civil complaint charges Arant with promoting abusive tax shelters and unlawfully interfering with internal revenue laws. And a federal judge has frozen the assets of Arant’s bank.

Agents seized computers and financial records last month from the home where Arant lives with the property’s owner, Martin F. Dugan.

Killingsworth was initially assigned to investigate Arant’s failure to file income tax returns since 2001.

She said she has been able to identify 13 people who used Arant’s service while underreporting or not reporting their income from 2002, when the bank opened, to 2005.

Arant could face civil penalties of $1,000 per false statement he made in promoting the scheme – typically calculated as one false statement for each of his customers.

Warehouse bank schemes were popular as illegal tax shelters in the 1980s, but several have been busted in more recent years – including one broken up in Boring, Ore., in 2000, involving $186 million in deposits from 900 people over 14 years. The six organizers of that scheme were sentenced to up to four years in prison. (1 image)



A long while back, I wrote about the privacy shielding services that are going to and that have now started to appear:

Privacy will be taken very seriously when Nectar is everywhere, and there is very little privacy; in other words, when it becomes scarce. When that happens, people will pay for privacy.

There will be legions of people and services providing privacy, in the same way that there are professional dog walkers in the major cities of the world. You will pay someone to do your shopping for you, in their name though the goods will be going to you. These Dorian Greys will take on all the sin of your shopping, and heap it onto themselves, leaving your record clean and lean. Your ID will show that you never buy anything, except (if you are careless) the services of one or two people, who might not even be real people, who will seem to have the buying power of 100 human economic units.

Don’t worry, this does not mean that you will loose your Nectar points. The Dorian Greys will keep perfect accounts of what was spent on your behalf, anonymously, and your points will be redeemed for you on whatever you desire. You will get it all, the anonymity AND the privacy.


So, what can we infer from this? If you pay someone else’s bills regularly, is this a crime? If you hold on to someone’s cash for them, is that also a crime?

You had better believe that there are many people who do not use these services, but who use other similar services that have no footprint at all.

The point is that people turn to these services because something is wrong with the services currently on offer everywhere.

But you know this!

Home invasion gone wrong for [illegal] criminals

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

Two illegal aliens, Ralphel Resindez 23 and Enrico Garza 26, probably believed they would easily overpower a home alone 11 year old Patricia Harrington after her father had left their two story home.

It seems the two crooks never learned two things, they were in Montana and Patricia had been a clay shooting champion since she was nine. Patricia was in her upstairs room when the two men broke through the front door of the house. She quickly ran to her father’s room and grabbed his 12 gauge Mossberg 500 shotgun.

Resindez was the first to get up to the second floor only to be the first to catch a near point blank blast of buck shot from the 11 year olds knee crouch aim. He suffered fatal wounds to his abdomen and genitals. When Garza ran to the foot of the stairs, he took a blast to the left shoulder and staggered out into the street where he bled to death before medical help could arrive.

It was found out later that Resindez was armed with a stolen 45 caliber handgun he took from another home invasion robbery. The victim, 50 year old David Burien, was not so lucky as he died from stab wounds to the chest.




Uh oh, here comes logic

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

‘I understand the concept of the “movie-plot-threat”, but what is the alternative? To do nothing?’

Doing nothing (that wasn’t already being done before 9/11) would be better than what we have now.
Deaths from terrorism are so rare that it’s not worth doing anything to reduce them. In a typical year, at least 44,000 people die from medical errors in US hospitals. About 50,000 people die from motor vehicle accidents. Doing something about one of these might actually save some lives. How many people died from terrorist attacks in the USA last year?
Estimates of the number of people in the USA who died from obesity last year range up to 300,000 (I know, it seems incredible, but google for “death rates usa” or something similar). So your couch, if it’s temptingly comfortable, is about 200 times as dangerous to you as Al Qaeda is.

A comment from the Schneier blog.

This of course, also applies equally to gun ownership.

When you apply logic to these problems they can be put into context and then the right thing inevitably follows. When you think feverishly, reactively and at the behest of the news agencies, then you make mistakes of the sort that have created this dystopic nightmare scenario world that we are living in.

Illegal Numbers

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

Publishing this number is illegal in the USA, because it’s something of a commercial secret used to protect copyrights:


or, decimal if you prefer:


or get it on a t-shirt (from the USA).

This number is the HD-DVD encryption key. If you know how to do it, it’s possible to decrypt HD-DVD disks with this key, making them copyable, downloadable or whatever. As you might expect, there are lawsuits abound over the pond at the moment.


Snarfed from Coofercat

All multimedia files on a computer can be represented as numbers or sums of numbers.

That means that you would have to make the publishing of numbers or certain mathematical operations illegal to protect peoples’ copyright.

That is clearly insane.

Numbers belong to everyone, and all possible numbers and sums and mathematical operations pre date the very existence of man. None of them are novel or new, and hence, none of them can be copyrighted. If your movie inevitably divides down into a simple sum, that is just the tough luck of numbers.

The only way to protect your movie from pristine copying over the internets is to distribute it on 35mm film to cinemas. If it is never digitized then it will never exist as a number that can be copied and which can never be protected.

The lantern that brings darkness

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

Lantern, the project that allows hand-held, mobile fingerprinting has been awarded the Government Computing Award for the best government to government project at last weeks ceremony in central London. This is the second year in a row a police IT project has won the award.

Lantern, managed by the National Policing Improvement Agency, enables the capture of fingerprint details suitable for identifying individuals in an operational environment for the first time. It allows real-time searching of the 6.7 million fingerprints on the national automated fingerprint system (IDENT1) and is being trialled in 10 forces nationwide.

The projects overarching purpose is to establish a persons identity using their fingerprints, away from the police station, thus increasing the time officers spend on the frontline. At present, an officer would need to arrest a person and take them to a suitably-equipped custody suite to do this. Annual savings of over 2.2 million through time saved in pursuing false identities have been forecast.

Barry Taylor, Deputy Chief Constable at Dyfed-Powys Police and Senior Responsible Owner for Lantern, said: Lantern has revolutionised the way police officers work and early results from the trials are showing great savings and efficiencies for the police service. This project once again shows that the NPIA together with the police are leading the field in providing information and communication solutions. Everyone has worked very hard on this project and we are thrilled to receive this award.

At last years ceremony, The Violent Offender and Sex Offender Register (ViSOR) was given the same award for succeeding in joining up the criminal justice system.

NPIA launched on 1 April 2007. The agency takes over a wide range of responsibilities from the Police Information Technology Organisation (PITO) and Centrex, the police training and leadership body. Both organisations ceased to exist at the end of March. Lantern was one of the projects novated into the NPIA from PITO.

NPIA also takes over responsibility for other areas of work that currently sit outside of these two bodies including police information sharing under the IMPACT Programme and the introduction of Neighbourhood Policing.


Public Technology

Meau2 told us about this Dark Lantern® previously, and as in that post, if you are NOT in the database, what action will the police take? They cannot instantly ‘identify’ you, and so you will need to be hauled down to the police station to be identified, simply because you are not in the DB. The very fact that you are not identifiable will make you an anomaly, an ‘unknown quantity’, dangerous, unpredictable.

This is just one reason why it is such a bad idea.

When you combine this technology with the legislation that makes any offense an arrestable one, it doesn’t take much imagination to understand that eventually, everyone in the UK will eventually end up on this database.

If the Tories do not dismantle this system, along with the NIR, and forbid the immoral and wrong use of these vile techniques then they will have demonstrated that they have failed to understand the pernicious and corrosive nature of this combination of technologies.


Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

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2. any action, esp. in speech or writing, promoting such discontent or rebellion.

3. Archaic. rebellious disorder.

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