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May 30th, 2006

‘Customers to blame’

Meanwhile Commons leader Jack Straw has claimed the “fundamental problem” with the Home Office it is the people it deals with, rather than its staff.

He described many of its “customers” as “dysfunctional individuals” who proved to be a “burden” and a “challenge”.

Commons leader Jack Straw

Mr Straw blamed difficult ‘customers’ rather than incompetent staff

Mr Straw said in every other area of government activity – such as health or education – the “customers of the department” were generally “willing volunteers”.

This was “last thing” that applied to the people with whom the Home Office dealt, he said.

“They are dysfunctional individuals many of them: criminals, asylum seekers, people who do not wish to be subject to social control – the purpose of the Home Office.

“It is that which places the burden on the staff and provides a challenge both to staff and to ministers.”


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