The mighty Jultra weighs in again

June 20th, 2006

Indeed, Cameron and the Tories should be deeply truly ashamed. This is the time to be fighting for what you believe in, not in what you don’t believe in and making the suffering of the UK immeasurably worse in the process.

What is ironic is that Labour already know they are in massive trouble, an article today in the Guardian entitled ‘Brown aide: we will lose next election’ says it all, and while this is very much Gordon Brown trying to speed up his smooth transition and rally his supporters, it’s also actually true:

“At a fringe meeting during a weekend conference organised by Compass, a leftwing pressure group, Mr Wills claimed that at the last election “every single Labour MP on the doorstep reported profound disillusionment and disengagement. We scraped through. If 14,000 Labour voters had voted Tory in May 2005, we would have been in a hung parliament. That is all it took – that is how narrow it was” Guardian


I was just about to write about this article. These lines grabbed my attention:

He continued: ” We have got good messages and we are delivering on public services so why is it they don’t listen any more? It is because they don’t trust us. Iraq is an important part of that. The presidential style of the prime minister – which brought us great dividends in the early years and now we are seeing the mirror image of that – is also part of it.”

He added: “Unless we can get people to start listening to us, unless they are prepared to hear the messages we are putting across, we are going to lose next time. There is no question about it.” […]

This is another example of the completely delusional mindset insde fascist labour.

You freakish upside down circus clown; it is not the people who have to listen to these ‘good messages’, it is YOU, neu labour imbeciles, who have to listen to the demands of the electorate, and then OBEY. YOU are the servants; it is for YOU to take heed and do as you we bid you do.

Nothing less than a complete undoing of all the bad legislaton that has been passed, the dismantling of the bogus new adminstrations that have been formed will do. Failing this, it is clear that they (and anyone even tangentially associated with them) should NEVER be trusted again, for ANY reason, and we must (if we are thinking along these lines for the sake of argument) get someone in who will pull everything back to where it should be, removing all the anti-democratic, illiberal shit that bliar and co have spread over this land.

Sadly, for them, there is no way that they can undo the mass murder that they were directly responsible for. The best they can do is humble themselvs before the world, turn over Bliar and his murderous cabinet to Den Hague on war crimes charges as a sacrifice to cleanse the responsibilty of Great Britain and its people for the ongoing atrocities that are being committed in this great nations name.

I found that piece in the Guardian breathtaking in its paralell universe outlook; these people really do inhabit a fantasy world totaly disconected from the real world and real people. They must only associate with their own type, and speak to members of the public only when they are conducting polls, otherwise, how is it possible that they can misunderstand the public mood so profoundly?

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  1. Alun Says:

    It’s not about to whom they speak, or with whom they associate. It is the simple megalomaniacal behaviour of only believing that those opinions which match your own are correct, and that all others are wrong no matter by whom or by how many the opposing view is held.

    We have seen this most obviously with Bliar’s ‘I see your point, but I am right’ stance over almost every policy of the last five years. It is endemic within his extended coterie.

    They listen. They consult. They ignore.

    There will be no changing this mindset. Therefore, the ONLY way out is to rid government of any politician who does not understand the meaning of “Public Servant”.

  2. Alun Says:

    I found this on the subject, from 2001….

    “UKonline has a ‘citizen space’ section, in which the ‘say so’ area outlines what consultations are taking place and tells you how to take part in them. It shows a pretty girl of primary-school age with a bright red megaphone. But charming as this picture is, that it is plastered all over the site should sound a note of caution. Is this how we are regarded – as kids who play at speaking out? From the patronising tone of the site, it would certainly seem so. If you are interested in contributing you are helpfully advised: ‘Before sending in your views, ensure that you have read the consultation document summarising the issues.’ Does the UK government really think that people would be tempted to rush off a response to the three-year workplan for population and migration statistics, without studying the small print?

    When the consultation is concluded and the people have spoken, UKonline makes no apology for the way these diverse new voices will be treated. ‘The department reads and considers all the responses it receives.’ That’s it. No argument, voting or open debate; just the chance to offer your views.

    You offer your views and they make policy. As in the TV show Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, the audience is always asked but can easily be disregarded. As Andrew Calcutt, author of Arrested Development: Pop Culture and the Erosion of Adulthood, puts it: ‘New Labour’s claim to be a listening party is half true in that they don’t have a clear idea of what they want to say. But they only listen to what they want to hear, and then dictate it back to us.’

    UKOnline no longer exists. Instead, try going here…

    Pick a consultation at random and see how easy it is to air your view on the subject. If this doesn’t convince you of the enormous, fetid, bloated, flatulent, corpulent, pointless waste that is modern government, then you may as well join the Liberal Democrats.

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