Obama Observations and Predictions by Anagram

March 3rd, 2008

He will not dance with Brazil:
Barak Samba Heinous

We knew this:
Barak Bias Houseman

The Cult leader:
Barak Mania Bus Hoes
Amen Hub Barak Oasis

His very own 911 is coming:
Shaken Airbus Obama
Obama Airbuses Khan

Anointed by the Illuminati:
Obama Skin Bush Area
Barak Aims Bush Aeon

Don’t even THINK about it:
Obama Akin Base Rush

For his first trip to Japan as President:
Obama Saki Anus Herb
…but it will all go wrong: Obama Hear Saki Snub

Uh Oh:
Burka Sambas Ani Hoe
Burka Oasis Bah Name

Armageddon coming?:
Amok Abase Bash Ruin
Bush Bias Amok Arena
Sahib Snub Amok Area

He is, in fact, ANTI GAY:
Obama Bars Anus Hike

There are no anagrams for ‘Change’.

And now, when we spell it right:

He will eat Putin’s Noodles:
Babushka Macaronies

The number of abortions will skyrocket:
Caesarian Kabob Mush

Haloween with Obama:
Marihuana Cakes Bobs

Obama in Secret Russian Uranium mine Scandal!:
Babushkas Caiman Ore

Get out of Iraq, or:
Obama Airbase Chunks

It’s Bobby all over again:
Obama A Carbine Husks
Oak As Carbine Ambush

Big in Japan…again:
Obama A Saki Brunches

The cultists are at it again:
Obama Ascribe As Hunk

When he lunches with Jacqui Smith:
Ass Macaroni Uh Kebab

You asked for change, you am going to get it:
Sharia Backbone Am Us
‘War on Terror’ will continue tip: No Amuck Sharia Babes
oil tanker spills coming: Sharia Nabob Sea Muck
his breakfast: Sharia Bacon Bakes Um
abu ghraib ‘OB’ style: Sharia Abuse Cam Knob

there will be food and music:
Usa Harmonica Kebabs

the rumors will persist:
Hi USA Bareback Mason

sellout to Mexico:
USA Cambia Bankers Ho

Barack Samba Heinous
Barack Bias Houseman

3 Responses to “Obama Observations and Predictions by Anagram”

  1. meaumeau Says:

    I shame a sour bank scab .
    Bias in house? A crab mask.
    Has a bark on a mice bus.
    As a CIA man, broke Bush.
    I’m a shark bone abacus.
    As I mash a broken Cuba.
    USA sane: Bomb Karachi.

    Bah, a sunk America. Sob.

  2. irdial Says:

    Dope will feature highly:

    Bobs Marihuana Cakes
    Marihuana Babe Socks

  3. chriszanf Says:

    A few found online…

    Arab can boss UK. I am he.
    America bans a Bush? OK!
    Oh! An Arab abuses Mick!
    Heck, USA, I’m an Arab SOB!

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