“Jultra”. Chant it.

August 18th, 2006

From a recent post of Jultra:

“As we face the threat of mass murder, we have to accept that the rights of the individual that we enjoy must, and will be, balanced with the collective right of security and the protection of life and limb that our citizens demand,” he added.

Uh uh. Not so fast. No we don’t, and proclaiming it doesn’t make such sweeping twaddle so. Firstly, I’m not so sure that there is such a thing as a ‘collective right’ outside of the padded cells of the Home for the Communistically Deranged, so it’s not surprising such a deluded fantasy finds a home in John Reid’s filthy communist imagination along with pornographic hallucinations of Stalin, Lenin, and a lap dancing Mao Zedong. […]

“Meanwhile, a YouGov poll out today reveals that more than half of people in the UK questioned wanted a “more aggressive” foreign policy.

Do the respondents actually understand what a foreign policy is, or do they think it means a ‘domestic policy toward foreigners’ ? It really makes you wonder about the integrity of these polls and the ability of those being polled to make anything even approaching an informed rational decision at all as they clearly are not in grasp of the essential issues.


I’ve said before: if you take the war on terror at face value, then the terrorists have won and you have lost. And your loss is a terrible one; an infinite and ongoing haemorrhage of your very humanity under grotesques like Blair, Brown and Reid, the collapse of society into an appalling political and technological police-state, the end of the rule of law, and inevitably, the total disintegration of the state itself into pockets of anarchy and civil war, that is, if the state can’t maintain sufficient order with politically engineered ‘terror busts’ or if things get bad enough for it: it’s very own Tiananmen Squares (hint: look out for this in Parliament Square soon perhaps in protest to a nuclear attack on Iran, hint2: “the rights of the massacred protesters had to be balanced with the rights of the tanks”)

In a twisted way, people like Blair, Reid and Brown are right when they say the world has changed, as it is they themselves who are making the changes and it should be an enormous warning sign that this ‘plot’, before it has even been established, has been jumped on immediately to ram through radical politically unpalatable policies.

It is simply impossible to maintain that terrorists either homegrown or in a cave are making this nightmare happen and it is time to take a stand and say, enough is enough.


Now. Repeat in unison:

Jultra! Jultra! Jultra! Jultra! Jultra! Jultra! Jultra! Jultra! Jultra! Jultra! Jultra! Jultra! Jultra!

All chant the name of Jultra!!

Jultra, whose analysis and words are so perfect, so accurate, so on the ball it beggars belief.

As I read Jultra, my mind replies to the insanity that he is describing, and then the actual words that I am thinking are his next lines!! Specifically, the part where brutish Communist enforcer Reid talks about ‘Collective Rights’. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A COLLECTIVE RIGHT, you imbecile…but that is besides the point. You MUST read Jultra, because like BLOGDIAL, he is telling it completely correctly and seeing it absolutely clearly.

What a great find, and how reassuring it is to know that someone like Jultra is there, awake and writing.

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