what are they preparing for?

April 3rd, 2006

Water cannon could be used to quash street protests (Guardian)

Water cannon could soon be used to quell serious civil disturbances on British streets after a successful display of their effectiveness to senior police officers. […]

What are the government going to do next that they feel is BEYOND DOUBT that people will protest against?

It could be an attack on Iran – the US talk has shifted from recent events to a so called 20 year history of nuclear activity (the ‘ we’ve tried for yars and this is our last resort excuse’).

Quite why a government with the backing of 20% of the population (max) feels it needs to pursue policies that it obviously knows the country does no want is beyond me, especially when most people want to just get on with their lives and do something useful rather than need to be bothered with whatever treachery and piracy the government is up to.

*They* obviously want a fight. But I still can’t understand why they want to go to such lengths to do it.

Talking of riots and such, the French riots are being somewhat underreported by UK press don’t you think?

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  1. alex_tea Says:

    News From Nowhere William Morris 1890, Chapter 17 “How the Change Came” seems strangely appropriate.

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