New Labour’s New Low: Alan Johnson

July 3rd, 2009

Alan Johnson puts himself in line behind the Home Secretaries that are total, unrefined scumbags with a piece made of unedited weasel words published in the Guardian. It is a very telling piece, and secures Alan Johnson’s place as lower even than Jacqui Smith in the league table of imbeciles liars and monsters that have drunk from the poison chalice that is the position of Home Secretary.

We need identity cards, and soon
Identity fraud costs the UK £1.2bn, and untold misery, each year. ID cards are a cheap and effective way of fighting back

Alan Johnson MP, Thursday 2 July 2009 16.00 BST

There are only two possible reasons why Alan Johnson has written what he has written.

1) he is a totally mentally retarded, incompetent imbecile that has no idea of what has happened with ID cards since Blunkett, and doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to understand what it all means, and doest have the common sense to find out before making an insane pronouncement like this.


2) he is a totally evil, totalitarian by nature, piece of human garbage.

Either way, he is not fit to be the Home Secretary, and cannot be trusted with the wings of a dead fly, much less his new appointment.

Our identity,

It is not OUR identity, it is YOUR identity in this context, you collectivist SCUMBAG.

the information that makes us unique, is something that we get called upon to prove each day, when we are opening a bank account, renting a flat, proving our right to work.

This is absolute GARBAGE. For generations people have been living without ID Cards and transacting everything they do without any problem whatsoever. Till this very day, you can go to your bank, walk up to a teller, inform her you want to make a withdrawal and that you have forgotten your cheque book. If it is your branch, they will give you your money on the spot, since they know you as one of their customers.

THAT IS HOW THE WORLD WORKS you trust destroying jackass. No one needs ID cards except YOU, so that you can exert total control over everyone to the extent of stopping people from buying teaspoons without your explicit approval.

The whole country is on to what this really means; you cannot lie and spin this one anymore. You have LOST; get a fucking grip and kill it with fire, then at least you will be known as the man who killed the ID Card and the NIR instead of being just another in the line of subhuman monsters that tried and FAILED to enslave the great British people.

It is this unique information that fraudsters and criminals want and this is why we guard it so carefully.

Actually, you incredible, ignorant, lying worm, it is YOU who cannot guard unique information carefully; in fact YOU are completely incompetent and careless with other people’s unique information, and you have hurt people with your incompetence.

Shredding machines, once only found in offices, are now found in many homes as people protect their personal information by destroying personal bank and billing information.

And of course, this is an example of people looking after their own security, and taking steps to protect themselves. What you are proposing will make all the shredding in the world worthless. You want to expose everyone’s personal details to all the people who should not have it IN ONE GO, just like you pathetic swines did with the leaked DVDR of 25 million Child Benefit records. You are stupid. VERY STUPID. You are more stupid than all the Home Secretaries since and including the CHUD Blunkett; you trott out all of their discredited nonsense knowing full well that the tide has turned and that no one believes this garbage any more. You are more stupid than them because you apparently cannot learn. And like I say above, if you know that what you are saying is wrong, then you are a LIAR.

The introduction of identity cards is a simple means of helping you, and I, protect our unique identity from fraudsters.

You idiot. We all know now that it is far from simple. We all know that it does not help you protect your identity from fraudsters; in fact, we all know that the OPPOSITE is true; putting yourself on the NIR EXPOSES your unique identity TO fraudsters, the main one being YOU since you are committing an act of blatant fraud by lying in this way about something that you know to be FALSE, trying to sell it knowing that it does not have the capabilities you claim it has.

Identity fraud costs the UK economy £1.2bn on average each year and causes misery for tens of thousands who fall victim.

Even if that number is true, SO WHAT. It is not the place of government to provide identity services, there is no single ‘UK Economy’ that these frauds against individuals can be charged against (and in any case, the money that is defrauded goes right back into that same economy, you simpering prat.) and as for the misery, the misery that MILLIONS of people would have suffered as a direct result of this ID Card would far outweigh the value of the individual pain from fraud.

You cannot do simple math. What a joke!

At a cost of just £30, the identity card is a cheap way of helping fight back.

Not only is it not cheap, because no one needs one, it is not a way of ‘fighting back’ in fact, it is quite the opposite. That fee is actually being paid to put you into a system that makes you less safe and which increases the probability that your identity will be compromised and fraud perpetrated in your name. This is more night is day, hot is cold, wet is dry, war is peace babble. You are full of FAIL.

So, despite the headlines that would have readers think otherwise, I’m not scrapping identity cards – I’m committed to delivering them more quickly to the people who will benefit most.

Then you are committed to FAILURE. You are committed to lying, totalitarian doctrines and the control freakery of your predecessors. You are a NOTHING, you are not your own man, you are just a pawn, a loser, a cog in the machine, a waste of flesh. You are going down with Neu Liebour; no one will even remember your name. You will leave government without having brought anything to the table except the spork that you used to eat your share of the spoils.

I know that some of you have real concerns about the government’s motives for introducing the card. When I announced this week that I would make identity cards wholly voluntary it was because I believe that there are real benefits that will make the card an attractive proposition for many people.

This is classic doubletalk. If the concerns are real, then something is wrong. Also, the incredibly insulting move of ‘making the cards voluntary’ is not fooling anyone you shit for brains loser; we all know that the NIR is the key to this insane scheme, and that your fingerprints will be the ID Card.

I think the case for identity cards has been made,

I think it is abundantly clear that you cannot think at all.

but understand that getting a card will be a big decision for some people. Easy or hard, I think it should be a voluntary decision, one that people choose to take, because they agree and welcome the benefits an identity card will provide.

Utter drivel.

In particular, I’m pleased that the government will be looking at bringing forward proposals for pensioners aged 75 and over to receive an identity card free of charge.

Actually, it is those people more than anyone who can remember what Britain used to be like, and who mourn for the country that everyone loved so much and to which you have done so much damage.

I also want to see young people with identity cards.

Young people want to see you given the red card and sent off. Other people want a worse fate for all of you.

They will not only act as a proof of age for the individual

You want a Britain where there IS NO INDIVIDUAL. THat is clear. And as for proof of age, once again, this is not needed in this or any other country. The laws restricting alcohol to certain age groups are absurd, and they are being used as a pretext to bring in the NIR / ID Card whose scope and powers are way beyond a simple check to see how old you are. Everyone knows this now, you FAIL every time you say this because you are repeating old lies that no one believes… its like you are living out of temporal sync whit the rest of the world. We have ALL BEEN PAST THIS POINT. These LIES will not work anymore.

but also empower communities tackling underage drinking and crime

This is complete crap. ID Cards cannot tackle underage drinking, and they will do nothing to combat crime. Once again, old chestnut nonsense. And no, if you repeat it one million times it will not suddenly become true. Idiot.

by enabling local retailers, including pubs and supermarkets, to help ensure they aren’t selling restricted goods, such as knives and alcohol, to those who are underage.

retailers are doing so badly that if they did not sell anything to anyone who wants it they would go out of business. And what the HELL does ‘restricted goods’ mean? We know it means teaspoons, but what it REALLY means is ‘anything we decide in the future that you should not have without having to show ID’ which means almost anything, since they are now asking for ID to buy teaspoons. We do not want a world where you have to show id to do everything, and we are not going to have it. ID Cards are finished. The whole country knows what they mean and how evil they and you are.

And this is why I have taken the decision to speed up the rollout of identity cards by announcing that alongside people in Manchester, residents in the wider north-west will also be able to apply for a card in the new year.

Meaningless. We will not do it, and those small numbers that do will end up having a piece of plastic that is the ultimate souvenir of Neu Liebour, apart from the mass murder, emptying of gold reserves on the cheap and every other disaster they presided over.

People believe in protecting what they have and what they have worked hard to achieve

And you and your evil colleagues believe in stealing what people have, destroying what people have worked to achieve; that is why Britain is in such a mess, and why monstrous animals like you are pushing ID cards; you are DESTROYERS by nature.

– a good name and a good credit rating.

SHOCKING. For someone who thinks that a good name is something worth protecting, it is simply ASTONISHING that Alan Johnson is putting his name, his reputation and his sacred honor behind this ABSOLUTE EVIL. Well, I have news for you Mr. Johnson, your name is now MUD!

Being able to protect your identity from fraudsters who would use and abuse it is something we all want and I think identity cards can achieve this.


You, are, of course, completely and disastrously wrong. And we know it.

And now, a smattering of the comments from The Grauniad:

02 Jul 09, 4:13pm (about 21 hours ago)

Is this a joke?

I only ask cos CiF totally got me on April fools…

If it actually isn’t it should be, I’m wetting myself.

Who the hell does the nulab PR??? Are they mad? Or secretly tory?

Not only is this article a poor re-hash of tired and debunked arguements, it is very poorly constructed as arguments go – I’ve seen far better from madmen BTL!

Its not going to happen – how are we going to be protected from fraud by a government who cannot keep the records they do have safe?

And how are we supposed to trust a government that has curbed our civil liberties so far?

02 Jul 09, 4:10pm (about 21 hours ago)

Total bullshit from the charlatans of Stasi NuLabour.

Your pathetic excuse for a Govt hasn’t exactly got a great reack record on retaining sensitive data has it?

£1.2 billion a year you say? A drop in the fiscal ocean compared to the damage done by fasle illegal wars and unregulated troughers in the banking sector under ZaNuLabout stewardship.

Looking at the comments here should tell you all you need to know about what this country’s citizens think of this.

A shambolic corrupt decadent “Govt”.

Stick it.

02 Jul 09, 4:16pm (about 21 hours ago)

You were recently presented as a possible labour leader, from this article its clear you would be as mendacious as the present incumbent. You are supporting identity cards when the initial rationale of fighting terrorism has been conveniently airbrushed from history. Instead we now need them to maintain our good name and credit rating. Unbelievable rubbish, why not tell the truth about databases and your support for corporations who will manage this disaster and be paid handsomely for it. You should have commented on the retreat from privatisation of royal mail. Anyway, these cards are not voluntary and your lies bode ill for your own good name. The nonentity Smith has gone and you as her replacement are exhibiting a loyalty to surveillance dogma that has no place in a democratic society.

02 Jul 09, 4:19pm (about 21 hours ago)

I’m with noisebastard. How did anybody ever think this pathetic man was fit to be prime minister? This article drips with contempt for the reader. Does he really think anyone is stupid enough to believe this stuff?

02 Jul 09, 4:03pm (about 21 hours ago)

Countries that already have identity cards are not immune from criminals or fraud. The fact is that you or any other politician cannot grasp how technology works in the real world. Perhaps if you lived like the rest of us you would understand that freedom should not be given up for false promioses of protection and security. You are not qualified to protect me.

02 Jul 09, 4:05pm (about 21 hours ago)

Being able to protect your identity from fraudsters who would use and abuse it is something we all want and I think identity cards can achieve this.

your government has an appalling record on personal identity security, why on earth should we believe anything you say?


02 Jul 09, 4:08pm (about 21 hours ago)

The sooner you incompetant authoritarian wannabe Stalinists are out on your collective ears the better.

I will never carry an ID card, I shall never pay for an ID card and will be happy to go to jail in order to ensure I never own one.

02 Jul 09, 4:09pm (about 21 hours ago)

Our identity, the information that makes us unique, is something that we get called upon to prove each day, when we are opening a bank account, renting a flat, proving our right to work. It is this unique information that fraudsters and criminals want and this is why we guard it so carefully.

No, what makes us all unique is billions of years of evolution. Not a piece of card from a politician in a suit banging on about fraud and how much money it costs. And no, whilst you’re at it you can’t have my DNA either. So do us all a favour and go away!

And there you have it. It is hard to imagine that this man is actually worse than all his predecessors, but he actually is. And that they let him publish this badly written drivel shows that Neu Liebour is really in total disarray.


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