Buy gold and destroy the evil

October 2nd, 2009

A great and insightful blogger Renegade Parent has just received her order of books from the Ludwig Von Mises Institute. The books she has on display will educate anyone on what is really happening with the dollar crisis, what money really is, the true nature of liberty and what needs to be done to restore and preserve it.

Happy reading!

Now on to Max Keiser. For ages I have been saying that demonstrating is pointless. All those G20 protesting morons should listen to Max, because he has just delivered the sort of 21st century tool they need to completely outflank and destroy their enemy, whilst liberating themselves in a single move. In chess it looks like this:

[Event "Human versus Crafty"]
[Date "2009.10.02"]
[Round "?"]
[White "White"]
[Black "Crafty"]
[Result "1-0"]
[BlackAI "Crafty"]
1. e4 c5
2. Nc3 d6
3. Nd5 Be6
4. Nf4 Qd7
5. Nxe6 Qxe6
6. Qe2 Nc6
7. Qe3 O-O-O
8. b3 Nd4
9. Bd3 Nf6
10. c3 Ng4
11. Qg5 h6
12. Qh5 g6
13. Qh3 Nc6
14. f3 Nge5
15. Qg3 Nxd3+
16. Kf1 Bg7
17. Ba3 Nce5
18. Ne2 f5
19. Nd4 cxd4
20. cxd4 f4
21. Qh4 g5
22. Qh5 Nc6
23. d5 Qe5
24. Rb1 Nd4
25. Bb2 Rd7
26. Qg6 Rc7
27. Qf7 h5
28. Bc3 g4
29. a3 gxf3
30. gxf3 Kb8
31. a4 Ka8
32. a5 h4
33. Rg1 Bf6
34. Rg6 Rhc8
35. Rg8 Rxg8
36. Qxg8+ Rc8
37. Qxc8# 1-0

Here is his brilliant piece of thinking:

“If everyone did buy gold, if every activist in the world who was protesting against a centralised world government or a centralised banking system in the US or the UK; if every single one of those people bought just one ounce of gold bullion, the price of gold would double and it would put these banksters out of business!”

That means for $1000 each, all the G20 protesters, instead of being kidnapped by military police, getting sprayed with pepper gas, deafened by LRAD sound weapons and held like an animal for a trophy shoot by police, they could bring down the countries of the G20 by simply using money as the the tool.

Of course, these demonstrating idiots are of the type that think ‘Capitalism is evil’ and other brainwash induced nonsense like ‘free $insert_lie’ and ‘everyone should have the right to/of $insert_non_natural_right_that_is_actually_a_good’ etc etc.

The fact of the matter is that the G20 and all the people in ‘authority’ are scared shitless. What Max suggests is the kind of thing that we have been talking about:


That would be a revolution, an amorphous, nebulous, static swarm of disobedience, which could not be countered, any more than a truncheon wielder can batter a cloud to sweep it away. Without the compliance of everyone, the state would simply cease to exist; the monsters who control it would scream and shout hysterically at first, but would very quickly want to associate with the static mass as they desperately try to reposition themselves for a role in the new disorder. Those creatures are very good at sensing the right time to jump ship – when its about to do down – they are after all ‘political animals’ (rats).


The tools to do this are available, and all the soldiers who will participate are constantly connected to them. All the people could be mobilised and activated without any of them even leaving their bedrooms or interrupting their routines. The call would go out on Twitter to ‘buy one ounce of gold on any day in November’… for great justice. Once the effect starts to take hold, everyone everywhere would start to chip in. In a very short amount of time it would reach critical mass.

Not a shot would have been fired. When South Africa was under Apartheid, there was a call to boycott Kruggerands. Now its the opposite call that will bring down the bad guys.

What a life!

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