The Rage of a Cage Man

May 6th, 2006

As I sit in this cage, stressing with prisoners at a very young age thats protesting for freedom.The moon is invisible, with 4 corner walls America is miserable, she has slave them all.

Peace and love, no longer remain the best had corrupted the sanity of man.

Cage down with the key, that is thrown away with fences all around, so we won’t escape.

Capturing my freedom a day at a time that is overwhelmed by this cement, divating the mind.

Still my ambitionis optimistic is what keep me sane, with my mind realistic, that is forever the same.

This constant illumination has agitated the human species, detrimenting and corruping that individuals into picies, of freedom of thought, speech and conscious, is being control divided and conquer.

As I wake up in the morning unable to visual the sunrise I’m commanded to submit, just to stay alive.

As I write weekly letters to my mother I weep into emotion as I stare at her pictures.

Solitude has become the number one domination that compel individuals into a diabolitical segregation.


Poem by a prisoner suffering the SuperMax system in the USA.

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