NHS Doctor lacks power of thought – shocker!!!

May 20th, 2009

NHS Blog Doctor, one “Dr John Crippen” has linked to a Blogdial post on MMR:

The champagne corks will be popping to night at JABs

First, we are Blogdial.

We are not JABS, we have no links to JABS and we do not in any way suggest that our opinions are shared by JABS, and vice versa.

before they dance round the mumbo-jumbo pole to sing “Soomer is a-comin’ in.” Their MMR scaremongering has been successful. There is now a major outbreak of measles.

With insults as poor as the above, Dr Crippen deserves to see a wicker man from the inside. However, he only presents a straw man argument.  There is not a major outbreak of measles.  And if anyone is scaremongering it is the likes of Dr Crippen, HMG and BBQ who present a relentless tax-sponsored campaign to scare parents into permiting their children to be jabbed with whatever They deem necessary. It has been MMR, it is now HPV (as we have discussed before) and will soon be chickenpox (as we have discussed before).

Furthermore, the post to which Dr Crippen links was obviously too complex in its arguments for him to understand. Dr Crippen accuses us of scaremongering when in fact that post simply highlights;

  1. how government policy has restricted patient choice
  2. how it is the restricted choice of vaccine which is now limiting uptake
  3. how HMG could alter this policy, but refuse
  4. how, rather than change policy, HMG pass blame onto parents refusing MMR – as is their choice
  5. how the NHS, Dr Crippen included, fail to support parental choice and exacerbate the problem
  6. how it is HMG, NHS, BBQ and now Dr Crippen – and not parents –  doing all the fearmongering

Health chiefs in Wales are dealing with a “massive” measles outbreak, with numbers already four times the highest figure recorded over the past 13 years.

Lies, damned lies… and very selective reporting. If, for instance, one looked at all the years of measles cases one may say something like “the outbreak is among the 20 lowest number of cases per year in recorded history.”

BBC Heaven forbid that we should start using nasty inflammatory words like “epidemic” or “pandemic” about this illness that could be eradicated were it not for the gullible worried-well lapping up noxious propaganda from the Wakefield brigade.

Patronising tosh. There would not be so many “worried well”, as Dr Crippen calls them, were it not for the deliberate scare-mongering of the health industry. No worried well, no mass market for HPV vaccine, no mass market for chickenpox vaccine, no mass market for statins over-the-counter, no multi-billion dollar industry in unneccessary vitamins and supplements. The ‘worried well’ do not go to the doctors asking for vaccine X, health screen Y or treatment Z  for no reason: – it is because the have been subject to a targeted marketing campaign based on fear, guilt and scaremongering by the health industry.  And the NHS is an integral piece of the health industry. The worried well are exactly the market targeted by BigPharma for vaccines against relatively inoccuous diseases like chickenpox.

And over the last year I have read precisely ZERO articles suggesting a link between MMR and autism (“noxious propaganda from the Wakefield brigade”). In contrast, there is a wealth of “noxious propaganda” telling me I am endangering myself, my children and the health of the nation if I fail to give my kids MMR. A wealth of “noxious propaganda” telling me how evil a disease measles is in 21st Century Britain. Just look at the noxious propaganda on the BBQ alone!

To compare, search the BBC for ‘MMR autism’ and the latest hit is over a year ago. And that is a report of the GMC hearing against the original researchers.

Still, it’s a thought.

No, it’s not.  There is no thought in your post at all, and that is the problem, Dr Crippen.

The NHS news line reports today that there are fewer cases of swine flu in the UK than there are cases of measles. And in Wales, there are two hundred times more cases of measles than of influenza.

Why is it not on the front page of every newspaper?

Maybe because some editors are keeping it in perspective? Maybe because only BBQ is in the pay of HMG? Just a  thought.

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  1. Alun Says:


    Call to make MMR jab compulsory

    … The BBC has learned, however, through a freedom of information request that the strategic health authority in London asked the government if it could introduce compulsory vaccinations.

    Sandy Macara, unbelievably unqualified to act as a ‘Public Health’ expert. He is unconcerned with public health, only with controlling public behaviour to the benefit of the state.

    Specifically the SHA asked about the “feasibility of requiring an immunisation certificate for measles before children go to school.”


    So, more bullying, fear- and guilt-based “noxious propaganda” from the MMR lobby using BBQ as an outlet.

    The problem, again, is that the pro-vaccine lobby conflates the anti-MMR people (citing JABS, for example) with an anti-vaccine stance. While some people will certainly be anti-vaccine (including MMR), others may only want the choice of single or multiple vaccines.

    It should not be a case of MMR or nothing. It should be a choice between M, M, R, MMR or nothing. And whatever the choice, it should be respected without question.

    Similarly, proponents of MMR-by-force such as Sandy Macara fail to see that his proposal does not leave parents with a simple decision of no-MMR-no-education. What is does is open eyes, ring alarm bells, waking up parents to the alternatives to state control. This, should it be implemented – and maybe even just the prospect of it, will drive people in their droves to Home Education and to getting OUT. This proposal is another blow to state control, another demostration that we are post tipping point. And once again They Fail.

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