The Customer is always right

May 30th, 2006

There is a new thread of doublespeak weaving its way through the rotting corpse that is HMG: ‘Customer’.

They have replaced the word ‘Citizen’ and ‘Subject’ with the word ‘customer’, as they move to create a state where the wholey disenfranchised sheeple consume the ‘social control’ and tyrrany dished out by them and theircriminally negligent outsourcing partners like those Keystone Cops of Capitalism Capita.

Look at the two places where we have seen this word in this new context; the apprentice cat from the belly of babylon ‘Katherine Courtney’:

‘I think it is important to say that while the pilot itself is not really about testing the robustness and scalability of the particular biometric technologies that are being deployed, it is about studying the enrolment process and the customer experience and being able to validate some of the assumptions that we have built into the business case around the time that it takes to enrol and the customer acceptability.’ […],,1784770,00.html

And then there is this piece of grotesque insane asylum chatter from Jack ‘Straw Man’ Straw.

Well, I have some news for you, you venal, mass murdering, enslaving, pillaging hellspawn:


We were RIGHT about not illegally invading Iraq.
We ARE RIGHT about ID cards.
We ARE RIGHT about not flushing Britain down the toilet at the behest of companies keen to fleece us all.
And lastly but not finally We are RIGHT about THROWING YOU OUT.

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  1. meaumeau Says:

    Hmm this isn’t an entirely new trend – I recall a certain blog noticing its inception about two years ago!

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