Henry Rollins: lots of anger and no answers

October 20th, 2006

Henry Rollins has a typical vein popping performance on YouTube. Sadly it typifies the sort of thinking that has allowed Murder Inc. to go hog wild with their plans to the point of suspending the constitution.

Rollins makes several mistakes in his piece. The first one, is that he is swearing like a sailor. The people in middle america who need to be shown the truth instantly switch off when you use ‘bad language’; indeed on Propaganda Matrix (where I found this clip) there is a warning, “Extreme Profanity” many people will not get past that to press play.

Lets go through this garbage line by line:

Freedom is under attack.

There is no such thing as ‘Freedom’. This is a childish simplification. More accurately, the american constitution has been suspended by a small cabal of murderous animals, who will do literally anything to achieve their goals. It has been done with language that even the most terrible of tyrants have never dared to put on paper.

Under attack by hysterical and well funded Christian psychotics,

Wrong. These people are NOT Christians by any measure. They are in fact worshipers of Satan.

intellectually undernourished leaders

Actually, these people are amongst the smartest people on the planet. They are evil for sure, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that they are not smart. Lord Bush might not be smart, but he doesn’t matter.

who lie and manipulate information,


overfed Baby Huey coward bitch motherfuckers like Karl Rove and their suck up weakling apologists like Sean Hannity. To question authority is to be somehow unpatriotic, unAmerican and in league with terrorists worldwide?
Fuck you.

Indeed. Darth Cheney is a fat pig. As for Fox News, they are able to reach into the minds of middle america for a reason, and you would do well to find out what that reason is and then use it to put your own message there, instead of alienating them with your foul mouth. Of course, there will be people who say, “but hey, BLOGDIAL is CHOCK FULL of swearing!!”, yes, indeed it is, but the audience of BLOGDIAL is very particular, and not intended to be a mass one. We tailor the language we use to the particular audience we are addressing, and we have been VERY VERY successful at doing it.

Henry Rollins needs to put on some neat clothes and get on his knees to reach middle america. He needs to be temperate, rational and humble. Alex Jones has the balance between anger, respect and the pure facts perfect, which is why he has had a real impact on the entire world. You cannot pour gasoline on a fire and expect it to go out. This is what Rollins is doing in this piece. He is doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to face the problem head on, and is providing no solution of any kind, and is alienating the very people he needs to protect his ‘freedom’.

With even election results becoming more and more questionable, The Constitution a thing to be manipulated, ignored and frivolously amended, even Democracy itself seems to be on the run.

Election results are being fixed with deliberately insecure Diebold voting machines. If this is the problem, then you need to calmly point out that only a paper count with an audit trail is the solution. Saying that, “election results becoming more and more questionable” is meaningless. How it is being done is a matter of public record. Face the problem head on and provide a solution, or shut up.

The constitution is not being manipulated, it is being nullified by pieces of legislation, (PATRIOT, Military Commissions Act etc etc) you need to name these pieces of legislation and then call for them to be repealed. If they are not repealed, then your state should secede from the union. After that, the right of every person to form a militia to overthrow the government comes into force. This is called getting your facts straight, attacking the problem head on and providing a solution. Anything less is just pointless.

Where’s one place you can go and tell your version of the truth, rail against liars, fakes and propagandists with your own unique propaganda, sign your name to it and let the world know how you feel? That’s right, the internet. Perhaps responsible for the most substantial shifts in culture in the last several decades. There is so much freedom and potential on the World Wide Web that one is barely able to get one’s head around it.

Telling the truth is not enough. This was done before the illegal Iraq invasion, and the mass murder happened anyway. Railing against liars is also pointless. Signing your name to anything is just suicidal. The potential of “the internets” as lord Bush calls it, is in its use as a tool to organize real world mass-less and un-manifested civil disobedience. By mass-less and un-manifested I mean the organizing of people in a flash mob sense, where there is no gathering; in fact, where there is an absence of gathering. Demonstrating in the streets (as we have said so many times before on BLOGDIAL) is totally pointless and counter productive. We need to destroy the monster by not engaging with it on any level. That means getting O.U.T., it means 20AC, it means a complete shutdown of obedience. If all the people in the USA who were against Murder Inc did this, the whole criminal organization would collapse. Olberman is a blood brother to Rollins in this error; you must provide a solution and not just a presentation of the facts. The ineloquent and the greatly learned are both slaves to this monster, and neither of them can do a single thing about it because they are not thinking of this as a fire that needs to be put out. They are both like deers in the headlights, stunned spectators at the pyre when all it takes to put it out is to reach for the extinguisher.

The question we have to ask is…why won’t they do it?

Who in their right mind would to dare to regulate or charge websites to be on the internet? Who would dare to rain on a parade so fantastic that many of us wouldn’t know what to do without our high-speed connection and our lives on the internet?

Actually some very powerful forces. Telco companies want to make you pay for your site to be carried on the internet. If you can’t afford to pay, guess what? That’s right–you’re cyber history pal.

Before the internet there were other, smaller nets of computers. This isn’t a problem; your problem is the fire that is raging at your ankles and your inability to even pee on it to quench it. The internet can fix itself. The people in control of it will make sure that happens. If not, it will fissure into a free internet and the commercial internet. You will still be able to run your blog (probably text only) and do your email and it will probably be more secure than the commercial internet. As I said, this is not the issue; it is in fact, a distraction. While the internet is here and unbroken, you would be well advised to use it to its full potential to organize the second american revolution.

The Bush Administration wants major internet and phone companies to keep track of where their customers surf, all in the name of the War On Terror don’t ya know. How much do you want to bet they want the internet regulated, contained and thrown into a cell in Guantanamo Bay?

Indeed Mr Rollins. Do you encrypt your email? Do you use Windows? Do you do ANYTHING to protect yourself and your digital communications? You would do better to calm down, and spread information about GPG and all the other myriad free tools that are out there to use, and of course, use them yourself, contribute to their development and integration into everyone’s life.

For a country that talks so much about freedom being on the march, seems to me that some people want anything but. If they come for your freedom you must not only resist, you must strike back with a vengeance that will stun them. On this front, if your anger and outrage are not at the forefront then you’re already dead. Dead to me, anyway. Fuck these cowards, these traitors, these enemies of Democracy.

These people take what they want. Just like the founding fathers did; they wanted ‘freedom’ and they engineered a revolution to get it. These people want Nazi style total control, and they are doing what they need to do to get it. They have perfectly gauged the public mood (total apathy) and are forging ahead with their plans. You have to admire their balls.

You say, “if they come for your freedom”. They have already come for and stolen your ‘freedom’ you imbecile, and your suggestion that people ‘resist’ is absolutely meaningless. Striking back with a vengeance that will stun them is is also nothing but a hollow phrase.

Without specific instructions or plans and a concrete goal, you will be wiped off the face of the earth, and no Mr. Rollins, and Olbermann, you will not be taken off to ‘Gitmo’ (Guantanamo Bay you habitually abbreviating simpletons), you will in fact be bussed off to one of the six hundred american concentration camps that are currently staffed and waiting for you and your ranting swearing gunless tattooed bespectacled cohorts.

Never relent.

And do WHAT?

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