Who do they think they are?!

March 11th, 2010

We can add warmonger to the list of sins of the unethical Mr Soley, as he is yet another Iran botherer.

Before we get on with the fun, take a look at what happens to you when you leave the schools of Delyth Morgan, Ms Deech, Soley, D. Johnson, and the vile Ed Balls:

Now that that is done, there is a comment on that Soley post that is BEGGING to be pulled apart. It is by a sweet sounding person called ‘Jenny’:

Dear Baroness Deech and Lord Soley,

Thank you for your engagement in this matter, however it is regrettable that the two of you remain either unconvinced or concerned that home education continues to be unregulated. Unfortunately your lack of flexibility in this regard is not surprising and undoubtedly you both will remain steadfast in your position despite the overwhelming arguments to the contrary.

Alas I must confess that to put your minds at ease is simply impossible. Nothing can be said to defeat the dreaded ‘what if’. Nothing submitted can provide you and your like minded colleagues with a guarantee that no child educated outside the states direct or indirect influence will go uneducated or unharmed.

No matter how may thousands of functionally illiterate children the state schools produce or the thousands of children Social Services allow to fester or slip through their ‘nets of safety’ each year, you will always be draw to highlight the inescapable reality that one day, one ‘home educated’ child will end up stupid, enslaved or dead in the basement of a madman’s home. This and the fact that some parents have the audacity to believe they themselves more capable than the state when it involves educating their children, is enough to make your skin crawl and reasoned justification to place further restrictions on our already dwindling freedoms.

Instead of looking in the mirror and making radical reforms to this country’s educational institutions you slander a minority, hide behind a statistical insignificance and utilize the phrases “if it saves just one child” or “if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear”.

Perhaps I’m too cynical but I believe many people in this country would agree with your position (see follow on list). Products of a cultural pedagogy which celebrates consumerism, celebrity culture, instantaneous gratification, violence, fear, money and outsourcing child rearing has taken its toll. People today have forgotten how or perhaps lost the ability to think critically and as such, appear willing to blindly hand over their precious freedoms for the illusion of increased security.



List below…

This is a composite of all the negative comments people logged on a BBC site when asked to give their views on the creation of a home education registration system. To be sure, these comments tell us that many adults know very little about education in general, even less about home education and absolutely nothing about the law surrounding home education. In addition these comments show just how damaging Baroness Morgan’s outrageous comments were to home education.

here we go…

Why home educated children should be registered:
To make sure children are truly alive and well and at home.
To protect children from parents who what to hide them from the authorities for whatever reason.
It is in the children’s interest.
For the sake of the children.
Why not?
What difference will it make either way?
It sounds like a good idea in principle.
Parents should be accountable.
Because the LEAs need to know that parents are home educating.
To ensure these children are not simply truant with their parent’s consent.
So parents who don’t care about there children don’t use home school as an excuse.
To prevent the abuse of too many children.
To help the authorities spot abuse.
To prevent abuse.
To make sure there is no abuse.
To close the loopholes which prevent access to children in general.
To ensure every child has a right to a good education.
To help support home educators.
To maintain educational standards.
To ensure that children do not “drop out of site”
It’s common sense really.
To ensure they are not merely being kept off school.
Because I think it is right.
To protect the few children who suffer.
To prevent Chaves from home educating.
To facilitate the better distribution of materials and supplies.
Because a register affirms home education is legitimate.
To prevent another Baby P, Victoria Climbie, etc.
To get these parents off their moral high horse.
To control & monitor this worrying trend.
To make sure the child is known and remains happy.

“Generation X Factor”.

Thats a triplet dontchaknow.

The PR has a strong influence on the weak minded.

And on…

HE Parent Characteristics:

Protective. Not negligent.

Not capable of covering all aspects of the curriculum

They do not WANT the curriculum.

Not capable of actually teaching

Some of them do not want to teach.

Limit their child’s futures

LIE, HE expands your child’s horizons.

Do not allow interaction with other children

Pure LIE.

Can’t teach

Won’t teach.

Too arrogant

Not nearly arrogant enough… if there were even such a thing as arrogance.

Self obsessed

Self aware.

Care only about themselves

To HELL with you and your ‘society’!

Think that they know best when it comes to their children’s education

Absolutely true. They KNOW what is best, they do not merely THINK they know.

Discourage social and personal development

Absolute LIE.


Being right is not the same as being ‘opinionated’.





Don’t have the education to teach their kids!

Goats have kids, humans have children.

Had personal and educational issues in their early lives

Doesn’t everyone, and so what?

Choose to inflict personal issues on their offspring by keeping them out of school.

Simply FALSE.

Least qualified

Most qualified, morally justified.

Least competent to instil values

Most competent to instil values, only entity with the right to instil values. Will instil natural values, not the values of the state

Least competent to educate their own children

As a wise woman recently said to me: BOLLOCKS.

Are child abusers

Baroness Delyth Morgan.

Prevent science education to preserve religious dogma


Middle class snobs

I would rather be a middle class snob than a lower class scumbag with my children being brainwashed in a state school during the day so that I can save money for a cheap holiday in Spain, leaving my ‘kiddies’ to be breast fed by television at night, with parents who cannot read, who are alcoholics, obese, chip butty eating, football supporting coal mining subhumans who are the cannon fodder of the ages, unable to reason, unfit to have children, living in drug riddled tower blocks with no future whatsoever except to be shell suited crack smoking baby mamas and indolent dole scroungers with pit bull pets and slicked back pony tail hair, terrible acne, hoarse voices, brown fingers from cigarette smoking piercings through the nose and bad teeth.

See what its like to be smeared with a gross generalisation? not very nice is it?!

Have an amateur knowledge of how kids should be taught

Everyone knows what happens when we ‘leave it to the experts’. Oh yes, I forgot, you people CANT READ!

Dysfunctional lunatics

If being functional means being a brainwashed drone, then roll on the army of dysfunctionals say I. If being sane means drinking the Kool-Aid that this evil murdering state and its hellspawn operators are ladling out, if it means being like the people who made these comments, if it means believing every lie they tell and becoming a sheeple, I say I AM A LUNATIC and I AM PROUD OF IT.

Middle class elitists

Once again, I would rather be an elitist and see my works spread all over the world than be a sucker like all the rest.


LIE. Home Educators more than any other style of parent, are interested in and motivated by the truth. No matter what it is.

Child hiders

Hiding WHOSE child from WHOM and WHAT?



Think they are a cut above the rest

They ARE a cut above the rest, and the statistics PROVE IT.

Think they can do better than those trained to teach

They can and do. That is a FACT. You do not like facts, because you have been SCHOOLED.




You are only paranoid if they are not out to get you.

Self serving

Absolutely. And LIE. Home Educated children participate more in community service than schooled children. FACT.

Religious nutters

END TIMES! Bigotry much?


Don’t you mean delusions of grandeur?

Narrow minded

The exact opposite. And all these comments prove that the schooled are in fact, the narrow minded, closed minded, bigoted, ignorant, stupid, non inclusive ones. That is why Home Schoolers RUN AWAY from you and your schools.

HE Children Characteristics:
Are not in the real world

YEAH RIGHT. Teen pregnancy, illiteracy, hopelessness and brainwashing. You can KEEP your ‘real world’, LUSER.

Will be unable to cope in 21st century society

LIE. HE Children are better educated, better suited, more employable etc etc. It is YOU that is ‘teh lose’.

Child is barred from advanced education like university/medical school etc.


Do not get classroom interaction and interactions with other children their same age.

Bullying, lack of education, boredom, dumbing down to your level. We’ll skip it THANKS.

Miss out on education

For true?

Do not have the advantage of having properly trained teachers to educate them

ROTFL, properly trained tutors who release a legion of illiterates every year, who have been reduced to box ticking robots. Riiiiiight!

Kids are harmed

In school.

Deprived of their right to a decent education

Education is a good, not a right, and Home Education is the best form of that good. RETARD.

Truants wandering our streets

Home Educated children cannot by definition be truants.

Won’t get use to being around other children


Isolated and stunted both socially and academically

Lie and lie both lie and lie.

Deprived of social and cultural diversity

Lie again. And again.

Unable to deal with the rough and tumble of everyday life

You mean of course that the playground fights are really essential preparation for drunken fights in pubs that all ‘nowmul’ adults engage in. Of course, how could we POSSIBLY have missed this?!

Miniature adults with views beyond their years

‘Your children are not as dumb as mine, so make yours dumb so we can be equal innit’

Tomorrows liability

Tomorrow’s leaders.

Not able to socialise with people from different backgrounds

Lie. Home educators are better at socialising than schooled children. SCIENTIFIC FACT.

Dysfunctional adults in the making

The exact reverse.


Free minded!

Hidden from society

Fuck society. No one owns human beings anymore you villain!

Minds filled with lies

No, YOU.


If removed from school, salvaged. If never been in school, saved.

Live under the regime of a closed environment

You cant make this shit up! CLASSROOM MUCH you RETARD.

Why home educators should be monitored/inspected/regulated
Because no one knows the exact numbers in home education.

Insufficient cause.

To check on the child’s education.

Asked and answered.

For the protection of children, let us poke our noses in and see what is going on!

Poke is right. Busybodies!

We have all read about the other sort [of home educator].

And you ALL BELIEVED IT. Kool-Aid!

To monitor there welfare and progression.

No, Home Educators are not property of the state.

You would not trust a school that refused to be inspected so why should a home-school be closed to criticism.

A home is not a school, you straw man retard.

So the children will know who to blame for their inabilities.

And then sue for compensation!

To ensure curriculum and safety needs are being met.

Home Educators do not follow the state curriculum, and the state has no right to enforce it upon people who do not want it.

Because withholding a child’s access to education is a form of abuse.

Lie. Home Educators are EDUCATORS not Home Education WITHHOLDERS.

Because the vast majority of home educators must be terrible.

Generalisation. Go back to your council block!

Children could be abused.

In any home.

To verify that they are receiving an education and not being used as child labour in a sweat shop or whatever other horrors the authorities might dream up to justify their interventions.

The nightmares that the ‘authorities’ dream up are actually the daytime perverse fantasies of sick SICKK people.

To ensure the children reach a certain standard and that their welfare is in order.

The state does not own people. Home Educators set their own standards, and the welfare of children who are being educated at home is statistically GREATER than that of children who are sent to school. MATHEMATICAL FACT.

For the sake of the child.

Go fuck yourself.

To help and advise the home educating parent.

Home Educators do not need advice thrust upon them. They know where to get help if they need it. They are a resourceful and exceptional elite bunch, overqualified, intelligent, snobs who can do everything for themselves. Right?

To ensure their children are being taught is in line with the National Curriculum and meets quality standards.

Asked and answered.

To maintain standards so they can get qualifications and a job.

Asked and answered.

To ensure the proper standards are met.

Asked and answered.

Children could loos out for life if not educated properly.

I think your children are going to end up cleaning the loos that our children are missing out on.

To confirm the children were receiving the correct level of education.

Asked and answered.

To ensure that they are being given an adequate education.

Asked and answered.

To ensure that children are not being exploited.


To ensure Afghani girls are educated properly and not abused.

Not my business. Check all the Afghani families and not the non Afghani families.

Because some home educators could used their power to raise suicide bombers.

…. ???g I thought that was the power of ‘teh internet‘?!

To ensure every child has the right to a good non-sectarian education.

Not your business, bigot. Education is a good not a right, Asked and answered.

To ensure they are following a recognised and approved syllabus.

Asked and answered.

To ensure against abuse at home.

Asked and answered. Retard.

To protect them from growing illiterate.


To protect our children.

NASTY! Your children are yours not the property of others!

To make sure the children are happy with the education they are receiving.


To protect against shoddy, insufficient or inappropriate teaching.

Asked and answered.

To check for appropriate levels of education and care.

Asked and answered.

Other thoughts:
Regulate home schooling or abolish it altogether.

Sieg HIEL!

Should have lessons plans etc.

Autonomous learners say NO!

Parents should take a test or attend an annual lecture/course to obtain the skills needed to teach.


How can you teach your kids without any qualifications?

Let us SHOW YOU.

A significant percentage of these cases are where parents are hiding abuse or using it as an opportunity to fill their child’s mind with their own narrow minded views on religion etc.

It is your philosophy that is not only narrow minded, but violent. It is your children’s minds that are being filled with tunnel vision ideas of what life is, as well as the idea that violence is completely acceptable.

Education is enabling you to grow as a person and you won’t do that stuck at home with yr Mom!

Low IQ + Keyboard = ↑↑↑

There is no way any parent is able to teach Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, French or German, etc, etc. at least to GCSE and probably A level.

This is just a LIE!

Should follow the same basic curriculum as in school, with tests to make sure they are actually learning.


The social benefits of going to school far outweigh any justification to educate at home.

Collectivism much?!

They need to maintain a record of time spent on education and regular tests to ensure children are keeping up with the curriculum.

They don’t follow the curriculum dunderhead!

Both the parents and the state are responsible for the education of children.

FALSE, only the PARENTS are responsible for the education of children. At least you have your pronouns correct!

If you have nothing to hide then let the inspectors in.

Fuck off and DIE Eloi.

If schools are inspected then home educators must be inspected.

Non Sequitur.

Children should be immediately removed from parents who use the word “evidence” as if it were a transitive verb.


There is no reason to home educate when there is a perfectly good education system in this country.

If only it were ‘perfectly good’. What LOW STANDARDS you must have!

I would never support home education.

Don’t. No one is asking for you to support it jackass.

Parents should undergo checks and inspections just like everybody else who works with or educates children.

You obviously do not have children.

Home education could be used to keep children hidden away to cover up abuse.

Baroness Delyth Morgan.

I can’t imagine why anyone would oppose a bit of extra care towards the well being of children in this country.

You have no imagination, and no knowledge. Obviously.

I think parents should expect some monitoring/interference from the state.

You do not think. That is the problem.

The fact is 80% of kids being taught at home are being taught at home because they’ve been expelled from school and typically these are dysfunctional families.

If that is the fact, then the state already knows who these people are, where they are, and the fact that they are dysfunctional. These people are nothing to do with Home Educators who are the other 20%, i.e. from superior homes where superior parents teach superior children. By your own logic, there is no need to register ALL Home Educators since the vast majority of them are already accounted for.

Should not be permitted unless the parents are educated to degree level.

Why not PHD, or MA? RETARD. While you are at it, why not mandate Michelin Star training for all those who want to cook at home? DUMBASS.

If parents want to take responsibility to educate their own children, they need to demonstrate their ability of provision is comparable to the state.

WHY? The state does not own children or parents or anyone else.

Any who seek to home school their children should have to undergo rigorous testing to assure their competence in education.
Parents should have some qualifications to home educate.


Have those who are home schooled examined on the core subjects (English, Maths, Science, History, Geography) and if they pass then there’s no need for added state intrusion.

The state wants to intrude BEFORE the time for exams in these subjects, not AFTER, you DULLARD.

Home schooling is just a cop-out and fails to provide the child with the skills needed to cope in the real world.


Children’s education is not just the parents’ business but all of societies.

Is it now? So the COLLECTIVE owns a quotal share in all children? One eleven millionth for each adult? YOU ANIMAL.

This is a threat for equality; the children should be educated together.

Freedom is not free, free men are not equal and equal men are not free.

If you’ve got nothing to hide you shouldn’t have a problem with it.

Nothing to think, nothing to say. STFU.

All educational syllabi and all home educating parents should be tested and supervised by Joint University Boards of Education

??!! Must have been written by a SCHOOL TEACHER.

They need to sit the same examinations as their peers so that they will not be disadvantaged.

They do, and they regularly EXCEED the performance of their peers.

No wonder you’d be against someone checking on how the home schooling is going, you’re a bunch of child abusers.

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome!

Parents wanting to educate their children should be thoroughly vetted as a minimum.

I have two words for you: VANESSA GEORGE.

Apart from the super rich I have suspicions to what these people are teaching their kids.


Only the rich can be trusted with their own children!!! To my utter astonishment, someone has actually said that as a matter of fact.


Of course, what she is saying really IS true; the rich do not come under suspicion simply because they are rich. This new law is only for the poor, the people who do not have lawyers and money to pay them. It is a foul and loathsome piece of legislation.

We already know that the government explicitly accepts this proposition; the children of the rich and famous are to be excluded from the absolutely evil ContactPoint


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