Michael O’Leary understands perfectly

August 18th, 2006

Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary said: “The best way to defeat terrorists and extremists is for ordinary people to continue to live their lives as normal.

“Because of the additional security restrictions imposed by the government last Thursday, the shambles at the London airports has been anything but normal.” […]

Mr O’Leary added: “The UK government successfully led the return to normality of the London Underground within two days of the 7 July terrorist attacks.

“It is important that they now restore security at the London airports to normality and remove some of these nonsensical, and (from a security perspective) totally ineffective restrictions which were introduced last week.



I keep saying; the most effective means we have to totally defeat these monsters and regain control are economic. No amount of marching, demonstrating, petition signing and blathering on BBQ will change anything.

RyanAir are demonstrating what this means. They are going to launch an economic attack on murder inc. if they do not restore normal function to the airports. If we extrapolate this, imagine a one week boycott of the airports / airlines.

No airline can survive for more than a week without passengers. They need to have their seats filled constantly so that they can repay the aicraft leases and do everything they need to do. If money is cut off for more than that, they collapse.

That is one idea.

Imagine this; no muslim in the UK using commercial aviation. Not many people know this, but anyone can charter an aircraft, and if you have enough people, it is not that expensive. Imagine all the 1.7 million musilms getting together to start their own charter organization where they aggregate their buying power in the same way that people use group buying websites to push down prices of consumer goods. They could have their own virtual airline where they don’t have to put up with racists, and more importantly, they punish the commercial carriers for going along with the nonsensical crusade-edicts of murder inc.

A ghetto airline? Perhaps, but that’s better than having someone look down your pants for a bottle of babymilk. Either way, major digression; the most effective attacks are economic, not verbal or violent. The blood of Murder inc. is money, and if you pinch off the flow of money to any of its organs, it reacts by instant retreat. It is uniquely vulnerable in this respect, and the sooner the StopWar, MoveOn brigade wake up to this, the sooner we will be able to take our lives back on a permanent basis.

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