Two more reasons to fight or flee

April 2nd, 2006

Pan, tilt, zoom

Each day, as you go about your life, it’s likely you’ll make a guest appearance on at least 300 different CCTV screens. Britain now has more security cameras than any other country, yet their impact on crime rates is negligible, while our fear of crime is still rising.

[…] ‘This is one of the reasons CCTV grew so strongly here as against in other European countries,’ says Norris. ‘It was centrally funded.’ The other reason was a complete lack of regulation. In places like Germany or Scandinavia a right to privacy is written into the constitution. Here, the only legislation that affected CCTV was a relaxation of the planning laws. […]

Tube passengers

The operation has led to 100 arrests

The use of metal detectors to catch people carrying knives is to be extended by British Transport Police across the UK, the BBC has learned.Operation Shield was launched in London two months ago to target those carrying knives on the Tube network and trains.

Police with stop-and-search powers and sniffer dogs use mobile airport-style scanners to check passengers.

Since it began, almost 10,000 people have been scanned, 100 have been arrested and 68 knives seized.

The initiative is already up and running in Liverpool. It is due to start in Birmingham this month and in north-east England in May, and will eventually be used UK-wide.


You must take notice.

Unless you are locked in your own home, with the curtains drawn, expect no privacy.

Unless you subjugate yourself to any minion in a uniform, to any mechanical invasion, expect no freedom.

Unless you fight against this evil, expect no sympathy.

4 Responses to “Two more reasons to fight or flee”

  1. captain davros Says:

    How do we fight this evil?

  2. Alun Says:

    Two easy ways to begin with:

    1. Absolute and unfaltering non-compliance.

    Do not let yourself be tagged, do not submit yourself to humiliating public scanning, oppose planning permission for any surveillance mechanisms in your area… Under no circumstances allow yourself to think for a single moment that ANY of this interference in your life is NORMAL.

    2. Education.

    Educate yourself as to what is happening, gain a full understanding of the reasons for and against increased government surveillance of the populus. From this, fully understand why you are opposed. Knowledge is power: you are now armed and dangerous. Educate your friends and family to what is going on, persuade them to educate themselves and to realise that ignorance is no excuse. Educate those in ‘power’ of the strength of feeling against their proposals, and that anyone supporting these measures will be actively campaigned against.

    These are all measures anyone can take from the comfort of their own home. Of course, one could progress into civil disobedience, destuction of public property… but a seismic shift in public opinion, a lifting of scales from Joe Blogg’s eyes would, to me, attain a more sustainable opposition to any future interference.

  3. meaumeau Says:

    Education – educate yourself for all possible outcomes.

    Remember to stay calm and focussed, both when talking to people about this mess and if you have to non-comply with some ‘official’.

    Don’t let any aspect of your life which deoesn’t contribute to this bullshit be compromised.

  4. meaumeau Says:

    there is also the holistic strategy:
    ID card readers are going to be more inconvenient and so more opposed by small and independent retailers/service, use them now as much as possible so they are still around in the future.
    Pay with cash so this is around in the future (and anonymous transactions acn be made).
    Don’t shop where ‘simpering eloi’ will put up with poor pay and conditions so the customer can buy some homogenised crap at just above wholesale prices – this attitude we do not want to encourage or reward.

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