Feed the enemy

March 28th, 2006

It’s always raining over the border
there’s been a plane crash out there
in the wheatfields
they’re picking up the pieces
we could go and look
and stare

How many friends have we over there ?
the border guards fight unconvincingly
whatever we do
it seems things are arranged
we always have to feed the enemy

You could dance for me
and punch me through
dance for me

We watched them trash thee last camera
glued to all our TV’s
the actors on the replay
trying again to touch you and me

But they always seem to know
exactly what they’re talking about
now they’ve got you in a corner
you’ve got no room to move
you’ve got no room for doubt
that’s exactly what they’re talking about
now they’re got you in a corner
no room to move
no room for doubt

From Magizine’s ‘Secondhand Daylight‘.

A record whose atmosphere fits perfectly with this very odd, tightrope time that we are living in; prescient, fantastic, chilling work but somehow filled with hopeless beauty at its very heart.

Something is certainly up, both here and in the usa, where the Charlie Sheen event is causing a wildfire of alam clocks, waking up the slumbering sheeple in a totally unexpected way. David Letterman is becoming more overt and vicious in his attacks on Murder Inc; everyone has had enough it seems and its about fucking time.

I keep saying that anything is possible, and any future is possible. All it takes is the collective redirection of all the people , or at least, enough of the people on this planet to steer the mass towards a future that is not dystopian. Futurists got the future wrong before, there is no reason to believe that they will not be wrong now. There is no reason why the world should end up in a prison planet scenario, a THX-1138 hive society. We have to make the future. This means staying straight and true, never opting for convenience for illusory gains, like the giving up of liberty for security. What seems insurmountable today, will tomorrow be an incomprehensible past. Soviet Communism. The Berlin Wall. Every empire that ever existed. All of these seemingly ‘there forever’ things all dissapeared and we now wonder how on earth they ever were in the first place.

The bogus ‘War on Terror’. The Bush Regime (Murder Inc). ID cards. Pervasive CCTV. All of these things will cease to exist; it is only a question of when, and wether or not we will reap the benefit. There is no reason why for example, in a CCTV crystal nacht, all cameras in the UK  could not be taken down and destroyed. Is that more incomprehensible or unimaginable than the Berlin Wall falling at the heads of many hammers?

Because I say it can happen, it CAN happen.

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