Gordon Brown: pre-soiled gargoyle turd.

September 25th, 2006

`The world changed after Sept. 11,” Brown said. “No one can be neutral in the fight against terrorism.”

Good lord, how many times have we heard this crap ? It should be a glaring clue that such a pre-soiled gargoyle seeks to print his ticket to power on the back of 9/11 and paint this hideous deranged picture of himself as some sort of winged saviour to the plebs, showering them in ID cards, laws, and other drivel. It makes you wonder what constituency Brown is trying to appeal to with this incessant stream of garbage, which proves already beyond a shadow of a doubt that Brown is not a fit candidate.

Of course, just in case you didn’t know, the world did not change after 9/11, this is the most noxious lie of all, written down in fact by 9/11 Commission director Philip Zelikow three years before 9/11, and should be a warning sign not only to the British, but to some Americans who think that the bloody nose gleaned on Bush’s wars (and domestic police state in the making) from Blair’s departure, will somehow be eased if Gordon Brown is coronated to power in the UK.

To tell you the truth, I’m sick of writing about Gordon Brown, because in reality Brown is a meaningless, dreary, boring little turd, but I make no apology for doing so because he is also a poisonous and very dangerous one, already stained in the blood and hell of Blair’s years, and contrary to all reasoned reality, believes he has a divine right to install himself one notch up and make things even worse.

So it needs to be constantly loudly rebroadcast to the world that the last decade of unbearable misery has not been due to Tony Blair alone. Gordon Brown has been very much the other half of that partnership; helping to deliver perpetual war, a sickening police state in the UK, and a host of other repulsive crap. Indeed as Ewen MacAskill recently reminded us in the Guardian,

“After that meeting, Mr Brown briefed a group of his supporters, one of whom recalled him producing a memo he had written at the restaurant listing 12 points, including promises of posts in the shadow cabinet for allies, a promise to stand aside for Mr Brown in the second term and control not only of the Treasury but of other domestic departments related to the economy.

The promise about domestic control meant that when Labour won the general election in 1997, Mr Blair was deliberately left in the dark by Mr Brown about much of domestic policy and the prime minister began to focus more and more on foreign policy, with disastrous results in the case of Iraq”

To let Gordon Brown in, is not to renew or reinvigorate a soiled, damaged and worthless political party or to lift the burden of disgrace from the UK. On the contrary, it is to moronically applaud the horrors inflicted on Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and our own troops, as well as to celebrate the relentless, crushing, humiliating police-state in the UK which Brown himself has been eagerly inflicting for the last decade.

And on the latter, I find it quite extraordinary that Brown’s star policy would be a written constitution which far from empowering anyone, will mercilessly and permanently lock-in Brown’s extended-ID slave grid, databases, CCTV, DNA stockpiling, terror laws and so on.

Aside from the grotesqueness of pretending to give back democratic rights, processes and essential liberties stolen by Brown when he was ‘only’ half-leader, Gordon Brown will exalt and make lasting and constitutional these attrocious wounds on the population. Do not be fooled for a second, you are being led into a trap, now is not the time for a constitution and Labour parties should not be touching constitutions in any event. […]


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