Old Holborn gets O.U.T.

January 4th, 2010

Today marks the first day of my self declared freedom to live under common law and simply ignore whatever “laws” those 646 idiots in Parliament decide on my behalf is good for me.

I have become a “Freeman of the Land”.

Great, you say. Wait and see what happens when the bailiffs or the coppers turn up. Well, that is exactly what I intend to do. Common law has worked for the people of England perfectly well until Parliament decided they could do the job better. I see this journey as a massive learning curve, involving huge amounts of researching law and challenging authority, standing up to bullies and thieves and living the one life I am lucky to have as I see fit.

The first of a raft of letters goes out tomorrow informing various authorities that I no longer submit to their authority. The fact that I was born does not mean I have to give my earned income to the State in taxes, it does not mean that I am not free to speak my mind wherever and whenever I chose and it does not mean that anyone has any authority over me. To use a religious argument, if I am made in God’s image, then he and he alone has authority over me. No one else. By law.

So, what do I expect to happen? Well, they won’t like it, that’s for sure. I expect lots of various bodies to come knocking on my door, demanding my appearance at court or payment for this or that. Tough luck guys, Old Holborn has learned how to say no and mean it. It is not negotiable and never will be.

If you want to understand how common law works, there are numerous sources on the Internet, like the excellent TPUC site. Freemen are growing in number and living their lives as they wish. They don’t drive Ferrari’s, don’t own villas on the South Coast of France and they (generally) don’t wear Ted Baker suits either. They don’t have credit cards or P60’s, Rolex’s or iPhones. But they do have their God Given liberty and they scare the establishment shitless.

Today’s first step is a little sign on the garden gate. It states quite clearly and politely:

“No Intended Access”

Walk up my garden path and I will assume you to be as hostile to me and my family as if you’d jumped over the back garden wall. You take the consequences of that action to enter my property, uninvited. (Note to self: let the milkman know)

So here’s to a year of bankruptcy, arrest, summonses and threats. Just for simply saying no.

Bring it on. Others lost their lives in wars for rights and freedom. I have my entire life to gain.



This is very significant.

Old Holborn runs a top twenty political blog (16th in the UK), which is read by hundreds of thousands of people.

Two things are going to happen. If he does this, and demonstrates that he can do it without consequences, other people will follow him and the curtain will finally and quickly be pulled back, the fat naked emperor will stand shivering in the cold and it will be the beginning of an explosion of true liberty in Britain. If the state decides to make an example of him, it could spread the message of the ‘freemen of the land’ by the power of the national press and if it’s ‘D Noticed’ by the even more powerful blogosphere.

Either way, there is going to be some noise.

There are many people in the UK who are ready to follow Old Holborn and to get O.U.T. and like we and all the other smart people keep saying, there is nothing that they can do about a mass refusal (mass implosion) to accept anything that comes from the state. No violence is required, no pointless demonstrating, 1, 2, 3, 4, and the (n+1).

The absolute last thing anyone needs is to replace one state with another ‘better’ state; the state itself, as a concept, as a way of ‘organising society’ is the problem. The freemen on the land, particulate, individual, self governing, property owning, freely interacting, contracting and exchanging without any coercion or force is the ideal. In practice not having a state would mean that there would be no one to tell you you can or cannot do something on your land or in your own house that does not affect anyone else. It means there is no one to tell you that you cannot imbibe whatever you like, say or print what ever you like, cook food for strangers and all the other things that are regulated ‘for your own good’ – in other words, you are free. Some people (and they are, despite their claims to the contrary, completely violent types) will rail against and resist freedom, claiming that violence needs to be used against people who cook food for others or who drive on the roads or who build houses or cut hair for a living etc, all meted out by a state. There will always be violent, control freak types. Without a sate to back up their violent tendencies, they will be reduced to nothing more than hot air machines.

Old Holborn has a family. He is not putting just himself at great risk of physical harm. What he is doing should be instructional to all those who still think that engaging with the state is in any way a sensible option. Pulling apart their illogic and lies is entertaining and informative and should be done, but there has to come a point where you throw up your hands and say, “enough is enough”, and mean it.

All eyes on Old Holborn, everyone O.U.T.!

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