Superhero politics

May 16th, 2006


Bush bars arms sales to Venezuela and cuddles up to Libya to secure the oil stream


The Iranian Oil Bourse starts trading (in Euros).


Venezuela decides to trade all oil in Euros and buy arms from Russia/China


The US adds Venezuela to its list of ‘Rogue States’


Venezuela suspends exports of oil to the US pending settlement of accounts in Euros


US invades Iran tries to depose Chavez, Russia has had enough and fights to defend the Oil Bourse. Latin American countries put an embargo on US trade.


The end. Of something.

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  1. meaumeau Says:

    Well reality is even more technicolor!

    Chavez is considering buying arms from Russia and is going to sell its US F-16s to the ‘axis of evil’.

    Rojas said he had proposed to Chavez that Venezuela selling its 21 F-16s to a third party or share it with Cuba as a gift. He added that Iran or Chile could be potential customers of the planes, as both countries had F-16s and spare parts in inventory.

  2. meaumeau Says:

    Iran is pursuing increased political and economic cooperation with Venezuela


    But Iranian cooperation and investment in Venezuela, which is led by George Bush’s tormentor-in-chief, President Hugo Ch

  3. meaumeau Says:


    Venezuela decides to … buy arms from Russia/China

    The red avenger strikes again!

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Wednesday that his oil-rich nation will sign major arms deals in Moscow to acquire Russian fighter jets and produce Kalashnikov assault rifles, as Russia shrugged off U.S. criticism of the weapons sales.

    from cnn

  4. irdial Says:

    A quarter of a billion dollars worth of Jp-8 at a time of war, no matter what the side, is OK, but Chavez buying arms from Russia is not.

    Business as usual in the Empire!

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