To be or not to be…a car

November 12th, 2007

In modern Britain, you are better off being a car than a human being.

These two stories from The Times tell us why. Firstly, there is the story of who is to carve up the human cattle pie, and who is going to be the loser:

BT loses deal for high-tech borders
Dominic O’Connell

AN American defence company has pipped BT to a sensitive IT contract that will bring high-tech methods to policing Britain’s borders.

Raytheon is expected to be named as the winner of the £500m Eborders contract in the next few weeks.

The aim of the project is for IT systems to be installed that will prevent illegal migrants or any other undesirables from entering the UK by stopping them at their port of departure.

Raytheon leads a consortium called Trusted Borders, which includes Accenture, Detica and Serco. It beat competition from Emblem Group, a consortium led by BT that included Lockheed Martin, Logica CMG and Hewlett-Packard.

The Eborders system will link the databases of government departments to those of transport providers to allow the speedy identification of passengers the government would want to exclude.

It is part of the wider strategy that includes biometric passports and visas and the controversial identity-card scheme.

Meanwhile, two defence contractors, BAE Systems and Thales, are understood to have made the Home Office’s long list for a “roster” of companies that will provide the ID-card system.

The list is also said to include Fujitsu, Accenture, EDS, North-rop Grumman, IBM, CSC and Steria. The Home Office is expected to choose just five contractors to make up the roster by the new year.

The ID-cards programme, which has been opposed by the Conservative party and civil liberty campaigners, is expected to be worth between £5 billion and £7 billion.

The first cards, which will use biometric data to provide identification, will be issued in 2009.

The Times

First of all, the e-borders plan and how it is being rolled out is bogus, and built on the wrong principles and technology.
Secondly, Raytheon should not be in charge of Fortress UK®; it is an american military contractor. This sort of thing should always be done ‘in house’ if it is to be done at all, but then again, we know that the British, despite being full to overflowing with the greatest geniuses on the planet cannot organize any large scale government IT project. We wrote about how an american company has the contract to run the UK police fingerprint database (I cant find the URL). Is there going to be any part of HMG left that is run by the British? And the worst part of it is, the money for all of this comes out of your pockets and is then siphoned abroad.

And here is the reason why it is better to be a car in the UK than a human being:

Attack of the clones
A surge in car cloning where criminals copy numberplates is cheating secondhand buyers and landing law-abiding drivers with fines for offences they did not commit

When Mike McLellan, a businessman from Manchester, pulled up in a residential cul-de-sac in the city, he couldn’t help noticing the silver Vauxhall Astra alongside his looked similar. Nothing unusual in that, it’s one of the bestselling vehicles in Britain and silver is one of the most popular colours.

But his interest turned to astonishment when he saw the numberplate was identical. For a second, McLellan, 58, thought he was seeing double. After several confused double takes, he realised he had become a victim of car cloning, the vehicle equivalent of identity theft. He called the police, expecting them to be shocked at his discovery. Their response? “It happens all the time.”

There are up to 100,000 cloned cars on British roads – 10 times previous estimates – according to police officers on a national working group set up to tackle the problem. Cloners use plates stolen from an identical model or copy them. The cloned car will then pass a superficial police check that matches the numberplate with vehicle type and colour.

Armed with their duplicate plates criminals can dodge speeding fines, drive away from petrol forecourts knowing they can’t be traced using CCTV images, escape congestion charges and parking fines, and hide their true identity from police numberplate-recognition cameras. And the offences aren’t all traffic-related.


The Times


If you are a car in the UK, you CAN change your identity and be anonymous on the street.

If you are a human being in the UK, you CANNOT change your identity and be anonymous.


Because you cannot replace your face and your fingerprints in the way that a car can have its plates swapped in five minutes. Cars on the streets of the UK with swapped plates can go as they please and no one knows who the driver is or who the car belongs to. Those cars have the true freedom of the road. They cannot be tracked, traced, ticketed, speed trapped, Congeston charged or abused in any way.

That is what it used to be like in the UK for human beings.

You used to be able to walk about freely without being watched. You could not be tracked, traced, surveilled or monitored in any way. You were a private person, going about your own business, and enjoying the liberty of one of the greatest, if not THE greatest countries on earth.

And now….It’s gone.

Whilst looking through the Blarchive for the post about who has the contract for the police fingerprint database, I came across this:


Two girlfrinds of Yardie criminals yesterday admitted snopping on the police database.

Civilian workers Davina Kirwan and Sunshes Pike-Williams, both 21, made hundreds of unauthorized checks on their boyfriends and other criminals while employed at Stoke Newington police Station in North London, Southwarrk Crown Court heard.

They also admitted entering false information on to the system.

Kirwan, of Leytonstone, East London, and Pike-Williams, of Ealing, West London, risk being jailed next month.


Metro Magazinesee also:
BBC News
The Times
Evening Standard


Two people working inside the police, corrupting and passing information from the police database for their criminal boyfriends.


If its YOU on the database, and someone who doesnt like you is paying a dudette with access to put convictions on your record, you are literally FUCKED, because its impossible for anyone but criminals to remove information from these records!

Add this to the ultimate poison of a unique number tied to you for life, and you start to see what a nightmare we will be living in if ID cards become a reality.

Someone, some gangsters moll will be able to attribute false crimes to you and there will be nothing you can do about it.

Now, the police have rigorus checks in place to keep criminals and their associates of criminals out of the reach of terminals, but these systems simply do not work.

I have personally seen the forms that the police require to be filled out even for the most trivial of jobs earning 15,000pa. You have to list:

  • Name, Address
  • Husbands / partners name / address
  • Fathers name / address
  • Siblings name / address
  • Name and address of dependents
  • Name and address of “other significant persons”
  • “Have you ever been involved in espionage, terrorism, sabotage, actions intended to overthrow or undermine parliamentary democracy by political, industrial or violent means”
  • “Have you ever been a member of or supported a group or groups involved in any of the above activities”
  • “Have you ever had a close association with anyone who, to your knowledge, has ben a member of or given support to any such group or activities”

And THEN there is the medical disclosure form, which asks if you are suffering from just about any illness imaginable, who your doctors are and all sorts of other very private and personal information.

This form runs to 14 pages.

These two persons clearly had to fill out these expansive and invasive forms, and yet, they were the ‘girlfriends of Yardie criminals’! The only way to protect against these sorts of abuses leaking into every area of your life, is to not allow a unique number to be attached to you. In this way, all of the people who want to foul your record will have to work very hard indeed to do a hatchet job on your records, which will be separated by closed systems on different databases, as they should be.

The Blarchive

There are only two links on google for ‘Davina Kirwan Sunshes Pike-Williams’ one is to BLOGDIAL, the other is to BBQ, and I quoth:

Violence and firearms

The court heard how the pair accessed police computer databases and carried out hundreds of checks on different people, vehicles and crime reports.

They pleaded guilty to committing misconduct in a public office.

Det Supt Trevor Smith from the City of London Police specialist crime unit said there was “no direct evidence that they (their boyfriends) have benefited from this”.

“Because of their actions, we had to conduct a long, lengthy and expensive investigation, and we had to review methods and techniques that we were using,” he said.



“No direct benefit”?! So they did these checks just for fun?

Of course, the officer conveniently left out that these two girls admitted entering false information on to the system.

You can expect to see an explosion of snooping abuse if the NIR / ID Card gets rolled out; and it will not be insiders doing it, it will be ordinary people running perfectly legal background checks on you willy nilly.

You were warned. You are being warned. Take heed!

And finally, another blast from the BLOGDIAL past that warmed my heart:

If you cant beat em…Join me!

Post updated March 26 2009

More true now than it ever was!

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