Bliar: I am always with you, for I am God

September 27th, 2006

Civil liberties
“Let liberty stand up for the law-abiding”, Mr Blair insisted as he defended his record on civil liberties and ID cards. He said there was a fundamental dilemma: “How do we reconcile liberty with security in this new world?
“I don’t want to live in a police state or a Big Brother society or put any of our essential freedoms in jeopardy. Because our idea of liberty is not keeping pace with change in reality, those freedoms are in jeopardy.” […]


Run that by me again?

‘Liberty’ is not a person. It is a property that human beings either have or do not have. It cannot stand for or against anything. Only people can stand up for something.

There is no ‘fundamental dilemma’ this is another Bliar lie. The world is no different now to what it has been in the past, and human nature has not changed over the last twenty years. We have clear evidence of this in Bliar’s predilection for lying, his lust for Orwellian ‘Police State on Crack’ superpowers and his total disregard for the rights of human beings both here and abroad.

The fact that he can even ask such a question, “How do we reconcile liberty with security” puts the badge of fascism on his breast. Security can never be paid for by anything other than humility and respect for other human beings. When you BOMB THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS out of other people’s countries, YOU MAKE YOURSELF INSECURE. This is obvious, to anyone who is a normal human being, and anyone with even a slight understanding of foreign policy in the twentieth century.

Liberty is the same as life itself for a human being. With that in mind, how can you possibly say, “how do re reconcile life with security?”. Its all nonsense on stilts of course. But you know this.

“I don’t want to live in a police state or a Big Brother society…”

That is a lie. His sons are going to have to live in such a place if nothing is done to undo the damage that Bliar has done to Britain. His own son was caught drunk on a bench in Leicester Square, and had it happened more recently, he would find himself on the DNA database, with a criminal record, just for being drunk. This is the very police state that Bliar has brought into being. For him to say that he does not want to live in such a place, can only mean that he intends to leave Britain, since he has no intention of fixing what was not broken and which he smashed with his communist hammer.

Because our idea of liberty is not keeping pace with change in reality, those freedoms are in jeopardy.

Your ‘idea of liberty’ is not the true face of liberty. Period. Liberty is fixed. It does not change over time, as human beings do not change over time. Liberty is a principle that is immutable. Our freedoms belong to US, and are not currency to be bartered while you experiment with foreign policy adventures (matches). Bliar is right that our freedoms are in jeopardy; in jeopardy from the likes of him and his slobbering mad dog successor, ‘the gargoyle turd’, Brown.

The final insult cam thusly:

in the years to come, wherever I am, whatever I do. I’m with you. […]
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Bliar puts himself in the position of GOD.

Good riddance to bad rubbish: Bliar.

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