Introducing Sqrinque for iPhone

May 26th, 2009

Now that the usa has a one hundred mile deep ‘Constitution Free Zone’ where you do not have the right to refuse to be searched without probable cause, it is more important than ever to have a means to protect the private letters, photos and information which are stored on your portable devices.

This is where Sqrinque comes in.

Sqrinque is a new iPhone app that prevents unauthorized access to the contents of your phone, should it be taken from you for any reason.

Using Sqrinque is very easy; lets say that your iPhone is about to come into hostile hands; you can manually Sqrinque your iPhone by typing in your personal Sqrinque Code at the password screen:

which looks identical to the standard iPhone password screen.

Once you insert your Sqrinque Code, Sqrinque runs rm -Rf from the root directory of your phone, wiping it clean. While Sqrinque is running, it gives no indication that the phone is being wiped. It switches to a screenshot of an ordinary iPhone (or iPod touch):

to give Sqrinque time to work. By the time your enemy gets to her computer to try and copy all of your files, there are none there to copy:

Lets say that you did not anticipate that your phone was going to be confiscated for an unconstitutional search. When your enemy tries to unlock the phone, they will see the password page. They will ask you for the password to the phone, and threaten you that if you do not give it to them, ‘things will go bad for you’. You give them the password… which is actually the Sqrinque Code. The phone appears to unlock. By the time they get it to their copying station, all the data is gone. They scratch their heads, not understanding what just happened; the phone appeared to unlock, the normal set of iPhone icons appeared and then… it was ‘broken’. You can then blame them for damaging your phone while it was out of your sight!

Of course, Sqrinque has the feature that if you try and unlock the phone with an incorrect code after three attempts, the phone is wiped. You can set the number of attempts to any number between one and fifteen.

Sqrinque is a free download from the iTunes App Store. It was developed by people who are fed up with governments snooping into their private documents in violation of the forth amendment of the Constitution.

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