This ten times upside down world

August 19th, 2006

Last night, I had the pleasure of watching Rambo III, which I had not seen for many years.
Every scene was a jaw dropping WTF ‘can you believe it?’ moment.

That film … you MUST see it if you have not yet done so … is an upside down inside out mirror of what is happening today, with the Americans replacing the Soviets word for word and action for action. For example:

  • The Soviet commanders call Rambo ‘a terrorist’
  • The Soviets murder innocent people playing a polo game en masse, and mow down women and children from helicopters
  • The Soviets run a hellish torture dungeon / prison where they use electricity and all manner of barbarisms
  • Insert your own comparison here

Honestly, If anyone  in 1988 (the date this film was released) had said that the USA would be doing EXACTLY what the Soviets were doing in teh middle east, only MUCH WORSE, they would have been laughed at, but now….its not a joke; its actually happened.

This film is a montage of all the bad behaviour that is going on, but with the characters swapped around. The only constant is the suffering and injustice poured upon the resident populations.

This film is old. Many of the people who will be watching it now were probably born around the time that it was made. I wonder what on earth they make of it? They do not have the cold war mindset backdrop to put it into perspective like we had; it must seem like a very strange affair indeed, with Russians blowing women and children to bits and the Americans saying ‘In-Sha‘-Allah‘ with the same frequency as Lord Bush refers to tuurrrrrsts.

This world…its all upside out and inside down.

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  1. Alun Says:

    Upside down… Tories in sense-speaking shocker – again!

    ‘Suspicious’ pair taken off plane
    Manchester Airport
    The plane flew on to Manchester without the men
    Two men were taken off a flight bound for Manchester after some passengers became alarmed about what they regarded as suspicious behaviour.

    People on the Airbus 320 at Malaga alerted staff and demanded their removal, Monarch Airlines said.

    The pair were subsequently taken from flight ZB 613, carrying 150 passengers and seven crew, early on Wednesday.

    Two men, reported to be of Asian or Middle Eastern appearance, were questioned for several hours.[…]

    The Conservative homeland security spokesman, Patrick Mercer, described the incident as “a victory for terrorists”.

    “These people on the flight have been terrorised into behaving irrationally,” he told the Mail on Sunday.

    “For those unfortunate two men to be victimised because of the colour of their skin is just nonsense.” […]

    Actually, Mr Mercer could have expanded, saying that the two men had been subject to blatant racism at the hands of a paranoid mob inflamed by their own government to mistrust anyone brown and/or bearded. The mob have ‘been trrrrrized’ not by western-hating fundamentalists, but by their own government, conditioned to suspect and point fingers on fear of death, and had their barely latent racist tendencies fuelled by images of hook-handed, fire-breathing, baby-eating, virgin-coveting, ‘freedom’-hating, Christian-burning, self-immolating, mad, bad and dangerous to look at heathen idolaters spewed all over their breakfast rags by a lazy, racist media with it’s mouth round the devil’s horn and both hands in the till.
    He could have pointed out that with every such act, these idiots imprison themselves using government-sponsored falsities and imaginings as bricks and bars, and their own fantastical baseless predujices as the cement.
    Before long the mob’s homes will be bunkers with no doors and windows, the propaganda machine in the corner oozing soothing words, and every wall painted Bobby Sands Brown with the unending shit spouting from their frothing mouths. But at least they will be free!

  2. Alun Says:

    The story was from BBQ, by the way…

    A victory for government and not trrrrsts. We could go on… this story is… amazing!

    Keep ’em peeled!

    Oh, and apparently Bush read Camus’ L’etranger this summer. He described it as “an interesting book and a quick read”.

    Has he been listening to the Cure as well, I wonder?

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